Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lallie and Her "Friends"

This is how Husband and I found Lallie this past Saturday morning.  She was watching cartoons with all her favorite "friends" and had clearly just awoken by the frozen expression on her face (or maybe she'd been up for a while and was entranced?).  She also sleeps with ALL of these friends, so it's sometimes a mad dash to find one of them stuck in the covers before she fears them lost.  In fact, we lost one of her slippers last night and it nearly turned into a mad frenzy.  

I love how she even includes those same bunny slippers, her Girl Scout butterfly craft and her miniature princesses.  No one should be left out from Saturday morning cartoons and everyone must have a good view of the television!  :-)

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer for Sale!

One of my good friends recently opened a shop that specializes in very high end vintage clothing which includes quite a few gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer finds.  It's called of House of Phoenix and I encourage all you Lilly lovers, especially my collector friends, to go check out her site. 

Of course, being the Lilly lover I am, I'll concentrate on those.  :-)  

You might remember these dresses she brought to a Lilly themed party I had last year.  Aren't they fabulous!  
Loren, the owner of House of Phoenix is in the pink dress.

Here are just a few of the many, many items she has on sale in her shop and on-line.

You can find a couple dozen vintage Lilly pieces from the 1960's through the 1990's including pants, dresses and pantsuits at House of Phoenix.  Here are a few of her selections.
1970's Size 2 scalloped sundress Gorgeous!
1970's Prairie Dress Size 2
1970's Size 4 blue floral dress with lace on the front bodice (LOVE this dress!)
1970's Size 2 Floral jumper
1980's Shirt Dress Size 4
1960's Size 10 shirt dress (green and yellow floral)
1960's Size 12 Maxi Dress
1960's Size 2 High Wasted ankle length pants
RARE shorts jumper Size 4
1990's Size 4 v-neck dress
1960's Pink Lilly Size 4

Hope on over to House of Phoenix.

Happy shopping y'all!  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Happenings

South Florida has been having its weather ups and downs these past couple of weeks.  Last Sunday, we enjoyed the afternoon soaking some rays in the pool.
By Monday, it was 45 degrees in the morning with highs of 65 (which means we were frozen!  Thin blooded, you know.).  Lallie was freezing!  She had just returned home from gymnastics (so she has a leotard on) and felt that her furry, sleeveless coat would warm her up. :-)
It's difficult to dress in South Florida for these cold snaps.  They last for such a short period of time that I don't generally have a lot to choose from by way of winter clothing.
I don't even own a pair of boots!  GASP!  (Next year, my goal is to save enough to purchase a pair.  I would wear them so infrequently that I just never shelled out the big bucks).
Old Navy pink crepe dress, White House Black Market long cream colored cashmere sweater, Bauble Bar necklace, nude pumps and my winter Tory Burch bag.
Lallie, of course, got ahold of my iphone and ipad mini.  I LOVE seeing life through the eyes of a kindergartner.  I never mind her taking pictures and love the surprise pictures when I have a chance to float through them.
I really need to get her hair cut, it's so messy.  She's even asking for a hair cut so I promised one this weekend (better make that call to the hair stylist!)
She must really like her shoes!  :-)
Happy Friday Y'all!