Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Misc.: OOTD, Birchbox, Christmas Gift, Frankenweenie, Fins

Good morning y'all!  We had a fun weekend at the SLPS household.  Saturday was all about running errands and hanging out with the family.  I will admit, it was a little bit of a rough day.  Lallie wasn't in a fabulous mood and Husband is still getting over a cold, but we trudged along and made it through ending on a high note.  :-)

Saturday, we headed out to Home Depot to pick up some new landscape lighting materials and then to Target (I was out of toothpaste! And shockingly enough, that's all I bought!)  We headed back out Saturday night around 6:00 to go pick up Husband a new Miami Dophins shirt.  He went to the game against the Rams on Sunday with a buddy and needed a new Dri-Fit shirt (since it's still so hot here).
OOTD Saturday: American Eagle shirt and undershirt, J. Crew shorts, Ann Taylor necklace and boutique flip flops.  Yes, I'm showing my toes.  It's hard to be fall-ish when it's 89 degrees out!

Anyways...w decided to eat out and drove by the movie theater.  Frankenweenie started at 7:00 and it was 6:40.  What to do about dinner?  We drove through Chick-Fil-A, ate really quickly and after a quick review of the movie (and Mommy's "ummmmm, I'm not sure but we'll try" movie review), we went and saw it.

I'm not a fan of Tim Burton movies but this one was pretty cute.  There were a few graphic areas that I wasn't too pleased about Lallie seeing, but hey.....she's seen Jurrassic Park (and laughed when the attorney was eaten) and her favorite movie is Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  So, it didn't phase her and were probably not as dramatic as I made them out to be.  She actually almost fell asleep since it was late (8:30 yikes)!   (And judging on the movie choices....I'm really not sure why she's seen them, but she has and she loves them.)  Husband and I do have an annoying tick of screaming "bla, lalalalalala, bla la" when a dirty word comes on which frustrates the heck out of her.  She is really great at comprehension, so she gets bored with the same-ole princess movie over and over.  She likes being able to re-tell stories (and "loves aliens, as long as they're not hairy.")

Moving on....Sunday, Husband went to the game.  Lallie had it in her head that Daddy was actually playing IN the game.  I asked her which player was Daddy and she pointed to #17, Tannehill, the QB.  We're so proud of Daddy, especially since our Fins won! 

While Daddy was at the game, Lallie and I headed to church and then opted for a day in (it was quite nasty out).  We did go out to our favorite restaurant for an early dinner where Lallie had fun with the iphone.
Photo of her milk, up close.  Picture of a new hole in her favorite leopard print leggings (last time we wear out!) and a not-to-awful picture of me.
Sunday Relax:  Transylvania University shirts and jeans.
Yes, I graduated from a college in Kentucky called Transylvania University.  No, my shirt is not a joke surrounding the Hotel Transylvania movie.  
Read my shirt....University.  Hotel.  Not the same thing.

In other news, here's my OOTD from Friday.  Remember my post about work fall fashion HERE?  Well this is one of the outfits I purchased from White House Black Market. 

Two other quick things, real quick.  I received my Goop Birchbox in the mail.  I'm so giddy with excitement over these fabulous new samples!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Orofluido Elixer for my hair.  Shiny and smells SO good, like vanilla!  The DDF cleanser is pretty great too.  I have only used it a few times, but I think this might actually be a beneficial for my combination skin.  We'll see.  Want to try Birchbox?  Sign up now!! 

LASTLY (I promise), I received Lallie's first Christmas gift.  This adorable little necklace from Lauren Nicole Gifts.  No, Lallie's name isn't Holly....nowhere near.  :-)  She'll love this little initial heart with the pearl.  She's actually a ruby (July) but she won't wear anything but pearls.  She better marry well!  Haha!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Love your work OOTD!

  2. Can't believe it's still hot there! Well, I guess I can!

  3. I wore a Transy shirt on Saturday and got some comments too. It's OK, Jennifer. We know the truth about what a great school Transy is :-).

  4. That's a pretty necklace! I actually ordered my Christmas cards on the weekend!

    Your outfits are so cute/nice- love them all!

    I've been wanting to try Birch Box for a while...I need to get on that!