Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal Kingdom & A Special Visit

We arrived back at our hotel room Saturday night and Lallie was thrilled to see the towel swans!  I love these little towel sculptures, makes us feel like we're important guests :-)
We went to sleep Saturday night, ready to pack it up and head home on Sunday morning.

But we woke up on Sunday and said.....nah, we're having too much fun!  Let's go to Animal Kingdom!
We forgot that we really don't like Animal Kingdom too much as there are very few rides Lallie can go on and most of the shows are scary.....Lallie, unfortunately, peed in her pants during the Nemo show (literally).  The only seats remaining were very close the front and the sharks scared her quite a bit.  Poor baby :(

That's okay, we moved on to see Winnie the Pooh, Eoyore and Tigger (with Eoyore and Tigger left right before our turn....hmph!

We went on Rafiki's train ride to the petting zoo, which Lallie loved seeing all the animals and playing with them.  We also got to pet a ferrett!  Lallie says she wants one now (that would be a .....NO!)

This picture is on the walk to the petting zoo.  Believe it or not, there was noone on the path, perfect for pictures and finally getting a little quiet time to talk!

Sorry, that's all the pictures I have from Animal Kingdom.  Frankly, we were so tired and ready to go home by time 4 o'clock rolled around.  I think next time, we'll just spend two days as we do have the luxury of going up there on a whim whenever we want.

What matters though, it that we had a blast on our very first SLPS Family (only) vacation!! And we will cherish the memories forever!


In other news.....guess who is coming to see us tonight?????  Her flight rolls in at 11:45 and Husband is going to pick her up while I stay home with Lallie.
That's right!  Ashleigh....a/k/a GW (don't ask).

Happy Thursday Y'all!  I'll see you on Monday with some updates about our weekend during Ashleigh's visit!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Princesses Galore! Epcot Visit

One of our first stops at Epcot was Tomorrowland and the Innovations section.  Lallie loved Figment, the imagination dragon and had a great time experimenting with the sense of sound!

Once again, those glasses!  This was for Captain EO.  Do any of y'all remember Captain EO from 1986 with Michael Jackson?  They brought it back to Epcot recently and we loved.  Lallie, surprisingly, fell asleep.  Not sure how as it was loud and shakey!

Next stop....Epcot's Food and Wine Festival and Mexico!  Lallie loved the music!

And me....well I had a beer.  And no, I am not drunk, it's 11 o'clock in the morning y'all!  But, I know it looks that way.  If you knew me in person, you'd know that it doesn't take alcohol for me to jump into the middle of the action!

Hey....that's mine!  I paid 12 bucks for it!

Next....China.  Lallie is teaching us how to use chopsticks.

One of the highlights of Lallie's day was getting her face painted.  She wanted it to match her 2nd outfit of the day.  So she chose Fiesta Rainbow.  (If only we had done this....after lunch.  You'll understand why in the next few photos).  The sparkle lipstick was her favorite part.

Lunchtime!  Husband and I planned this trip on Monday and left Thursday, four days later.  We made a reservation at the restaurant in Norway (don't even ask me how to spell it).  It's the restaurant where the Disney princesses dine with you.  We were told we were amazingly lucky as most people have to book months in advance!  But, we got in because of a glitch in their system.  Yay us!
Here's Daddy and Lallie waiting to see the princesses.

Photo session with Princess Aurora (see why I said we should have painted her face afterwards?  But actually, I think it's cute and festive and the pictures really turned out quite nice!)

The Princess Parade.  Notice how Lallie is about 3rd in line in this picture.

And now she's first.  Move over toddlers...Lallie is in control!!   (actually, I think a fist fight might have broken out had Cinderella not said something....nevertheless, Lallie came out the winner.)
"Daddy......guess what I just did!!!!"

Personal visits from Snow White (her favorite), Ariel (not so much her favorite) and Jasmine (who we thought Lallie was going to throw a fit because Jasmine skipped us....our waiter was at the table at the time).

We finshed off the day with fireworks and ice cream (we didn't learn from our mistake the night before).

And my face, is getting more and more red (burnt) by the day.

Tomorrow, Animal Kingdom!  Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Trip to Disney World!!!

That's right! Our big surprise for Lallie was a trip to Disney World!  So you know what that means!

Yep....picture overload for the next few days!  :-)

We went up Thursday night & actually had just enough time for a quick visit and dinner to Downtown Disney.  Lallie LOVED Lego-Land and really did not want to leave.  We visited there on the way in and on the way out of Downtown.

We ate fish and chips at the Irish Pub.  It was actually quite yummy (though Lallie....surprise, surprise.... didn't eat a bite).  By the way, Minnie went with us everywhere!

Friday, we got up bright and early and headed over to our hotel, the French Quarter.  As soon as we checked in, we got on the Magic Kingdom bus and headed over to the park for the day.
It wasn't quite crowded yet, so the first thing we saw (and the only short line for the day) was for Snow White!  This is Lallie's current favorite movie, so this was an absolute treat and Lallie could hardly wait to see her!  She told Snow White all about the palm trees on her dress.

Now what's a trip to the Magic Kingdom without a picture with Cinderella's castle in the background.  Lallie was on Daddy's shoulders and refused to get down for the picture.  Hey, can you blame her?  Up that high....that's prime seating for Magic Kingdom viewing!

Probably Lallie's favorite ride (on most of the others her eyes were shut!).  Prince Charming's Carousel.

Disney's Philharmagic!  Lallie agreed to wear the glasses before we went in, but that is of course, before she realized what they do!
I have to say that Lallie was scared of most rides, during them.  After them, she'd clap and say that was fun, but when asked if she wanted to go again....the result was a quick "NO!"

Again, what is Disney without a turkey leg!!!

The 3 pm pararde (we stayed for all three parades, Lallie loved them!)
I love these guys....Mickey and Minnie that is!

We kept telling Lallie that we were going to visit Mickey and Minnie's houses!  She didn't understand the concept of their house being all of Disney World, she was pretty insistent that we actually go SEE their physical houses.
So here we are, at Minnie's house.

"This is like your sewing machine, mommy.  But bigger!"

"Tea anyone?"

And the residents themselves (Lallie wasn't scared of any characters, except Jiminy Cricket.  She was  little apprehensive of Pooh, though was perfectly fine as long as I was nearby).

It was getting late.  We had eaten our dinner and had a couple hours to spare before the 9 pm Electric Parade.  We were lucky and found this store on Main Street where the kids can color pictures.  It was a nice break and kept Lallie calm and out of trouble for about an hour!
Of course, she and all the other kids were just little charmers.....they had the staff coloring with them!

Onto the parade!  We achieved prime location right near the front of Main Street.  Talked with some lovely people and had a great end to the night.  Here's Lallie all decked out in her Disney gear!
(Notice the chocolate....yes, we bribed our child to sit still with ice 8 o'clock.  Hey, the trip was all about her, so why not spoil a little!).

Yay!  The Parade (which also meant.....almost bedtime for a very tired kiddo!)

Tomorrow!  Epcot's Food and Wine Festival!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lilly Colby Dress / Lilly's House

Have I told you how much I love this dress?
Lilly's new Colby dress?

Well, I do love this dress.  I love the print and the cut and I really think it's a dress that can be worn more than once without having that "how many times has she worn that dress already?" feeling.

Well, I didn't buy it (seriously, at $268.00, I think I can handle waiting until it's "bad on sale" as my MIL and I like to say.
But that didn't stop me from trying this baby on at Dillard's the other day to try it on (our Dillard's actually has a large Lilly section).

So, here it is.  It had been a long day, so excuse the runny eye makeup! 

I am in between a size 2 and 4 right now and I found the top to be a little gape-y.... my upper half just isn't well endowed, but by gape-y, I don't mean to the front, it actually felt big on the sides underneath the armpits.  Can you see what I'm talking about?  A size 2 would actually fit me better in this area, but I'm afraid my hips wouldn't fit (thus the size 4).
I also tightened the belt a little too tight....hey, not all of us can be 6'6" and have a 20" waist, so if that means tightening the be it!  :-)
Other than that, it's well cut, the length is perfect for professional wear (which some summer Lilly can get short) and the fabric is just gorgeous!  The dress is also lined, making it a little warmer for those cooler days.

I happened to have a navy cardi that day.  Definately dulled down the print a bit for the office.

But the store actually had the dress paired with this Paley cardi which I think is a great pop of color especially for a night out on the town.

In other news, have you heard that Lilly Pulitzer's house is on the market?
You can check out the listing HERE, but there is not point in putting in an offer as I've already offered the full price of $11.5 million and we're moving in next week! (heehee)

Really, it's a gorgeous home!  Just take a look at the pictures, the slat house is just to.die.for (though I do have to wonder if it's a true slat house without a solid roof as it is South Florida, which means, lots and lots of rain.  Nevertheless I do love it.)

And the loggia....gorgeous!  (Truth - I had to look up the word loggia.  I had no clue.  It means, a gallery open to one side.)
Happy browsing!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!