Friday, December 6, 2013

Nearly Two Months!

Wow!  We have been busy, busy, busy.  And at the great urging of family and friends who do follow this blog, I'm going to resolve to be a better blogger and post a little bit more regularly.  

Here are a few pictures from our past couple of months.

Lallie and Baby H meeting for the very first time.  Such a proud big sister and very helpful too.  Not an ounce of jealousy (yet anyways). 

One of my favorite pictures of the girls.  Lallie truly loves her little sister, you can see it in her expression.
 She never minds holding Baby H when mommy needs a few moments.  And Baby H never minds laying with her sister.  She nearly always falls asleep in her comforting arms.
First smiles!!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where have we been? Having a baby, that's where!

That's right....we've been one busy household the past three weeks.  More to come soon but rest assured, Baby H arrived happy and healthy on October 8th!  We're adjusting, slowly but surely, and having ball.  Oh, and Lallie is in LOVE!  Completely smitten with little sister.

See you soon!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pound Cake Fail, Infant Toy Re-Visit, Our Garden and Lallie's First Volunteer Experience

Good Monday morning y'all!  We had a VERY busy weekend in the SLPS household.  Saturday morning started out with an early start, heading out to our very first volunteer experience as a family.  Lallie has helped in various activities with our church in the past, but this is the first time she's been out in the community, independent of church.  We attend our local United Way's Day of Service where we were served a wonderful breakfast and then stayed (in the air conditioning for this mommy-to-be) to pack "compassion kits" with trial size shampoos, conditioners etc.  

Lallie helped sort the trial sizes, decorate bags and then fill the bags.  She had a great time and it was a great experience as a family.  AND, we were done by 9 am, so we still had the whole day ahead of us!  What a great way to start a Saturday!

Saturday afternoon, Lallie and I took it easy while Daddy worked on the yard.  Our garden was in quite the weedy state and it's planting season, so Husband spent quite a bit of time preparing it and working on our irrigation system. 

Last weekend, we picked out three mango trees (Husband is OBSESSED with mangoes) and an avocado tree.  The avocado tree will be located back here by the garden at some point as it will get large enough to help shade the house.  The gardens will be moved (I think this year) to the other side of our house on our large side lot.  It's all part of a bigger plan to fence, landscape and install a brick paver patio with a fire pit for entertaining.  Large scale yes.  Happening today?  No.  But it's definitely in the planning stage!

While Husband worked outside, I worked inside, cleaning all of Lallie's old infant toys for Baby H.  When I say that I saved everything, I mean I saved EVERYTHING, right down to the unused diaper baggies!  Thankfully I had the foresight to save it all despite all of our storage issues.  It has saved THOUSANDS of dollars!  Well, Lallie had the best time exploring her old toys (most of them were in great shape, I only had to throw out a few).

See the mirror and that triangular thingy?  Those were her FAVORITE toys from about 4 to 6 months of age.  It was quite sentimental watching her play with them all.  Of course, she got bored quite quickly but I have walked into Baby H's room several times since washing the toys to find blocks built in castle form.  =)

This mirror is seriously the best.toy.ever for young babies.  Lallie LOVED it and it went everywhere with us!  I was so worried I threw it out because I can't find anything similar anywhere and if I do find it, it costs a fortune!  Best $5.99 I ever spent.  I have loads of baby pictures with this mirror.  I wonder if Baby H will enjoy it as much.  Thankfully, it was still in great shape as well, so after a little cleaning and soaking to sanitize it, it looked as good as new.


Last but not least, our POUND CAKE FAIL.  

Lallie LOVES the show Martha Bakes on PBS.  However, I am the world's worst baker.  No, I'm not exaggerating even a little.  I apparently beat my Bisquick biscuits into such submission that they are hard as rocks on the outside and still batter on the inside.  I'm sorry....I despise lumps!

Well, Daddy was out working on our boat, so Lallie and I just decided that we were going to try the Pound Cake recipe on the latest episode.  Simple enough right?  


First, Martha didn't tell me the key ingredient.  What size pan to use.  So I just picked up a couple disposable bread pans at the store.  We made the recipe, filled them up and placed them in the oven.

30 minutes later....."what is that smell mommy?"
Me:  "I don't know.  Let me check the oven."
Me: "Lallie, go outside quick and get Daddy!!!"
Lallie:  "Let me see!  Oh no!  Daddy, daddy, daddy, the pound cake is overgoing, hurry, hurry, hurry!"  Yes, she used the term "overgoing."  (Love that child).

Meanwhile....smoke everywhere!  I flip off the oven, Husband does a little quick clean up.  And I shut the oven and turn it back on to finish baking (please bake, for Lallie's sake).

(In the picture, this is after the overspill and Husband put a pan underneath to catch more drippings.)

One hour later and multiple checks.

Me: "Honey, this should be turning brown and it's still bubbly looking.  I wonder where I went wrong?"
So I open the oven door.  Guess what?  I forgot to turn the oven back on.  ARGHHH!!

So, I turn on the oven.  SMOKE EVERYWHERE!  Shut off the oven again and calmly explain to Lallie that we'll have to try again tomorrow.  After a couple little fusses, she said ok.

So we're trying again tonight, with the right size (maybe slightly oversized pans!)

Told you...I AM NOT A BAKER!!!!

But, the shining moment that healed it all and is allowing me to persevere through another baking session......Lallie giving me a great big hug and saying "I love you mommy, I had a fun time baking with you!"

THAT's what it was all about in the first place.  =)

Happy Monday Y'all!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lallie's Activities and FINALLY New Windows!!

Lallie is starting Ballet I this year!  This will be the start of her fourth year of dancing and she still LOVES it!  She's excited to audition for the Nutcracker for the very first time as well (though the audition will feel like an actual class for these smaller ones, to not stress them out too much).  I'm told Lallie is a good contender for a mouse since she's so tiny anyways.  :-)

Other activities.....gymnastics and girl scouts.  She's on a gymnastics team which means practice for 3 hours a week!  Ack!  That's hard on mommy while I'm still working but will be easier to swallow with homework etc. once the baby arrives.  My work schedule will be completely different as I'll be working from home, after maternity leave, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which fits the gymnastics schedule perfectly.  I tried to go down to one day a week on gymnastics but Lallie loves it and wouldn't stand for it.  So, we'll see how the schoolwork and schedule goes for now and make that decision later if it becomes a problem (especially with Nutcracker rehearsals).  Education of course, comes absolutely first!

In other news, I'm so excited!  Our new windows FINALLY arrived and were installed yesterday with the rest being done today!  Yay!!  That means I can FINALLY finish Baby H's room.  I can't wait to show you all the crafts I've been working on.  They include a recovered glider, a renovated lampshade, painted side table, memory boards for both girls, curtains, picture frames, embroidered clothing and burp cloths.  I've been a busy momma crafter!  And now we can finally finish painting and hang everything on the walls.  Yay, yay, YAY!!  Hopefully we'll have all done this weekend and I can debut next week!  Then I can get started on finishing Lallie's room.  She's in the same boat with her new window so once her new furniture arrived, I delayed hanging anything until the windows were done.

But Husband is planting the garden this weekend (YAY for fresh veggies and fabulous tomatoes!) and I need his help as I'm a horrible picture hanger.  We shall see if he can fit me into his planting schedule.  :-)

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Monday, August 26, 2013

32 Week Pregnancy Pic

32 weeks with 7 weeks to go!  I will be delivering one day shy of 39 weeks due to a C-Section (long story and no, I do not have a choice).  But, like most pregnant women, I'm ready now.  And again, like most pregnant women, even though I'm ready I still hope she stays cooking up until the C-Section for obvious reasons.

Shirt - Motherhood T-Shirt (two for $24 black and grey)
Shorts - Zulily for $29.99.  I think they're Pink Blush.
Jewelry - Stella and Dot necklace and clam shell silver earrings from my mother-in-law ten years ago
Reef Flip Flops - I live in these now.  I have them in multiple colors and they are the only comfy shoes at this point since my feet are starting to swell.  Even at the office (until I have to put on heels for meetings)
Happy Monday Y'all!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

LUSH Lusts....

I am obsessed with LUSH products....I mean OBSESSED!  Who wouldn't be!  Green (as in environmental, not color), handmade products with fresh ingredients with as few chemicals as possible, while smelling and feeling great with actual results for the intended use of the products?!?!  Seriously, LUSH is GENIUS!

Here are a few of my favorite products (and by the end you'll be saying "that was a few?")

Body "lushes"

Facial Goodness! 
(Hard to read my comments.....)

...Soon to be back on the shelves after a brief hiatus, Let the Good Times Roll is an AHHHHHmazing cleanser!

The Ayesha Mask is perfect for the aging, working mom (ahem...ME!) who could use a little tightening and refresher.

Foot Rescue Treatment
Take it from a year-round flip flop wearing girl... your feet will be callous free and constantly invigorated with this treatment!


And like I could forget Lallie!  
Lallie LOVES these products as they are just plain fun!  All the while giving mommy the aroma-induced child relaxing mood and a little extra time on her hands due to an extended bath time!  Be prepared to dunk your little one in  the tub early for these special treats or you'll get a "But mom...I'm not wrinkly yet!"  

In a more more sensitive nature, when she was younger, we had problems with just any generic bubble bath causing "issues" with her "you-know-what."  Since these products are all natural without chemicals, NO more "issues." (Those of you with little girls will know what I mean).

So, that's pretty much the ENTIRE LUSH line....told you my "few" wasn't really a few.  What are your favorite LUSH products?

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Enjoying the Last Few Days of Summer!

Lallie turned SIX on July 30th!  At her request and planning, we had a pool / bounce house / slide / ice cream social party at the house.  Needless to say it was a ZOO!  But a fun zoo!

Earlier in the week, we celebrated her birthday with Granny, Grandaddy and Uncle Patrick with a birthday apple pie.  And, on the actual day of her birthday, we went out to eat at her favorite restaurant, the "brown bread restaurant" (a/k/a Outback).

Lallie was also treated to a pedicure on her birthday.  Her first full spa pedicure actually!  She thoroughly enjoyed it (as did Mommy who can no longer see her toes, so I'm assuming they looked okay!)

Lallie loved her new dress and headband from Auntshleigh.  Pink and sparkly, a winning combination! 

Some of my closest couple friends and I attended a Luau celebrating the fifth birthday of a charity board I serve on here in South Florida.  We had a great couples night away (and thank goodness, my Lilly maxi dress didn't make me look seven months pregnant!  From the front anyways!)  Don't worry....the swelling has now commenced so I'm REALLY looking pregnant right now!

And the big first day of first grade for Lallie this Monday!  We are SO proud of our little girl.  She even picked out her own outfit!  Monogrammed collared shirt, collar popped, of course, with pink, sparkly, leopard print Sperry's!  Her first day went very well and we're excited for her as she embarks on another year of learning (with TEXTBOOKS!!  Ack!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who Says An Infant Can't Wear Pearls and Carry Chanel?

LOOK at this adorable little onesie!  Wouldn't BG (Baby Girl) just look adorable in it?  Found it at Off Saks Fifth Avenue at the outlets in St. Augustine.  I really should have purchased it.  Really, does it not scream "I'm a child of Mrs. SLPS?"  Heehee! 

But I restrained myself.  

Until girl's night out at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale where I spied it again and decided BG just had to have it.

Lallie was excited to see it too, she was bummed when I didn't buy it the first time around.

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lallie Meets Cupcake

We finally made it up to Kentucky.  It's been nearly a year since we last visited, so we decided a trip was in store before BG arrives in October.  I figured that once I was 7 months along in August, I'd be too uncomfortable for major travel and I'm certainly not traveling with an infant, so July 4th week turned out to be the perfect time for a visit.  

It rained nearly the whole time but that didn't stop us from playing on the farm.  It actually made for a very cool and pleasant summer week with lots of time spent outdoors.

The first thing we did upon arrival was meet Cupcake.  Cupcake arrived on the farm about 3 months ago and Lallie has only visited with her via Facetime since, so this was a very big moment for these two friends!  Lallie even wore her special horse t-shirt for the occasion.  She felt that Cupcake might be less nervous if she wore it.  :-)

Lallie LOVED leading Cupcake around the yard and playing with her (though Cupcake, for the most part, just wanted to eat grass).  The sweet mini pony is not yet able to handle riders, she's still a little skiddish, but hopefully soon as Grandaddy has been training her.

What was Mommy doing during all this one-on-one Cupcake play-time?   I was sitting on the front porch with a good book, drinking (sparingly) the Kentucky famous Ale 8 soda.  Yum!  (I say sparingly because it's loaded with caffeine  not extremely fabulous for growing BG).

Since Cupcake is not yet in a riding mood, Bucky took Lallie for a couple spins through the front yard.  Bucky too, for the most part, just wanted to eat.

What did Daddy do for fun?
Yes, that is a bug....on a string.  Apparently, when the boys were little, they tied a string around a june bug's leg and walked them around the a dog.  Yes, you heard that right.  A string on a bug.

We enjoyed lots of home grown veggies while on the farm.

And we did a lot of relaxing on the front porch.

We also roasted wieners and smores on a the rain on the actual Fourth of July.  My sis-in-law, Jess, was the brave soul who roasted all the hot dogs for us (no she didn't eat 10 hot dogs all on her own).  Later that night, Husband set off several fabulous fireworks (again, in the rain).  Nothing was going to stop us from enjoying our outdoor time!

We had a great time visiting the farm!  I have to say, Husband's parents and my parents live in two most relaxing places on earth.  We are lucky to have Kentucky and Apalachicola, Florida as the two places we retreat upon when visiting family.  Both are unbelievably relaxing and fun places to visit where we can slow down and just enjoy life and each other!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

St. Augustine Trip

St. Augustine is about a three or four hour drive north of where we live, so we got up early Saturday morning and drove up to start our weekend.  First thing we did upon our arrival was hop the trolley to ride around the city while learning some history (this preggers was NOT walking around the town, she was taking the sit down route!)

Lallie LOVED the trolley and its very bumpy ride.  The trolleys don't have shocks so I actually googled if that much bouncing and shaking was bad for BG (which it was perfectly fine.  No worse than jogging.....though I can't for the life of me figure out who would want to go jogging at 6 months pregnant!)

Next we visited Castillo de San Marco fort.  Let's just say it was very hot and Lallie absolutely insisted on visiting every single nook and cranny of the fort.  This included the pitch black, damp and creepy crawl space / gun powder room which Husband had to enter, practically on his hands and knees, to remove her.

Walking around that fort made us very sleepy!  Lallie's little one hour snooze on the bumpy trolley made for one very happy (and jarred) mommy who desperately needed a rest!  
Except for the fact she was sleeping on me and therefore, couldn't remove myself from the trolley to visit the chocolate factory, this was perfectly fine with me.  :-)

Why did I need the rest?
Case in point.  24 weeks pregnant!  :-)

Sunday we visited the Lightner Museum.  For the most part, Lallie was a good little museum goer, but the third floor turned into a never ending song of "this is boring mom! When can we leave mom?."

Really, she did very well considering the museum was pretty much all antiques.  She was engaged and asking questions, we just think she got bored looking at all the glass and crystal vases upstairs.

So, as an activity while Daddy looked at stamps and mommy rested, I told her to count how many drops there were on the very large chandelier.  There were 123.
That made for a nice 15 minute rest.  :-)
Smart mommy.

More on our vacation tomorrow!  

Happy Tuesday Y'all!