Thursday, October 25, 2012

BaubleBar Love

I have never been one for bigger and chunkier jewelry.  I usually stick with pearls, pearl studs and my wedding rings.  In the past year, I've broken out of that mold a bit and have started to wear chunkier jewelry and plan my outfits around them (mostly necklaces).

I recently ordered this from BaubleBar and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  It's a simple design and I'm looking forward to pairing it with several outfits.

Here are some other necklaces I'm spying on BaubleBar.  (Yes, that is the same necklace in pink and navy...check out the BaubleBar / Atlantic-Pacific collaboration.  These necklaces can be easily paired together with the expandable chains.) 

I love the large gold chain, such a classic design.  The black triple bib is one of my favorites and think it would look nice with the pink crepe shift I recently purchased as Old Navy now on sale for $19.99 (HERE - the picture doesn't do it justice, it's hot pink).
The best thing about BaubleBar is you get free points just for signing up to go towards your first purchase.  Then each purchase after that awards you points and you get additional points when those you invite sign up (so sign up and buy so I can earn some free jewelry!  :-)

On another note, I did purchase this J. Crew inspired necklace off Ebay for $12.99 (HERE).  I think it would be a nice pop of color against an all black dress or top.


  1. I really like the black necklace. But like you, I usually stick to simple jewelry =)

  2. I've been loving big necklaces lately!

  3. I've gotten a lot more necklaces in the past year. I still find myself going back to my pearl necklace and monogrammed necklace daily though. I purchased a double gold chain from Stella and Dot that looks very similar to this gold chain. I haven't ordered anything from BaubleBar, but I have looked at their site so many times. Great taste!