Friday, August 17, 2012

Good news on the Wardrobe Front!

When I read the school uniform, it said that children had to wear collared shirts.  Without questioning, I assumed this meant ALL clothing had to be collared.  

So I commenced my search for cute collared shirts and dresses.  This WAS A TASK!  After all, Lallie is only 30 pounds and there aren't many clothing lines that make quality collared dresses and shirts in her smaller size (yes, I tried Polo....they wore holes in the seams after three washes!  At nearly $30 or more a thanks!)

I prefer dresses for her, especially in winter (with tights and leggings) because she's so tall!  Pants are horribly hard to fit her tiny waist, but be long enough.  Most pants that fit are 4" too short.  Not too long ago, I put her in a pair of shorts and she complained that they hurt.  After closely looking, they fit her waist but were so short on the inseam they were hurting her.  Skirts and dresses are her typical outfits for this reason.

(Side note: I've taken all her barely worn pants from her 18-24 month stage in pink, khaki and white and hemmed them into capris....this helps with her fall/early winter wardrobe as it stays hot here well into December.  Yes, these do fit her in the inseam area....for now).

Anyways, I purchased collared items from Children's Place, Old Navy, Osk Kosh, Land's End and Gap.  She has several collared shirts (which she needed) and maybe 7 or 8 dresses.  (Note: I've washed them all on gentle and on low dry for fear of shrinkage, fading and far so good. I'm really worried about the quality.)

And, back to the story again....Lallie, being the girl she is, wanted to wear dresses this week.   So off she went in her adorable pink dress on Wednesday and a navy one yesterday (which I plan to embroider her first initial on in white).  Complete with new mary-janes and frilly she went to Kindergarten.

Then yesterday morning, I received a message from one of my friends who happens to be the room mom.  "Did anyone tell you they don't have to wear collared dresses, just as long as they have thick straps and aren't low cut?"  What? No!  No one told me this!  This is fabulous!
YAY, no collared dressess!!!  SO....Lallie was thrilled to wear her newest little Lilly today.  She received it for her birthday from a friend.  So she trekked off to school this morning in her dress, frilly socks, a BIG pink flower headband and little pink slip ons.  She even let me fix her hair this morning!  I have to say, she was mighty cute!  :-)

I'll have to get a picture of her after school today for you!

This makes her wardrobe SO much easier to handle especially come this fall.  Tights and dresses it is!  After all, any pants that will fit her waste are about 4" too short!  Haha!  AND because she hasn't gained much weight or grown too tall, nearly all of her barely worn dresses from last winter still fit (remember, we only wear winter clothes for a few weeks a year and usually it's while we're up north visiting family!) 

 I'll be back next week with pictures from Disney and Apalachicola (they are mostly on Husband's phone).  AND, I'll let you know how Lallie did with her first week of school and the new schedule.  She's doing well, but she's super tired which makes for interesting evenings right now.  She'll get used to it bur for now, we're looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

Happy Friday Y'all!   

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

We have been off enjoying some last minute vacation time before school started.  Took a trip to Disney (thank goodness we live close because I can't handle more than two days at a time!) and then headed up to Apalachicola to visit my parents.  Pictures soon! 

But yesterday....oh yesterday was...
Lallie's first day of Kindergarten!  

Oh my stars, where has the time gone!  Husband and I both took her to class.  We are allowed to walk her in the first day only, after that we have to deal with car line (a whole other beast!)  

Here's a picture of Daddy walking our sweet, sweet baby girl to class.  She looks so tiny and the backpack looks so big!  I didn't cry.  I welled up quite a bit, especially when we saw our friends taking their kids, but I never cried (for Lallie's sake, you know).  Lallie cried a bit when we left but we were told by friends that she stopped immediately and went right to work!  Yay!

Lallie LOVES her teacher and happens to be in the same class as her best friend!  In fact, they are sitting right next to each other for the first few weeks.  We wonder how that will work out, we'll see!  They are both great students, so we're honestly not too worried about this.  

Lallie tells me she didn't even play with A yesterday, so that means she's making other friends.  She also said she played by herself on the playground.  That worried Daddy a bit, but not me.  Some days she plays by herself and some days with the other kids.  It's always been that way and I love that she has the confidence and independence to play by herself and not be anxious about it.  

When she got home, we were told all about her Science class.  Every day they have a related arts class (C.A.M.P.S. - Computer, Art, Music, PE and Science).  She told us all about the tortoises, turtles, baby scorpions and even about the Bearded Lizard that has a black chin when he's mad.  "But today he had a white chin, which means he was happy but if you touch his bootie, he gets mad."  We found out that the bootie is apparently the glass on the aquarium?  We're not sure about this....but that is what she said!  Haha!

Here's another interesting thing.  They sit on balls in her class!  Yes, exercise type balls with feet on them.  The teachers at Lallie's school have done lots of research and apparently, they keep the kids from slouching and keeps them alert from their sitting upright.  They are allowed to move around and make tiny bounces as long as both feet are on the floor and tummies are to the table.  If they act up, they get their ball taken away from them. According to the teacher, they get the ball taken away once and it never happens again.  It's also great exercise for the core (trust me, I sat on one during a 30 minute orientation and my sides are SORE!  Haha!)  The kids don't sit for longer than 20 minutes at a time, so it's not a long-term issue.  Lallie could barely sit on her ball with her feet to the floor, she's so short.  They  might have to let some air out of hers!

Lallie is also in Extended Day school and apparently had a blast yesterday and fit right in with the other kids.  She was a super happy kid last night, in a great mood.  


We have a completely new schedule now and we are certainly still adjusting!  Lallie and I have both been extremely tired (maybe we should have practiced the wake-up calls???)  I'm sure we'll adjust in the next couple of weeks but 6 am is EARLY!!
Car line was breeze this morning, much faster than I though it would happen.
Lallie is LOVING the lunch line and actually eating it!  She said she didn't have enough time to finish yesterday so she "...has to work on her time to eat so I can finish before the bell rings."  I'm LOVING this....she is such a slow eater so her actually acknowledging the time is HUGE for us.  We also went through the lunch menu together to decide what days she would eat at school and what days she'd take her lunch.  She decided to eat at school a majority of the time.
The biggest thing about this new schedule is I'm at work much earlier, which means I leave earlier.  With Lallie's new and longer days, I don't want her to get too tired out, especially if she has homework and we'd like to have a little time with her at night before bedtime, without rushing.  Her young "glory" days are soon to be over and we want to spend as much time with her as possible.  It only speeds up from here after all!

So, that's all for today.  I'll share pictures from our trips tomorrow!  

Happy First Day of School Y'all!