Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Enjoying the Last Few Days of Summer!

Lallie turned SIX on July 30th!  At her request and planning, we had a pool / bounce house / slide / ice cream social party at the house.  Needless to say it was a ZOO!  But a fun zoo!

Earlier in the week, we celebrated her birthday with Granny, Grandaddy and Uncle Patrick with a birthday apple pie.  And, on the actual day of her birthday, we went out to eat at her favorite restaurant, the "brown bread restaurant" (a/k/a Outback).

Lallie was also treated to a pedicure on her birthday.  Her first full spa pedicure actually!  She thoroughly enjoyed it (as did Mommy who can no longer see her toes, so I'm assuming they looked okay!)

Lallie loved her new dress and headband from Auntshleigh.  Pink and sparkly, a winning combination! 

Some of my closest couple friends and I attended a Luau celebrating the fifth birthday of a charity board I serve on here in South Florida.  We had a great couples night away (and thank goodness, my Lilly maxi dress didn't make me look seven months pregnant!  From the front anyways!)  Don't worry....the swelling has now commenced so I'm REALLY looking pregnant right now!

And the big first day of first grade for Lallie this Monday!  We are SO proud of our little girl.  She even picked out her own outfit!  Monogrammed collared shirt, collar popped, of course, with pink, sparkly, leopard print Sperry's!  Her first day went very well and we're excited for her as she embarks on another year of learning (with TEXTBOOKS!!  Ack!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Lallie is too adorable! her birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun and I love her first day of school outfit.

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. I love her first day outfit!! It looks like she had a fab birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Lallie!!! The party does sound like fun.

  4. How is she 6???!!! Time is flying by! Happy belated birthday to the little miss!