Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend: Ornament Craft and Halloween Party

Friday, the kids were out of school due to Hurricane Sandy.  It barely scraped us, we saw a few rains and some heavier winds but it really wasn't enough to be called off school.  However, after the massive flooding we had with Tropical Storm Issac in August (you know, the one where I flooded and totaled my car?), I guess the schools had no choice but to call off just in case the storm was serious.  That being said, I'm thinking of all my friends through blogs and in-real-life that are getting ready to be hit by the storm up north.  Husband and I have been through three hurricanes all in the course of one years (2004 and 2005), so we know how serious a direct hit can be.  And for that reason, we are praying for little damage and safety for everyone. 

So Friday, while Daddy was a work, Lallie and I completed several crafts.  I worked on Husband's Halloween costume (it was a funky size and needed some alteration), Lallie painted Halloween ornaments and a bird house and I worked on some glass Christmas ornaments and a ribbon wreath for Lallie's room (the wreath is not done yet).
The ornaments are just cheap glass ornaments and you take different color acrylic paints and drop some in, turning the glass every 15 minutes or so (and then down to every hour to two hours) for 24 hours until  full coated.  I then turned mine upside down to drip out any excess paint.
I will add ribbons and maybe paint some initials on some of them in the future.  I'll let you know how the finished project comes out. 

After the hurricane passed through, we were blessed with a little cold front.  It was 70 degrees Saturday morning and Lallie was freezing!  She pulled out her hat, fleece jacket and gloves.  Her little legs were apparently, not as cold. 

So we headed out into the blustery cold day (insert sarcasm) and visited our local children's museum for their fall festival.  Lallie enjoyed working on a nutrition puzzle (right before she ate a hot dog and cotton candy!)

Saturday night, Husband and I attended a Halloween party with some friends.  We called ourselves "German Potato Salad" since we were Bavarian Beer people and our friends were Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Happy Monday Y'all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pet Peeves and a Little Humor

I'm at home today with Lallie as Hurricane Sandy whizzes by South Florida.  We're only under a Tropical Storm warning right now (and take note that I'm writing this as of Thursday afternoon so things could have changed).  Anyways, I'm not at work...that's the point I'm going for here.  I'll get back to my Work OOTD's soon!  I have just felt a-slob these past couple of days.

Anyways, maybe I'm having a bad week, I'm not sure, but here are my pet peeves for the week (and yes I've experienced all of these this week).  
There's a funny at the end so read all the way through.  :-)

1.  Standing DIRECTLY in front of the elevator waiting to get on while other people are trying to get

2.  Grocery store checkout attendants throwing my apples and veggies down the metal table to the bagger only to get home with bruised produce (this wasn't a problem when our organic market was's now closed.  :(

3.  Chewing with your mouth open or mouth noises in general.  I really don't have a problem with this unless I'm sitting right next to you (Husband likes to torment me with mouth noises in general).  I think this comes from my dad who started on me at a young age to chew with my mouth closed.  Lallie is almost there at a young age due to my obsession.

4.  Leaving socks on the floor in front of the laundry basket.  Case in point below.  What?  I'm not pointing any fingers.  Really, I'm not!  

5.   Uneducated voters.  Read the amendments and understand them before voting.  Formulate your own opinion.  That it all.

6.  They're, their and there all have different meanings and should be used as such.  So THERE!   (My grandmother was an English teacher and used to have me complete lessons over the somewhere.  If I ever used these words out of line, I was in trouble! I miss my grandma).  :-)

7.  Stopping at a 4-way stop and no one knowing who should go first.  Let's go back to driver's school, shall we?  The first person to arrive goes first and then the next person to the right and so on counter-clockwise.  And no I'm not waving at you because I know you, I'm telling you to go!  PS- use your turn signal.

9.  Speaking of driving.....every mall in the United States have entries that do not have stop signs.  In fact, they have signs that say "Do NOT Stop" and they're not even red.  Trust me, I frequent a lot of malls.  I can just hear all my blogger friends yelling from their cars, "DO NOT STOP!  AHHHHH!!!!

*Oops, did I just admit that I went to the mall this week.... sorry Husband (that's his biggest pet peeve!)*

9.  Late people.  I don't mind if you're going to be late, I really don't mind at all.  But if our meeting is at 9 am and it takes you an hour to get to the meeting, don't call me at 9:00 and say, I'm running an hour late!  I'm pretty sure you knew you were going to be an hour hour ago.  *That's why I went to the mall.*

10.  Calling me "Sweetheart" or "hon" in a professional setting.  I am not your sweetheart or hon, I am a business professional and I don't know you well enough (ever) to call me a pet name.  It's unprofessional and demeaning.  Pet names for me have been reserved by my Husband, daughter and parents. 

Speaking of the office, I love my British leasing agent.  We've worked together for years and he's an absolute riot when talking about family or work things.  Well, he is British, so he says things a little different than  we Americans.  He is always telling me what annoys him such as how people say "butter."  He says "there are two Ts in's but-ter."  The funniest thing he says is "Jennifer, what are your movements like today?"  Of course, he means my schedule (yes, my schedule).  After working with him for a while, I finally responded that I really didn't wish to discuss my movements with him but I'd be happy to discuss my schedule.  He got beat red (poor guy) and hasn't discussed movements since.

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BaubleBar Love

I have never been one for bigger and chunkier jewelry.  I usually stick with pearls, pearl studs and my wedding rings.  In the past year, I've broken out of that mold a bit and have started to wear chunkier jewelry and plan my outfits around them (mostly necklaces).

I recently ordered this from BaubleBar and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  It's a simple design and I'm looking forward to pairing it with several outfits.

Here are some other necklaces I'm spying on BaubleBar.  (Yes, that is the same necklace in pink and navy...check out the BaubleBar / Atlantic-Pacific collaboration.  These necklaces can be easily paired together with the expandable chains.) 

I love the large gold chain, such a classic design.  The black triple bib is one of my favorites and think it would look nice with the pink crepe shift I recently purchased as Old Navy now on sale for $19.99 (HERE - the picture doesn't do it justice, it's hot pink).
The best thing about BaubleBar is you get free points just for signing up to go towards your first purchase.  Then each purchase after that awards you points and you get additional points when those you invite sign up (so sign up and buy so I can earn some free jewelry!  :-)

On another note, I did purchase this J. Crew inspired necklace off Ebay for $12.99 (HERE).  I think it would be a nice pop of color against an all black dress or top.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Yesterday was Miss Spider's Tea Party at Lallie's school.  We made oreo shaped spiders with pretzel legs and M&M eyes and enjoyed lemonade and tea while eating our newly made spiders!  We also learned all about the creepy little many legs, how furry, how many eyes....we had lots of fun. 

Here's some pictures from the party!

Notice Lallie's pinkie as she drinks her tea.  Such a little southern lady (and I might add that she's now chewing with her mouth closed with great regularity!)  The last picture is Lallie showing me how spiders creep....they are sly creatures indeed!  :-)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giveaway Winner! Work OOTD and a Spy It Buy It!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Pink Wasabi Ink giveaway!  Through Rafflecopter, a winner was chosen and that person is........LISA R.!!  Lisa, I will be emailing you with details on how to claim your custom made plate from Pink Wasabi Ink's Etsy shop.  Enjoy and congratulations!  (Lisa must claim within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen).  A BIG thank you to Pink Wasabi Ink for the giveaway!  I certainly will be shopping there in the future.

Remember these Ann Klein leopard print shoes I posted the other day?  They were at Macy's for $89, then went down to $45 and are now back up to $62.  They are full price at the actual store and didn't have my size (bummer).  So, while at Target with Lallie on Sunday, I spied these Merona heels and purchased them.

Love them with my Work OOTD.  The dress is the Crepe Shift Dress from Old Navy and the necklace is the same one I wore yesterday, on the clearance rack at Target.  (Lallie has been getting up with me in the morning and helping me get dressed.  I had a different necklace picked out, but Lallie loved this one so much, she insisted I wear it again today!)  I forgot to take a picture at home, sorry for the poor quality.

 Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

"There's gold in that there poop"

You heard that right.  It's a direct quote from Husband as he discussed the black cow soil we used to plant our garden this weekend.  We finally got around to planting our winter crop of tomatoes and herbs and can already smell and taste the wonderful veggies!  We planted four different varieties of tomatoes (Better Boy, Celebrity, German Queen and Cherokee purple), some of which will be planted in earth boxes rather than in the above-ground gardens, as well as some herbs (cilantro, oregano and basil).  Once Husband prepares the earth boxes, I'll write up a blog post on those.  I still have no clue what the earth boxes actually are or how they work.  All I know is I have a bunch of large and cut up tupperware bins in my living room.
Lallie and I also had a Mommy-Daughter date on Sunday.  We went to Target and the grocery store and ate out at her favorite restaurant, Steak N Shake.  Of course, no weekend is complete without Lallie's version!
The adorable little long sleeve navy and white stripe dress Lallie has on is on sale at Old Navy for just under $4.00 each!  They had several different colors.
 Lallie also taught me how to play Hop Scotch.  She did take some pretty good pictures of me playing hopscotch that I almost shared.  But there was only one picture of my hopping forward (with an overwhelmed expression) and the rest were of my backside from not particularly flattering angles!  Hop Scotch is not easy when you're 5 1/2 feet tall!  The bending over on one foot makes for some clumsy balancing!

We also played dress up.  Lots of dress up, one outfit being a bride.  
Yes, Daddy cried a little (maybe more than a little). 
 Last but not least, here's what I'm wearing today!  It's a dress from Kohl's that I bought for $30 (it was 70% off!)  I rarely shop there but was out picking up some clothes for Lallie and saw this dress in Kentucky blue as well.  It fit so well, I purchased both colors.  Paired with a necklace I picked up on the clearance rack at Target for $7.99, I think it went together pretty well.  I have a black cardi with me as it gets chilly in my office.

Don't forget to enter the Pink Wasabi Ink giveaway!!  It ends tonight at midnight and is open to everyone whether you have a blog or not! 

Happy Monday Y'all!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pink Wasabi Ink: Giveaway! - CLOSED!

Good morning y'all!   In the past couple of months, I noticed a new commenter on my blog named Pink Wasabi Ink.  How cute is that name?  I clicked on her name to read her blog (she doesn't have a blog) but found she was also commenting on my Facebook page.  From there I discovered her adorable little Etsy shop by the same name!

We struck a cord immediately and have had several fun conversations!  For one, she Bleeds Blue by blood but she's a die hard Florida Seminoles fan (that's okay, we'll forgive her....I haven't quite made it there yet ;)

Anyways, she offered to host a giveaway on my blog!  I'm thrilled as I actually have some of her plates, the below being one of them!  Lallie LOVES it because she's a ballerina and it's pink and purple, her favorite colors.  The plate has yet to see the dishwasher, I have to hand wash it every evening to be ready for every other meal of the day!  I think I need more plates!

Her shop is filled with plates, platters, bowls and placemats.  Some being perfect for children's gifts, others perfect for family gifts, like one of her platters.  Be sure to check out her holiday line as well. Such fun for all ages and something to certainly keep in mind for the upcoming holidays.





I love this one for our Florida Christmas!  And she hasn't forgotten our Hanukkah friends either. 

So, want to win a plate of any design, custom or as existing in Pink Wasabi Ink's shop?  Enter below!  The giveaway will end at midnight on Monday, October 22nd, 2012!  Good luck!  :-)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work OOTD and Amazon Prime

Happy Wednesday Y'all, it's Hump Day! 

Do you have Amazon Prime?  I think it's $75 per year, but you get free two-day shipping all year long (which we do a LOT of Amazon shopping, so we actually save money!).

Anyways, it seems Lallie is invited to two birthday parties per weekend!  Of course, we can't possibly make all of them, but I like to send presents as these children always return the same courtesy to Lallie.  But for this working mom, it's hard to make special trips for each and every party, so I'm thinking of just stocking up. 

Enter Amazon Prime.  I can buy several birthday presents and have them all shipped for free and usually it costs less than buying them retail!  It's a win-win.  In addition, I don't have to buy in bulk, but as the parties occur and there's not a time-crunch since it's two-day shipping.  Do any of you use Amazon prime?


On another note, Lallie got ahold of my iphone again yesterday.  It always makes me chuckle seeing the things she finds worthy of picture taking.  Yesterday, it was her favorite things.  ME (of course!), her Rapunzel doll and naynay (that go everywhere with us), her toes and fingernails and the pool.  (Lallie hasn't quite grasped that you have to hold the phone still while taking pictures). 


Last but not least, my work OOTD (not a fabulous picture, I really need to work out my mirror situation)!  Today it's an Elizabeth McKay dress from last season (I think)?  It's giraffes and I've only worn it a couple times but I love it.  It's just fun.  My shoes are from Ann Taylor (suede and alligator leather) and they are older than Lallie!  I've had them re-soled, re-inserted and buffed up so many times at our local cobbler and they always come out shining new.  As long as that keeps happening, I'm a happy girl (especially since they were $200 shoes to start! They are getting their useful life for sure!)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goooooo CATS! Kale receipe and Work OOTD

Yes, we are such loyal UK fans that I'll have Lallie wear a smocked UK cheerleader dress (can't see them but they're embroidered on) to church DURING football season IN Gator country!  :-)

The sun was in her eyes and this is a picture of a picture but isn't she sweet?  Her Sunday school teacher took this picture and gave me the hard copy (thus the horrible quality) but I didn't get any pictures of my own, so I'm happy!  She was NOT thrilled her dress was blue rather than pink so it took some coaxing to get it on!  She does love her CATS though (she's loving the pink on the football field for Breast Cancer Awareness month though she is clearly too young to understand why). 

She's also refusing to wear anything in her hair anymore *sigh*.  My baby is growing up! 

Here's a FABULOUS kale recipe my friend shared with me (I don't think she'll mind, thanks R!).  She and her husband are huge kale fans and have turned Husband and I onto the fun veggie as well.  Even Lallie tried it (but she didn't like the red wine vinegar flavoring).  I'm just thrilled she tried it because that means she's not afraid to try anything, even limpy, curly and weirdly colored veggies!  

And here is my work OOTD.  Black House White Market yet again!  I love their clothes and their fit on my particular body type.  They are my go-to place for anything work or cocktail related.  I should become a sales rep, think I'd get any fun perks?  Hmmm.....

(I need to get a better mirror if I'm going to continue with these.  Do you like me posting work OOTD's?)  

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Misc.: OOTD, Birchbox, Christmas Gift, Frankenweenie, Fins

Good morning y'all!  We had a fun weekend at the SLPS household.  Saturday was all about running errands and hanging out with the family.  I will admit, it was a little bit of a rough day.  Lallie wasn't in a fabulous mood and Husband is still getting over a cold, but we trudged along and made it through ending on a high note.  :-)

Saturday, we headed out to Home Depot to pick up some new landscape lighting materials and then to Target (I was out of toothpaste! And shockingly enough, that's all I bought!)  We headed back out Saturday night around 6:00 to go pick up Husband a new Miami Dophins shirt.  He went to the game against the Rams on Sunday with a buddy and needed a new Dri-Fit shirt (since it's still so hot here).
OOTD Saturday: American Eagle shirt and undershirt, J. Crew shorts, Ann Taylor necklace and boutique flip flops.  Yes, I'm showing my toes.  It's hard to be fall-ish when it's 89 degrees out!

Anyways...w decided to eat out and drove by the movie theater.  Frankenweenie started at 7:00 and it was 6:40.  What to do about dinner?  We drove through Chick-Fil-A, ate really quickly and after a quick review of the movie (and Mommy's "ummmmm, I'm not sure but we'll try" movie review), we went and saw it.

I'm not a fan of Tim Burton movies but this one was pretty cute.  There were a few graphic areas that I wasn't too pleased about Lallie seeing, but hey.....she's seen Jurrassic Park (and laughed when the attorney was eaten) and her favorite movie is Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  So, it didn't phase her and were probably not as dramatic as I made them out to be.  She actually almost fell asleep since it was late (8:30 yikes)!   (And judging on the movie choices....I'm really not sure why she's seen them, but she has and she loves them.)  Husband and I do have an annoying tick of screaming "bla, lalalalalala, bla la" when a dirty word comes on which frustrates the heck out of her.  She is really great at comprehension, so she gets bored with the same-ole princess movie over and over.  She likes being able to re-tell stories (and "loves aliens, as long as they're not hairy.")

Moving on....Sunday, Husband went to the game.  Lallie had it in her head that Daddy was actually playing IN the game.  I asked her which player was Daddy and she pointed to #17, Tannehill, the QB.  We're so proud of Daddy, especially since our Fins won! 

While Daddy was at the game, Lallie and I headed to church and then opted for a day in (it was quite nasty out).  We did go out to our favorite restaurant for an early dinner where Lallie had fun with the iphone.
Photo of her milk, up close.  Picture of a new hole in her favorite leopard print leggings (last time we wear out!) and a not-to-awful picture of me.
Sunday Relax:  Transylvania University shirts and jeans.
Yes, I graduated from a college in Kentucky called Transylvania University.  No, my shirt is not a joke surrounding the Hotel Transylvania movie.  
Read my shirt....University.  Hotel.  Not the same thing.

In other news, here's my OOTD from Friday.  Remember my post about work fall fashion HERE?  Well this is one of the outfits I purchased from White House Black Market. 

Two other quick things, real quick.  I received my Goop Birchbox in the mail.  I'm so giddy with excitement over these fabulous new samples!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Orofluido Elixer for my hair.  Shiny and smells SO good, like vanilla!  The DDF cleanser is pretty great too.  I have only used it a few times, but I think this might actually be a beneficial for my combination skin.  We'll see.  Want to try Birchbox?  Sign up now!! 

LASTLY (I promise), I received Lallie's first Christmas gift.  This adorable little necklace from Lauren Nicole Gifts.  No, Lallie's name isn't Holly....nowhere near.  :-)  She'll love this little initial heart with the pearl.  She's actually a ruby (July) but she won't wear anything but pearls.  She better marry well!  Haha!

Happy Monday Y'all!