Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend: Ornament Craft and Halloween Party

Friday, the kids were out of school due to Hurricane Sandy.  It barely scraped us, we saw a few rains and some heavier winds but it really wasn't enough to be called off school.  However, after the massive flooding we had with Tropical Storm Issac in August (you know, the one where I flooded and totaled my car?), I guess the schools had no choice but to call off just in case the storm was serious.  That being said, I'm thinking of all my friends through blogs and in-real-life that are getting ready to be hit by the storm up north.  Husband and I have been through three hurricanes all in the course of one years (2004 and 2005), so we know how serious a direct hit can be.  And for that reason, we are praying for little damage and safety for everyone. 

So Friday, while Daddy was a work, Lallie and I completed several crafts.  I worked on Husband's Halloween costume (it was a funky size and needed some alteration), Lallie painted Halloween ornaments and a bird house and I worked on some glass Christmas ornaments and a ribbon wreath for Lallie's room (the wreath is not done yet).
The ornaments are just cheap glass ornaments and you take different color acrylic paints and drop some in, turning the glass every 15 minutes or so (and then down to every hour to two hours) for 24 hours until  full coated.  I then turned mine upside down to drip out any excess paint.
I will add ribbons and maybe paint some initials on some of them in the future.  I'll let you know how the finished project comes out. 

After the hurricane passed through, we were blessed with a little cold front.  It was 70 degrees Saturday morning and Lallie was freezing!  She pulled out her hat, fleece jacket and gloves.  Her little legs were apparently, not as cold. 

So we headed out into the blustery cold day (insert sarcasm) and visited our local children's museum for their fall festival.  Lallie enjoyed working on a nutrition puzzle (right before she ate a hot dog and cotton candy!)

Saturday night, Husband and I attended a Halloween party with some friends.  We called ourselves "German Potato Salad" since we were Bavarian Beer people and our friends were Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Your costume is too cute!!!

  2. Those ornaments are cute and love the costumes! xx

  3. Lallie is just the cutest! I love that fun ornament idea and I'm dying over your costume name! Lol!

  4. You and hubby look great in your costumes and those ornaments are sooo pretty!

    Have a great weekend!