Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lallie's Activities and FINALLY New Windows!!

Lallie is starting Ballet I this year!  This will be the start of her fourth year of dancing and she still LOVES it!  She's excited to audition for the Nutcracker for the very first time as well (though the audition will feel like an actual class for these smaller ones, to not stress them out too much).  I'm told Lallie is a good contender for a mouse since she's so tiny anyways.  :-)

Other activities.....gymnastics and girl scouts.  She's on a gymnastics team which means practice for 3 hours a week!  Ack!  That's hard on mommy while I'm still working but will be easier to swallow with homework etc. once the baby arrives.  My work schedule will be completely different as I'll be working from home, after maternity leave, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which fits the gymnastics schedule perfectly.  I tried to go down to one day a week on gymnastics but Lallie loves it and wouldn't stand for it.  So, we'll see how the schoolwork and schedule goes for now and make that decision later if it becomes a problem (especially with Nutcracker rehearsals).  Education of course, comes absolutely first!

In other news, I'm so excited!  Our new windows FINALLY arrived and were installed yesterday with the rest being done today!  Yay!!  That means I can FINALLY finish Baby H's room.  I can't wait to show you all the crafts I've been working on.  They include a recovered glider, a renovated lampshade, painted side table, memory boards for both girls, curtains, picture frames, embroidered clothing and burp cloths.  I've been a busy momma crafter!  And now we can finally finish painting and hang everything on the walls.  Yay, yay, YAY!!  Hopefully we'll have all done this weekend and I can debut next week!  Then I can get started on finishing Lallie's room.  She's in the same boat with her new window so once her new furniture arrived, I delayed hanging anything until the windows were done.

But Husband is planting the garden this weekend (YAY for fresh veggies and fabulous tomatoes!) and I need his help as I'm a horrible picture hanger.  We shall see if he can fit me into his planting schedule.  :-)

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Gosh she is adorable in her little pink outfit!! I always wanted to take ballet. My mom was a ballerina and my grandma was a ballet teacher. Of course my grandma had the passion but not the feet and my mom had the feet but not the passion (hence why she never put her three girls into any dance classes!).

    I hope she gets a part in the Nutcracker. That would be so fun!