Friday, October 24, 2014


U.K., our precious golden retriever passed on in December 2013, when H.G. was only a few weeks old.  We will always hold him very dear to our hearts and he will never be replaced.  We have received a new dog in our lives, named STEVE by Lolly.  Hey, it stuck.

He is a golden doodle and he's SO adorably cute!  He is really a live teddy bear.  He's so happy and snuggly.  The first few days he came to the office with me to hang out.  After all, he is a puppy.

The girls LOVE him.  Well, when they're not being treated as chew toys!  And there seems to be some confusion in our house as to whose toys and toys are whose.  Needless to say, Steve's food is now in another section of the house where H.G. cannot get to it.   

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

H.G.'s Newest Additions to Her Closet - Holiday Styles

I am just in love with a few special clothes I can afford to splurge on this go around.  Even though Husband and I didn't really know if we wanted a second child, I managed to keep everything from Lolly's use. And I mean EVERYTHING, right down to unused diaper baggies!  So, I was able to splurge on a few things here and there for H.G. since I didn't have to buy an entire wardrobe.  

Now I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  I've been the last minute pick-something-up-like-a-tee-shirt-at-Target Halloween person.  Husband and I just really could not care less about the holiday and would rather just skip it.  But, for the kids, we buy costumes and candy and carve pumpkins and all that jazz. However, you really won't see any over the top outfits, days worth of Halloween clothes and pictures and decorations.  Lolly has resorted to making her own decorations for me to hang since we don't have any and "don't have plans to buy any."  She was not thrilled.  

That being said, I'm happy Halloween is on a Friday night this year.  That means no rushing to get trick-or-treating in before bed (and school the next day) and our neighborhood (which we all happen to be quite close friends) is having a little block party.  My neighbor always makes Mojitos for everyone!  I obviously couldn't have one last year, but this year, yum!  :-)

Anyways, moving on.  H.G.'s closet.  These are all just for fun, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

ALL the bows (which I'm disappointed you can't see them better) are from my good friend Kristie over at My Little Florida Girl on Etsy.  All custom made at my request.
All three are Mud Pie.  The ice cream cone was a gift and the other two came from Zulily for $9.99 each.  Shoparoonee!

The pink pantsuit was a gift.  I need to get a Peter Pan collared long sleeve shirt to go with it.  The UK outfit, another Zulily score!  I was hoping to have it this past weekend but I didn't receive it until Monday, so she'll wear it this Saturday for SEC game of the week day!

All three are splurges from Smocked Auctions.  I have had to stop following them on facebook!  I can't help myself!  One little Turkey Day bubble and two Christmas bubbles.  I cannot wait for the holidays!

Miami Dolphins bows for the girls.  Just waiting on their outfits. 

Dolphins outfit from RYLOwear on Etsy.
Mud Pie Owl Christmas outfit.  Lolly has a matching one for their Christmas pictures on Saturday afternoon.  The little smocked outfit is Petite Ami.  The pink and read bow for the Owl outfit has a little sparkly red bow on top.  It's really cute.

I'll have to go through Lolly's closet and show you the things I've purchased for her.  Her Turkey Day outfit isn't here yet and I need to work on her holiday wardrobe.  Thankfully she still fits in everything from last winter!  We barely wear winter clothes here so everything is in great condition.  Will need to pick up some new pants though since she's grown 3" since last year.  Oh!  And I need to show off my $5 Lilly Pulitzer dress deals!  Now THAT is a shoparoonee! 

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Girl Scout and School Fun

Every year, Lolly's school has a Fun Run Boosterthon. The kids run as many laps up to 35 that they can and then pledges in the amount of $1/lap are raised.  Lolly always runs all 35 laps and without stopping.  If gymnastics doesn't work out she may have a career in track!

H.G. so enjoyed watching Sissy (that's what H.G. calls her, so cute!) run the race.


Lolly also went on a field trip to Lion Country Safari with her brownie troop.  Lion Country Safari is in West Palm Beach with a drive through safari and then walk-around zoo.  It's one of her favorite places.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Lake!

Those of us that live in South Florida never go to the beach.  Well, unless it's by boat and we currently don't have a boat (we sold it before H.G. arrived as we knew it'd be a while before we get back out on the water).   And even on the boat, we don't go to the beach, we go to the "sandbar" where the tourists can't find us.  :-) 

I can't remember the last time our family went to the actual beach.  I mean with umbrellas, chairs, towels, coolers etc.  It's been a while.  There are the few natives that go quite often but for the most part, Floridians just don't go to the beach.  

Instead, we go to the lake!  We head to Lake Placid in the middle of the state.  It's a beautiful area and we went in September with several other family friends, basically having the resort to ourselves.  It's a great place to water ski as the waters are calm and it's fresh water with sandy bottoms for the kids.  
LOVE this picture!
Photo Credit:  Sharda Gorin Photography

The girls.  The boys refused to participate in this photo.  Haha!

It's always fun having a photographer as a friend!  :-)  She always gets the best photos!
Photo Credit:
Sharda Gorin Photography.

In our Beaufort Bonnet.  It goes with us everywhere.  :-)

Photo Credit:
Sharda Gorin Photography

It was slightly cool and a little cloudy.  Okay, it was a lot cloudy and rainy.  But this didn't stop the kids from having a TON of FUN!
Happy Monday Y'all!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer for SALE!!

Email your interest to

Lilly Girls XL Dress (fits like a size 0 or 2).  $50.00 shipped OBO.

Lilly Halter Dress - Size 4 $40.00 shipped OBO.

Lilly embroidered capris.  Size 4.  $35.00 shipped OBO.

NWT Lilly GIRLS skirt Size Small (Size 4-6 I believe in girls).  $20.00 shipped.

J. McLaughlin Cowel Neck top.  Size 2.  $30 shipped.  

H.G. 11 months! We Blinked!

Our sweet little chunky monkey is 11 months old!  Where did the time go.  It feels like yesterday she arrived.  As Husband and I say, we blinked.  Boy, did we ever blink.

She is so much fun but a handful.  Goodness, is she a handful.  She's into everything but her toys, she's a wobbly walker, curly haired curious little thing.  And she eats everything from sparkles to mulch.  Her dinner.  She doesn't like to sit in her chair and eat, so she throws in on the floor and then when I get her out of her chair to clean the area, that's when she the floor.

But we wouldn't have it any other way.

I mean look at her.  It's hard to be upset when you have cheeks and eyes like that!!  :-)

She is certainly a blessing.  

And of course, we have Lolly.  She started second grade.  Here are some pictures we had a good friend take just for fun. :-)

Gosh do we LOVE our girls!!
Photo Credit:  Sharda Gorin Photography
Both photos

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Friday, September 5, 2014

SLPS Family On the Move!

Ten Months on August 8th!  Like I said.....we blinked.

 She has super curly hair, just like her mommy (when not straightening it which you'll rarely if ever see it curly) and daddy (when he had hair) and Lolly (when she was little).

 H.G. started walking, or taking her first steps, around 9.5 months.  As of this week, she's walking multiple steps but still mostly crawling.  This is a daily obstacle, as in 45 times a day obstacle.  Either she loves the challenge, doesn't understand that she can go around or just sees that the quickest way to get to her destination is via  straight line.

Party time!  Heading home with several friends after a boat cruise celebrating a friend's birthday.

Lolly's first day of Second Grade!!

Potty training time???

Happy Friday Y'all!