Monday, January 31, 2011

Squiggly Dinky Dink, Squiggly Dinky Doo, I love you!

A couple Lallie videos for you..... (it must be noted that Lallie's bathroom has yet to be decorated, I don't "do" brown palm trees!)

Lallie in Lilly and the Seafood Festival

 I'll start with a conversation Lallie and I had this morning.

I was putting a plain hot pink t-shirt (not Lilly) on Lallie this morning after which Lallie got very distraught. 
ME:  "What's wrong baby girl?"
LALLIE:  (insert pouty face) "Where's my palm tree?"
ME: "Palm tree?"
LALLIE: "My palm tree that's on my dresses and shirts?"
ME: "Oh honey, we need to keep those outfits nice and you're going to school today."
LALLIE:  "I can't go to school without my palm tree shirt!"

Well....I was able to redirect Lallie's attention with a vitamin (the favorite part of her morning) and she forgot all about the palm tree.  But OH.MY...what HAVE I done?

We has an absolutely jam packed weekend.  It seemed that we woke up, got in the car, went and did something, came home for 30 minutes, hopped back in car to go somewhere else....over and over again!

Saturday, we went to our local Seafood Festival.  We ate shark bites, calamari, fish tacos, conch fritters, shrimp kabob...I can't remember it all!  Yum!

We saw pirates!

Even the dogs wanted in on the seafood action!

Lallie sat back and watched the action from the comfort of her Chico stroller....balloons and all.
What did Lallie eat?  A hot dog.

....and a WHOLE bag of popcorn.

In big news:  Lallie rode her very first pony!!

That night we went out to dinner at our favorite local establishment, courtesy of a Christmas gift certificate from Mother and Daddy.  What's a dinner without a couple (comatose-ing) desserts?
Ignore my sun burnt face, I clearly forgot to put on sunscreen for the day at the Seafood festival.

Sunday, we headed to church and then attempted to get mother /daughter pedicures with a friend.  It didn't work out (who knew salons were all closed on Sundays).  Poor Lallie was SO upset....but we stopped for lunch and all was right with the world.
Here's sweet Lalllie in her Lilly outfit watering the flowers.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gah!! Lovin' the Spring Line...

....of Lilly Pulitzer!  I can think of so many ways and places to wear these pieces!

The Whitaker
The Shauna

The Betsey (perfect for a May rehesaral dinner...when my BIL gets married).

The Maci

The Penelope tunic (hurry up Derby Day, I wanna wear white pants!)

The Joy (I might have to cheat on the white pants this year....I do live in South Florida, I can get away with it....right?)

LOVE the Lana top....I love the scrunched sleeve and I love a boatneck....a boatneck is tres preppy indeed!

I LOVED the Roe when it came out last year....loving this print even more.  Husband will never lose me in a crowd wearing this!

And...though I may not be able to wear white pants until May, I will be wearing a bathing suit come...oh March or so (with the pool heater on likely).  Seems a little strange doesn't it...swimsuit before white pants?

What is your favorite from the new Spring Lilly line?

Happy Saturday Y'all (have I ever said that before?  I never post on weekends!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beach House, Etc., CordoBags and Unframed Studios

Recently, I've come across some absolutely gorgeous, and unique handbags, beach bags, clutches...from some wonderful women that fit right into the SLPS preppy, pink and green, Lilly-wearing motif!  I mean, to.die.for!

First up is Beach House Etc.
Suzanne has the most adorable beach bags I've ever seen!  They are unique and fun, adorned with raffia and starfish, and yesterday, I got to meet Suzanne and see her bags in person!  I can't wait to see the rest of her bags (I'm spying that pink and white polka dot one....hands off y'all!)  :-)
Are these not the most darling bags?  If you think so, you can visit Beach House Etc. and you can follow Suzanne's blog HERE
Be sure to keep up with Suzanne as right now her site is only selling bags, but she also sells accessories and clothing as well....she's the next hot thing in South Florida for sure!


Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Susan or Liz yesterday, but I can't WAIT to see what they bring to the women's exposition. 

They are unique and bright and handcrafted right here in South Florida!  I've seen some of these bags in person and they are quite unique.

I am loving the Tribal Winter 2011 designs.

I love this Wedding Silver Anniversary set....and check it out...pictured with my favorite sandal....the Stephen Bonanno Sandal!

I love the colors and beadwork in these two clutches, even though orange is not normally in my color palette, this one is just gorgeous!  I'm partial to the pink one though (I wonder why?)


Last up for today is CordoBags.  Have you ever heard of CordoBags?  I hadn't until last year when I attended a fundraiser where they were an exhibitor.  The bags are very unique and quite reasonably priced.

Of course, knowing me, I tend to stick to the brighter colors (again...I wonder why?).  Aren't they just darling?

Be sure to visit CordoBags to look at all the wonderful hand-crafted bags they have for purchase!
Happy Friday Y'all! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What A Girl Wants!

I realized that in my lack of blogging, I haven't done a current obsessions blog post lately! So here, it goes!

Now, can't forget about my absolute favorite, Lilly Pulitzer!  Since I am a full-time working mom, I can't wear all Lilly items to the office, but I was pleased to see that several from this season are work appropriate!

For example, the Finn Shift.  I love this dress!  So pretty, yet professional.

I love the Jonah dress, one of my favorites!

I love the Char top for Sunday church dress, or I think it might be able to be paired with a cardigan for the office during the summer hours (it can get chilly in my office).
But, the Saemus dress, my favorite go to for casual sunny days in the south Florida weather.  We have a festival of some sort every weekend (i.e. seafood, Italian, Greek, dancing in the streets, antique shows).

I just love this top, it's bright and cheerful and adorably cute with white capris (after Derby Day of course!)

Two years ago, I would have never dreamed of wearing gold flats.  In fact, I bought some (not Revas) and promptly sold them for their original price without ever wearing them!  I wish I'd have kept them as now, gold is certainly something that matches quite a bit in my closet.

Which gold flats would I buy?  Why Tory Burch Revas of course!
I HEART L.L. Bean!  This past year, they have put out some really classic and preppy-licious clothing!
This green zipper sweater/cardigan, I would take one in every color.  I have a pink one by Polo and I just love it!
The blue camp shirt, if you've seen the catalogue, they have a navy blue/white polka dot with the sleeves rolled up....right up my alley.

I love the 3/4 length sleeve, big button cardigan.  I wear cardigans all year long, including during the hot and extended summers.  My office gets very cold (Husband says I'm just cold natured...true.)
And, though horizontal stripes are not always a girls best friend because they make us look wider, I love the navy and white look with white shorts or pants.
Makes me want to go yachting!  Does anyone want to take me for a summer adventure on their yacht?

Must not forget Lallie in Lilly!
The Little Lilly is perfect for Lallie because it has pockets.  Lallie loves carrying around teeny tiny toys (i.e. squinkies, miniature princess dolls, earrings).  She loves keeping them in her pockets in a safe place.  It amazes me that she can actually keep up with them!

The miniature Jonah dress!  How cute is this in velour?  Comfy and adorable!

Anything you've been obsessing over that you'd like to recommend to me?  My wallet (and Husband) will thank you!!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lallie Loves Ice Cream!

Husband says I need to get back to my regular blogging.  I think he enjoys seeing all the girly stuff we talk about.  I have noticed that he's been using my LUSH shampoo bar!!  I think he likes my periodic beauty product reviews as they seem to be showing up in our bathroom..... and I'm not buying or using them! 
Tee hee hee.

Now that the embarrassing of Husband is out of the way, what did we do this weekend?

We headed out to Outback on Friday night and since Lallie ate all her chicken tenders, she was treated to a humongous ice cream cookie sundae (which mommy and daddy helped her eat!)

Husband also worked hard this weekend building me a raised bed.  News flash....Florida is mostly sand and it is very difficult to grow anything, especially when one has a black thumb to start!  So if I want vegetables and flowers, we have to dig up the sand and fill it with potting soil.

So, he built me a raised bed to fill with potting soil once the legs are buried into the ground.  He's planning to make two more so we can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, corn, squash and so much more.  He's also going to install a trellis near the house so we can grow beans.

Lallie, my little engineer, discovered a new way to use her toothbrush this weekend.  Needless to say, this toothbrush will no longer be used for its true purpose and has now officially become.... a toy.  Remind me why we spend money on actual toys when we can just give them a box and a toothbrush?
(The dog was quite interested in Lallie's project as well!)

On Sunday, I was able to snap a picture of Husband with Lallie and our good friend, Lauren.  Lauren thinks Husband is her uncle as does Aidan, her big brother.  Lallie also reminded me this morning "Hey, guess what? Did you know Aidan and Lauren's grandma is named Nini?" 
Basically, this family is our Florida family and we love them dearly and vice versa (I hope! :-)
Notice the sweater - it was a chilly 60 degrees yesterday morning (I'm just rubbing it in!)

Happy Monday Y'all!