Monday, September 9, 2013

Pound Cake Fail, Infant Toy Re-Visit, Our Garden and Lallie's First Volunteer Experience

Good Monday morning y'all!  We had a VERY busy weekend in the SLPS household.  Saturday morning started out with an early start, heading out to our very first volunteer experience as a family.  Lallie has helped in various activities with our church in the past, but this is the first time she's been out in the community, independent of church.  We attend our local United Way's Day of Service where we were served a wonderful breakfast and then stayed (in the air conditioning for this mommy-to-be) to pack "compassion kits" with trial size shampoos, conditioners etc.  

Lallie helped sort the trial sizes, decorate bags and then fill the bags.  She had a great time and it was a great experience as a family.  AND, we were done by 9 am, so we still had the whole day ahead of us!  What a great way to start a Saturday!

Saturday afternoon, Lallie and I took it easy while Daddy worked on the yard.  Our garden was in quite the weedy state and it's planting season, so Husband spent quite a bit of time preparing it and working on our irrigation system. 

Last weekend, we picked out three mango trees (Husband is OBSESSED with mangoes) and an avocado tree.  The avocado tree will be located back here by the garden at some point as it will get large enough to help shade the house.  The gardens will be moved (I think this year) to the other side of our house on our large side lot.  It's all part of a bigger plan to fence, landscape and install a brick paver patio with a fire pit for entertaining.  Large scale yes.  Happening today?  No.  But it's definitely in the planning stage!

While Husband worked outside, I worked inside, cleaning all of Lallie's old infant toys for Baby H.  When I say that I saved everything, I mean I saved EVERYTHING, right down to the unused diaper baggies!  Thankfully I had the foresight to save it all despite all of our storage issues.  It has saved THOUSANDS of dollars!  Well, Lallie had the best time exploring her old toys (most of them were in great shape, I only had to throw out a few).

See the mirror and that triangular thingy?  Those were her FAVORITE toys from about 4 to 6 months of age.  It was quite sentimental watching her play with them all.  Of course, she got bored quite quickly but I have walked into Baby H's room several times since washing the toys to find blocks built in castle form.  =)

This mirror is seriously the best.toy.ever for young babies.  Lallie LOVED it and it went everywhere with us!  I was so worried I threw it out because I can't find anything similar anywhere and if I do find it, it costs a fortune!  Best $5.99 I ever spent.  I have loads of baby pictures with this mirror.  I wonder if Baby H will enjoy it as much.  Thankfully, it was still in great shape as well, so after a little cleaning and soaking to sanitize it, it looked as good as new.


Last but not least, our POUND CAKE FAIL.  

Lallie LOVES the show Martha Bakes on PBS.  However, I am the world's worst baker.  No, I'm not exaggerating even a little.  I apparently beat my Bisquick biscuits into such submission that they are hard as rocks on the outside and still batter on the inside.  I'm sorry....I despise lumps!

Well, Daddy was out working on our boat, so Lallie and I just decided that we were going to try the Pound Cake recipe on the latest episode.  Simple enough right?  


First, Martha didn't tell me the key ingredient.  What size pan to use.  So I just picked up a couple disposable bread pans at the store.  We made the recipe, filled them up and placed them in the oven.

30 minutes later....."what is that smell mommy?"
Me:  "I don't know.  Let me check the oven."
Me: "Lallie, go outside quick and get Daddy!!!"
Lallie:  "Let me see!  Oh no!  Daddy, daddy, daddy, the pound cake is overgoing, hurry, hurry, hurry!"  Yes, she used the term "overgoing."  (Love that child).

Meanwhile....smoke everywhere!  I flip off the oven, Husband does a little quick clean up.  And I shut the oven and turn it back on to finish baking (please bake, for Lallie's sake).

(In the picture, this is after the overspill and Husband put a pan underneath to catch more drippings.)

One hour later and multiple checks.

Me: "Honey, this should be turning brown and it's still bubbly looking.  I wonder where I went wrong?"
So I open the oven door.  Guess what?  I forgot to turn the oven back on.  ARGHHH!!

So, I turn on the oven.  SMOKE EVERYWHERE!  Shut off the oven again and calmly explain to Lallie that we'll have to try again tomorrow.  After a couple little fusses, she said ok.

So we're trying again tonight, with the right size (maybe slightly oversized pans!)

Told you...I AM NOT A BAKER!!!!

But, the shining moment that healed it all and is allowing me to persevere through another baking session......Lallie giving me a great big hug and saying "I love you mommy, I had a fun time baking with you!"

THAT's what it was all about in the first place.  =)

Happy Monday Y'all!