Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day and Etsy Shop Giveaway!

Happy Memorial Monday Y'all!  Hope y'all have a great day remembering our troops that have gone before us in service to our country as well as keeping those currently serving in our thoughts!

On another subject, Providence has featured my Etsy shop on her blog (see my sidebar for pictures from the shop)!  There is a giveaway too! :-)

 So go on over and check here out HERE!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lallie and a Kate Puck Jewelry Giveway!! 250 Followers!

This little face (my current favorite picture) is just astounding me more and more every day, and she's becoming more and more like her Daddy and I!  Let me explain.

I have the horrible habit of saying "seriously" all the time.  For those of you that say "like" over and over again without thinking about it (think Jill telling Kelly about this on RHONY);  well, I say "seriously."  Seriously, I do, like, all the time, right? (insert Valley girl tones).

Yesterday, we're in the car listening to Lallie's kiddie music and after a song was over, Lallie says:

"Yayyyyy (clapping hands)!  That was really good mom, seriously, really good!  Seriously (now hand is in the air, tilted up slightly)." 

Oh My Word, what have I done?  I couldn't help but laugh.

She loves to tell me to "be careful" when we're driving. 

"Mommy, there is a car, slow down!"
"Mommy the light is red, stop mom stop!"
  "Mommy the light is green, go now go." 

Sound familar?  Yep, we've been reading Go Dogs Go a lot lately. 
Nothing like a 2.5 year old back seat driver!

Every stage of Lallie's life, I think, now this is fun!  This is the best thus far, better than infant, better than toddler!  If it keeps getting better and better as she gets older, I simply can't imagine how great our lives are going to be in the future.  We're just having so much fun. 

Someone once told me - "Imagine how much you love your child.  Now multiply that by infinity and that is how much God loves you."  I can only imagine!  Wow!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday - Jewelry

 Welcome to another edition of Pink and Green Thursday as hosted by Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, Miss Trish!

It seems everyone enjoyed the stylings of jewelry with clothing last week, so I'll continue this week with another of my favorite jewelers, Caroline Grace Jewelry.

I'll just post a few things, and you can decide!
 First the Greens!

Caroline Grace with Lilly Pulitzer (my favorite romper of the seaon)

Caroline Grace with Milly.
Caroline Grace with Vineyard Vines

Caroline Grace with Trina Turk (I love this top!!)

Caroline Grace with Lilly Pulitzer

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etsy Shop - Dress and Party Bag Additions

There are new items up on the Southern Living: Preppy Style Designs Etsy shop!

Hurry and check them out!  Click HERE!

There are Party Bags!  At 5" x 8", these are reversible and can be custom made to fit your size, your colors and can even have appliques!  Comes with a spool of ribbon to coordinate.  Comes in sets of twelve.  Don't see what you want, no worries!  Click "Contact Seller" to discuss your wishes.

Whale Dresses for your toddler (I can custom make if you don't see your size, just click on "Contact Seller" to start a dialogue).

Fourth of July is on its way!  Don't forget your Little Princess' party dress!

An SLPS, this dress is fresh and airy with a one should tie.  Who said the one shoulder tie was only for us adult ladies? 

Please, please, please tell your friends about my shop!  I love making dresses and such!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lallie Visits the Rays

Hi, it's Lallie again.

I had such a fun weekend with Mommy, Daddy, Granny and Grandaddy.  Yep, the grandparents came to visit me.  I miss them so much and wake up each morning wondering where they are and then get the "pouty" face, as Mommy calls it.  But she tells me they love me and will be back soon (for my 3rd birthday), so it's okay.

Daddy bought me some new bubble, BIG bubbles.  We swam all day Friday and then blew bubbles all night long.  It was so much fun.
Saturday, we went to the Oceanographic Museum to see the Sting Rays and lots of other sealife creatures.  I didn't touch the Rays, but Mommy did and her arm smelled like fish for two days!  She even said her strong LUSH bath bubbles didn't even get the smell off.  I didn't notice though.  The Rays were "so cute!"
I did put my hands in the water though and would pull them out before the Ray tried to get me.  Mommy says they were just being friendly and really like people, kind of like dolphins.
We also got to see lots of other small sea life like Sea Cucumbers, Urchins, Hermit Crabs and Horeshoe Crabs.  The museum lady thought she knew what she was talking about, but I told her a thing or two!
Sunday, Granny and Grandaddy had to go home, so we took some pictures out in the front yard.  It was sad, but as soon as we dropped them off, we went to IKEA.  That made Mommy very happy.  I love it when Mommy is happy.  Hmmmm.....Shopping = Happy!  I should try this sometime.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tube Tops and Accessories

In the hot South Florida weather, I am all about the tube top.  Not a great picture, but here I am on an outing yesterday.  We were heading to the airport, so I didn't accessorize a great deal, but I did wear my favorite palm tree pendant.  Also wearing J. Crew tob, BCBG sandals and Old Navy white, simple skirt.

I live in tube tops all summer if I'm not at work (or a bikini).  It's brutally hot in the summer (as it is most places) and I just can't deal with the heat unless I am nice and cool, hence the tube top and lightweight skirt.

Here's a couple polyvores I put together to acceorize your tube top for a day trip with a stop at the beach (the coral seashell piece is actually a braclet, but thought it'd be better as a necklace - I'm really loving coral this season):
Summer Fun
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

And an evening out on the town with a stop at a seaside restaurant. 

Summer NightsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shout Out!

I'm in trouble.

Remember when I went to visit Ashleigh a few weeks ago?  Well, I promised someone a blog shout out.

So,'s your shout out!  :-)

There are not enough good things I could say about this person.  She is absolutely hilarious, has a beautiful heart and is happy nearly all of the time.  Most importantly, she takes care of my Ashleigh!!

Love you girl!

Lallie Goes to the Library

Hi!  This is Lallie.  You know, Miss SLPS's daughter?

Mommy took me to the library on Wednesday and it was a lot of fun.  There were so many books, I didn't know which one I wanted to read!

After looking around for a little while, and with mommy's help, I picked out four books including Silly Sally, Opposites, The Seahorse and Bark George!

I love all my books and mommy and daddy read them a lot to me.  Sometimes I like to sit and read them to myself too.

The library had lots of other fun things to do too.  There was big fluffy dog that loved to be petted and talked to.  He was very nice.

There were fun, but challenging toys too.  Mommy calls them "mind stimulating," whatever that means.

We had a great time at the library and I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks.  Until then, I will be reading my new books lots and lots.

As mommy likes to say, "Happy Friday Y'all!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

Preppy Pink Lilly Lover has invited me to join in on Pink and Green Thursday.  Now, I haven't had a whole lot of time to research a great pink and green theme since the invite, so I'll stick with what I know.  Jewelry!!!

Everyone knows how much I love jewelry.  This is a recent obsession of mine (since blogging, much to Husband's dismay) and I've really come out of my shell and started wearing bolder pieces.

A few on my wish list:

Kate Puck's Seabrook Necklace in Tulip Pink.  You can find all her jewelry at  I would LOVE to have this necklace, by far my favorite necklace I've seen this season.  Dainty, yet bold and perfect for that summer pink and green Lilly Petra Dress (or any other Lilly for that matter)!  I would wear this necklace every day (actually, I'd switch it up with my wedding gift necklace from Husband).  At $75.00, it's a real steal.

How about Angela Moore?  I love her designs.  Maybe the Perfect Poppies necklace and bracelet with the Angela Moore Carly dress?  (I must insert here that my favorite AM dress is actually the pink and turquoise Bermuda Bay Carly dress, but this is Pink and Green Thursday :-)

Lastly, Loren Hope Designs.  Her jewelry designs are very unique and again, perfect for the summer Lilly outfits.  Two of my favorites (which are actually coral) are the Harper Bib Necklace and Harper EarringsI love all the intricate beadwork in all of her designs

I will be posting about Stella & Dot next week because I'm hosting a trunk show next week!  I hope lots of people buy so I can some for free!  :-)
I hope you enjoyed the SLPS Pink and Green Thursday!  Happy Thursday y'all!