About Me

Hi y'all!  Welcome to Southern Living: Preppy Style - the life, loves and pursuits of a full-time working mommy, wife and modern day southern belle.

I'm Jennifer, your host.
So, down to the nitty-gritty. 

Who am I?

I'm thirty-something with a career in commercial real estate asset management

I have a 7 year old known to the blog world as "Lolly" and a sweet little one year old born October 2013, better known as "H.G."

    Husband and I have been married for 11 years and have lived in the great state of South Florida since 2001.
    Florida being a great state all, but Kentucky football and basketball is where our hearts lie.

    In fact, our 14 year old golden retriever, is named U.K. (Unfortunately he passed in December 2013 but I can't remove him from the page yet.  He was, after all, our first baby!)

Now we have Steve.  He's no replacement for U.K., but he's a pretty sweet golden doodle.  He's about 4 months old!

I am a Christian!  Praise God!

I am a preppy girl with a love for Lilly Pulitzer (ahem, pink and green), pearls and monograms.  I'd like to say I have both fashion and grace (I believe I have the former.  Grace on the other hand, Husband would beg to differ....on occasion!)

I am a southerner in that I love a good Kentucky Derby Pie, sun-sweetened iced tea and good ole southern manners (and of course, only one monogram PER outfit, tres importante).

You can expect me to call just about everyone "honey."

When I'm not working, hanging out with my best friends (Lolly, H.G. and Husband), blogging, mothering, boating, Junior Leaguing, sitting on our local children's museum board-ing or gardening with Husband, you will find me reading and relaxing by the pool.  Oh, and shopping.  I am an expert shopper.

And, that's it in a nutshell, and trust me, it's a small nutshell.  After all, we southern women are onions that must be peeled back one layer at a time.

P.S. - This blog is my happy place.  I get emails all the time saying "your life is just perfect, I wish I could be like you."  Ahem, while I'm flattered at the emails and comments, again, this is my happy place and I will not post about unhappy and controversial things.....and that's why I hope y'all keep coming back!

Cheers y'all!

"Sure, girls from New York are tough and girls from Georgia are sweet, but those born and bred Kentucky girls, those are the ones you have to watch out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood, we can ride a horse, be a debutante, we can throw a left hook, and tell you the entire UK lineup, all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion you get to know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the bluegrass."

-Ashley Judd