Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

It's been a while (a year to be exact), but I plan to et back into blogging in the new year.  Until then....Merry Christmas!!  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spy It, Buy It! - Horse Print Dress

I love critter print dresses.  When the print is small enough, you get just the right look without going over the top.  I have an Elizabeth McKay dress with giraffes from several seasons ago and I love it.  I also have frogs (Lilly Pulitzer).  Most people can't even tell they are animals until they really get a close look.

I love this dress from Anthropologie.  I spied it on another blog and at $188.00, I figured I'd wait for it to go on sale.

Then I spied this dress on yet another blog.  This one is Maison Jules from Macy's.  AND I got it on sale for $39.99.  I LOVE the look and how it fits.  And it's so versatile.  You can wear it with or without a belt, with a vest, with a teardrop long necklace or short necklace (like I'm wearing), with boots, flats or heels.  It really is a fun dress.

And here's how I wore it.  
The necklace and matching earrings I picked up at Steinmart to go with my Easter dress earlier this year and the set is perfect for this outfit.  I'm also wearing David Yurman, Nine West nude pumps (similar HERE) and carrying my Tory Burch York Tote (my briefcase and catch all).

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zero to Curly...

One of Lolly's early Santa Claus gifts was a set of foam curlers.  I had no idea how this would work and was afraid it'd be a flop.  It took about 5-10 minutes to put them all in and then she slept in them.

The next morning, beautiful curls!  I'm totally trying them myself.  

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, January 5, 2015

This Kid Loves to Eat!

Look at her.  She refused to eat the sandwich is little bitty pieces.  She had to have the whole thing.

And Husband....poor Husband.  He can't have a relaxing weekend meal.....EVER.  

Happy Monday Y'all!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Before I get to the actual Christmas Day pictures, Santa came to visit the neighborhood to see the children and deliver presents.  H.G. was SO intrigued by the big truck with lots of lights and noise.  I love her expression.
 But once Santa arrived, she was quite apprehensive so Mommy came to the rescue.
 Wow!  A teddy bear (which I might add she has formed a special connection and hasn't slept without it since!)

 And now the Christmas morning pictures.  :-)

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Spy It, Buy It! - Tory Burch Fulton Booties

By now, I should be all snug up in a bed in Kentucky, all cozied up in flannel pjs after driving through the night.  Hopefully granny and grandaddy are up for watching the girls for a few hours!
If not, we'll still be driving as we had stopped off for the night. 
Give us good vibes as the weather is not going to be anywhere close to favorable for this trip!

So Merry Christmas Eve!!

Yesterday I posted my OOTD.  Comfortable for travel while still be stylish when stopping off the road for meals.  Plus, I had to stop into the office briefly, so I didn't look to underdressed.

One of my favorite things to do is stalk fashion blogs.  Of course, I generally can't (or don't want) to spend the kind of money some of these bloggers do on their outfits, so I like to Spy It, Buy It and copy the looks and styles.  Fashion on A Dime I guess you'd say.  Yes, I like to splurge here and there but most of us have to be real as we can't afford to look like a runway with brand new Prada,Louis Vuitton or Tory Burch bag, shoes, outfit etc. every day of the week.

Here's what I wore yesterday and we'll concentrate on the booties. 
Target sweater (I just bought it but can't find online) Similar HERE
J. Crew Factory scarf (an early Christmas gift from Lolly, didn't she do well?) HERE
Ponte Black Leggings - White House Black Market HERE
Booties from Macy's (Style and Co. - Sold Out) - More below.
I adore the Tory Burch Fulton Booties.  But I just splurged on a pair of Tory boots that were "bad on sale" as I don't think I'd spend $550 on a pair of boots.  But anyways, here's the Fulton.  Normally $385.00, they are on sale for $269.50 HERE.  This is my Spy It.

Here are my Buy It choices.  Both from Macy's, the one on the right is the Bandolino Evora Booties for $79.99 and the one on the left is a Vince Camuto Ristin Bootie for $129.99 both currently on sale.

The ones I'm wearing (Style and Co. Charlee's Booties) are sold out, but you can get them in oak, grey or brown HERE.  Actually, the grey version looks exactly like the Tory Burch Fulton suede grey booties.

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!