Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Dress for Sale

Hello everyone!  I have a GORGEOUS Lilly Pulitzer Nya dress in Booty Caw, reversible to hotty pink.

Size 4.  $75.00 Shipped! 

It's new without tags.  I'm normally a size two in Lilly so it's just too big.  Perfect for a Christmas party, so scoop it up!


I know I promised to be back right after Thanksgiving however, life got in the way!  The SLPS household has been quite busy with travels, Christmas preparations, guest preparations, Christmas parties, dance recitals and somewhere in there, we managed to work a little bit as well!  Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.

First, we traveled up to Kentucky via Princess Barbie (also known as the Suburban).  We took everything but the kitchen sink!  Even U.K. (our old and trusty golden retriever if you're new).  It was a 14 hour car ride, leaving at 5 am and getting there at 7 pm.  Thankfully Lallie is a fabulous traveler, watching movies, coloring, playing games and sleeping.  She's also very hungry when we travel (note to self for our Christmas trip). 

We spent this Thanksgiving with my in-laws on their farm.  We usually alternate parents each year for this holiday.  Here are some pictures of Lallie with her 2nd cousins.  They greatly enjoyed playing tea with the dinosaurs (the dinasaur ate the cup right after I took this picture). 

Husband and I assumed the typical Apres Thanksgiving position in front of the football game.

While in Eastern Kentucky, we drove through some of our favorite nature spots, showing Lallie the waterfalls.

We also got to taste one of our favorite things....a Kentucky soda staple, Ale 8.

We arrived back home in Florida to our garden completely bloomed out with lettuce (two varieties), tomatoes (three varieties) and cucumbers galore (yuck...those are Husband's).  I can't wait to show you pictures of the garden itself, it's huge!  I'm so proud of Husband and his garden!

On a sadder note, poor Lallie became quite ill.  She was out of school for several days and wanted to do nothing but sleep.  :(

Thankfully she was better by Saturday for her big Nutcracker dance recital!  Lallie LOVES dancing, twirling and dancing constantly at home, making us re-play commercials she likes over and over again so she can dance to the music.  I think this is her long term thing since she's been dancing for about two years.
Here she is with her fabulous dance teacher, Miss Alex (a sophomore in high school!  Yes, she's THAT good of a dancer!)

Last but not least, a little chuckle for you!  Husband loves practical joke type things.  In fact, he recently purchased fake poop to throw in a friend's brand new pool.  Over Thanksgiving, he chased me around the store with a woopy cushion loudly saying sarcastically "Jennifer, stop that!"  Yes, customers were laughing at us.  He almost bought the woopy cushion for his dad's chair.  I talked him out of it.
Well, his most recent purchase was this...... I have NO CLUE what he plans on using this for, but Lallie loved it and played it over and over again for about 3 hours.  Darn the Yodeling Pickle!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!