Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gah!! Lovin' the Spring Line...

....of Lilly Pulitzer!  I can think of so many ways and places to wear these pieces!

The Whitaker
The Shauna

The Betsey (perfect for a May rehesaral dinner...when my BIL gets married).

The Maci

The Penelope tunic (hurry up Derby Day, I wanna wear white pants!)

The Joy (I might have to cheat on the white pants this year....I do live in South Florida, I can get away with it....right?)

LOVE the Lana top....I love the scrunched sleeve and I love a boatneck....a boatneck is tres preppy indeed!

I LOVED the Roe when it came out last year....loving this print even more.  Husband will never lose me in a crowd wearing this!

And...though I may not be able to wear white pants until May, I will be wearing a bathing suit come...oh March or so (with the pool heater on likely).  Seems a little strange doesn't it...swimsuit before white pants?

What is your favorite from the new Spring Lilly line?

Happy Saturday Y'all (have I ever said that before?  I never post on weekends!)


  1. Sometimes I am not a big fan of the Lily lines because they're "too old for me" I dress very fashion forward. However this year I am absolutely loving the spring line and already have a hefty wish list!


  2. When you live in FL you can wear white pants whenever you want!!!!

  3. Ohhhhhh That Roe top is PRECIOUS!
    That top dress, oh I love it!

    Hope your weekend is great honey!!

  4. I am loving the Betsy too. It would be good for the weddings I have to attend in the Spring and could probably be worn to work with a sweater (my office is always freezing)

  5. Even I like the top dress and could see myself wearing it. That may be the first Lilly item this girl ever purchases! :-)

    Rock On!

  6. I LOVE the Penelope tunic! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear it!!