Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Minute Trip to Kentucky

Husband's great uncle died this past week.  We could not make it up in time for the funeral, but we were able to fly up last minute for $60.00 each round trip and at least visit the family that were in Kentucky for the funeral.

Beware, because this is picture overload!
On the airplane at 7 am, dressed in our Lilly!

These are the hills from the airplane.  Look closely, they are there, the clouds were surrounding the hills
on the gorgeous, and cool, Friday morning.

Visiting the farm animals.
The men, having a chat at the barn.  This is Husband's dad (on the right) and uncle Wayne, on the left.
These are called barn quilts and they are all over Eastern Kentucky as part of a cultural project the
counties/state has put on to increase interest in Eastern Kentucky and it's heritage. 
This pattern is based on one of Husband's granny's quilts.
Clem the Donkey.  This is Lallie's pet (she insists on having a picture of Clem in her room). 
His name is actually Clementine, but considering he's a boy.  Well, you get the idea.
Baby cow feeding.  The highlight of Lallie's trip!!  I woke Lallie up at 3:30 am to get her into the car
for our drive to the airport.  Barely awake, she said "are we going to go feed the baby cow?"
This was a big moment for her, she loved that little baby cow.
Lallie on the farm!
The hunters arriving home from their big kill!  Husband's brother is the one in the orange.  They didn't
have a successful morning unfortunately.
Hanging out by the bonfire.  Yes, it was actually cool this weekend.  It was cool in the morning and
evenings and warm during the day.  I later had to pull  out my Poloma poncho.
Great Aunt Judy teaching Lallie how to use the dance machine.  Lallie loved dancing with her relatives.
Just a swingin'!
Playing bouncy ball with Great Aunt Patricia.
Bonfire with the siblings.
Going back to blond this week.  Tired of the brown.  But this is a good picture, I think.
You should have heard Lallie's little whimper as we walked away.  She's really starting to get emotions
about leaving family.  She did the same thing with my mom and dad when they left in June
after a long visit.
Now THIS is the way to travel through an airport (also saving Mommy's shoulders!).  I got to stop by LUSH on the way out.  Love the LUSH!!  :-)



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book List

Not sure why I have become so fascinated with prepster/socialite novels like:
The Overnight Socialite
Prep: A Novel
Social Lives
The American Wife

Ask why some people read Harlequin Romance novels?

I just enjoy these books.  They're easy reads, not depressing (unless you're the characters in the book) and so far removed from my own life, that I can just divulge for a few minutes each evening and think of nothing else, without worry that any of these things would EVER happen to me.  If you've read these books, you know what I mean.

I mean really, other than My Fair Lady and the Overnight Socialite, how many poor women do you know get adopted as "projects" for wealthy women with nothing better to do?
(Okay I take that back...there are probably many but since I don't live that crazy life, I don't really know.  I would assume that these usually happen in "new money" situations and not in "high WASP" situations as traditional WASPs don't like to draw attention.)

Anyways, as usualy, I digress, but you get my drift.

Currently, I'm reading Four Wives which is by the same author as Social Lives.  The latter being a much better book as the former is kind of boring (i.e. not enough adultery in the wine closet with the best friend's son during a major event, a social masquerade ball to kick off the Halloween season while the Husband of the cheater is squandering all their money away and embezzling millions and is secretly about to go to jail with the best friend mourning over her dead mother in the coffin crypt on Halloween night).

I need drama people! (and trust me, if I ever get invited to a party like this, I won't be dancing.  I'll be the one casually watching the entire room waiting for someone to do something naughty so I can go catch them and blow the drama wide open.  Heehee.)

That would be fun.  ;)

Again, I digress.

The next book on my list, that actually sounds quite entertaining as it's from a male perspective on the upper upper upper class female.

It's about a male school headmaster dealing with this one particular woman of privilege and her kids (if I recall correctly).  It sounds wildly entertaining. 

Let me guess.  The headmaster ends up WITH the woman of privilege.  Sorry if I ruined it for you, I haven't even read it yet, but I'm guessing that's how it ends.

We'll see!

(I'm feeling snarky today).

What is on your current reading list?  Anything interesting that you might want to share with the audience (and no it doesn't have to be in this "class" of books.  I recently finished Emma  for the 15th time!  Love Jane Austen).  I'd love to know as I just might add it my list. 

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today is all about football.  I LOVE football.  I mean, really really really love football.
I could watch college football all day long every day.  It's so exciting.  I used to attend Kentucky games during college and let's just say that I tended to get a little bit rowdy.  (Okay, who's kidding, I still do....even in our own home).  It's not my fault that those nasty Gamecocks fans changed the words to My Ole Kentucky Home and it wasn't very nice.  Someone had to yell at them!


So...the first announcement of the day:  We are going to our first Kentucky game in 10 years!!!  I am SO excited.  We are heading to the swamp for the Florida/Kentucky game and I couldn't be more excited.
Plus - it's my birthday weekend, so Husband and I are leaving Lallie behind with her stand-in grandparents (an older couple from church that we've known since we've moved here) and we are heading up for a fun filled football weekend.

Now...I need to pick out a gameday outfit!

Does anybody have any royal blue Tory Burch Afrikan Revas they want to let me borrow?  :-)
Size 7.5 please.
(Hey, doesn't hurt to ask)!



Pro Football, notsomuch.  Husband and I have never been able to get into pro-football though we've tried.  But this year, I am playing Fantasy Football with Ashleigh (you know, the "Rock On, GW" girl that's always posting on my blog?  She has been playing for a couple years now and I'm playing in her league.)
My team name:

So, last night was the draft.  I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing.  Who are these people?  I just picked my team based on Yahoo's Top 20 picks, picked my defensive team (Minnesota) which actually made a few people I take it this was a good choice.  All in all, I got 5 players I really wanted, less my QB (quarterback for you non-football people).

It was stressful!  You have to think about BYEs (weeks in which your players aren't playing), you have to think about points.  You only have 1:30 minutes to choose your player.  ACK!!!  AND, I was pick #9 (out of ten) and pick #2 in alternate rounds, so my picks were always back, double ACK!

Here's my team (for those of you who care about pro-football):

QB - Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)
WR - Steve Smith (Carolina)
WR - Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants)
WR - Johnny Knox (Chicago)
RB - Steven Jackson (St. Louis)
RB - Jamaal Charles (Kansas City)
TE - Jermichael Finley (Grean Bay)
K - Rob Bironas (Tennessee)

RB - Jonathan Stewart - Carolina
QB - Matthew Stafford - Detroit
RB - Ricky Williams - Miami
WR - Jacoby Jones - Houston
WR - Julian Edelman - New England
RB - Jerome Harrison - Clevland

Defensive Team:  Minnesota

It was fun though and I look forward to watching some football and kicking some butt!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap - The BIG CUT!!!

The SLPS household has been full of excitement since Thursday!  Lallie was out of school for a couple of days, so we had Mommy/Daughter Days with "no boys allowed!"

Thursday, we went and bought Lallie's new dance clothes, shoes and she picked out a dance bag.  She was a little shy in the store, so I didn't get any pictures, but trust me...she's awfully darn cute!  ;)
We then went out to lunch and later, visited our friends Aidan and Lauren for a little playtime.


Friday was a very big day for me Lallie.  Lallie had finally had enough of her hair (meaning Mommy finally worked up the nerve to cut her hair) so off we trekked to the salon to prepare for her four inch cut.
Yep.  Four inches.
Mommy Lallie cried quite a bit.  She was scared of the scissors, chair, hairdresser etc., etc.  
I held her in my lap while the hairdresser loudly sawed off Lallie's beautiful hair with a horribly mean face with red eyes!  I mean really....this hairdresser (really, her name is Karen and she's great, she's my hairdresser).  But this day...Karen was just ruthless as she hacked and hacked at Lallie's hair.
Okay - she didn't hack...but it was close!

After the nightmare was over, Lallie was just fine.
All in all, it was a good thing.  Her hair is no longer constantly in her face (stuck in her armpits, her shirt, her eyes, her name it).  And it looks much healthier overall.

(I know she's wearing this dress AGAIN but I just love it, it's adorable on Lallie, and I plan on having her wear it completely out!  Thanks Auntshleigh...and yes for those of you spell checkers...I spelled the name right!)  :-)



Mommy Lallie was such a big girl, that she mommy, was rewarded with sorbet at Kilwin's, and then the park, after the big cut.

 We also stopped by my favorite shop for a little browsing.  I think the large floppy hat is in Lallie's future!  She loved this hat.  I loved it too and think I will be going back to get it in the future.  It was $28.00!

Saturday and Sunday were spent shopping and spending time with just the SLPS family.  We had a great weekend and hope you did too!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabulous Friday Feebies!

Hey Y'all!!

My pillowcase dresses are featured on Fabulous Friday Freebies today!!  Check it out, you could be the winner of one of my dresses and two snack bags!

10% off to those that enter and make a purchase (contact me with code "FFF" and I'll apply).

Back to school is coming up soon too!  These dresses can be worn with leggings and long sleeved shirts for fall/winter!!
The snack bags are perfect (and environmental) for little lunch boxes!

 What about a baby shower gift?  I can make infant sizes as well.  Just yesterday, I made a dress for a six year old with appliqued whales and a matching dress for her American Girl doll.
Don't see what you like, contact me.  I can custom make anything, any size (I've made dresses for 10 year olds).  Any color combination, any TEAM fabrics (football season is just around the corner!!)  Just let me know.
Click HERE to visit!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy & Lallie Day (Pink & Green Thursday)

Lallie is out of school for the next two days, so it's Mommy and Me days and we have lots of fun things planned.

Right now, we're watching a princess movie and hanging out in our pink and green PJ's!
Later, we're going out to try on Lallie's new dance clothes and shoes.  She starts ballet and tap September 1st and she's very excited about going shopping today.
This afternoon, we have a playdate scheduled with her besties, Aidan and Lauren, so we have lots of fun planned for today.

Tomorrow.  I think we'll spend most of the day in the pool (pending weather of course!)

Now, for Pink & Green Thursday....I have two new fun things to show you.

These are for my pink and green guest bedroom.  I have been looking at these plates at my favorite downtown store for quite sometime.   A few weeks ago, I threw a baby shower with my friend Zusanne for our friend Hilary.  As a thank you, Hilary bought these plates for me, without my even mentioning them! 
Now, that's friend when they know you well enough to go to your favorite store and pick out your absolute favorite thing!  Aren't they gorgeous?

Also, a while back, I entered a giveaway over at Lori's Shopaholic in Alabama blog.  She had what must have been two weeks worth of giveaways and I won the one from Lynn Whelan Designs.  So super excited, because.....look what they are!!!
Gee, I wonder where these will go?  Hmmm....
They're supposed to arrive today in the mail and I can't wait to get them!
You should definitely check out Lynn Whelan at   She has the most adorable things for sale! 

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lilly, Lilly and More Lilly!

 OK....yesterday morning was INSANE, was it not?
I love Lilly.  I think it's SO fabulous that they held, basically, an on-line warehouse sale.
I love Lilly....but will never book a flight to King of Prussia, to go to a warehouse sale, so I loved everything about yesterday. Though I walked away with very little and lost a couple things, the thrill was fun.

I do think some people on facebook (okay, lots of people) were being very mean to the service department and it was uncalled for, rude and not very classy/ladylike.
Lilly did not have to do this for us, but they did because they love their customers. 
So KUDOS did a great job! my soapbox.
I managed to pick-up these adorable (and REALLY cheap) Lilly items for Lallie for this fall/winter.

I love the Jr. Atlantique polo (picked it up in Hotty Pink).  Perfect now and in fall/winter for layering.
LOVE this print in the Anchor pants.

I also picked up the Nina Tunic (also can be layered, thinking with a navy tee and cute jeans).

And, the swimwear was just too cute to pass up (and you know how much we're in the pool, so it's important to have lots of clean bathing suits!)
The Grettle in Hotty Pink Naptime (and with her recent obsession with perfect!)

I really wanted to pick up the navy brigit hoodie and zoe pants (tracksuit in grandeur), but it was sold out.  But, that's okay because Lallie already has a navy tracksuit she barely wore last year, and will still fit in this year!

I also missed out on the pink and green Evie poncho.  Again, okay because Lallie is really into the "arm goes into the hole" when putting on shirts (even halters confuse her).  So, a poncho with only a head hole, will probably really freak her out and never be worn! (I can hear the confusion in her tiny little voice now).
Okay - glad I didn't get it.

For me.....nada (go me!).  However, if I had to choose, it'd be one of these.

I adore this Mira jumpsuit, though not so sure I can pull it off.  So, I'll just dream.

Love this Cedar Knit Dress!  And I believe it was $74.00!! Can't beat that for a $210.00 dress!! 

I also love the silk Kathleen Dress  ($99 was $240.  This would be very versatile for summer or fall (I think....or is silk specific to one season, I don't know?  I forget, it's hot all the time here).


Since we're on Lilly....who's in LOVE with the fall line?  I am!  I have to say, they really did much better this year than last year.  I didn't like anything from last year (and the few things I tried on fit really weird).

Anways, here are my picks....(ehem...the whole fall line).

I WANT this Colby dress.  I LOVE this dress.  I NEED this dress.  This style fits my body type really well and I just love all the colors and versatility of this dress.
Fit it with a cardi, by itself, with or without tights, perfect length for professional work-wear (not too short).  I love all the possibilities.
Can it go on sale now?

The fleece yoga wrap.  I am always freezing.  I would wear this all the time.  It looks so comfy.
Love the ginko dress.  So cute.  Not a color I wear much, but turquoise does bring out my blue eyes ;)
The Conrad sweater.  Cute with black or white shorts, for now....and then jeans later in the year.
The Vivi top.  Again, very versatile for ever changing fall/winter weather.
Casual or professional.

For "Little Lallie in Lilly"
How adorable is this sweater?  (though I don't like the leggings at all).
We spend a lot of time outside when up north and it's not always freezing, but definately need a jacket.
At the price, you really can't beat it!
I love the quilted fleece look.  Different from typical plain fleece.
We call the quilted look.. a "barn jacket."
My child will not be wearing sandals though.  Her John Deere boots will suit just fine! :-)
The Lilah pants.  Just a little twinkle on the back pockets. 

So, did you score big yesterday?  Did you find that fantastic "Shoparoonee" (if you haven't followed for long, this is a term made up by my Mother-in-Law and I for REALLY great deals!)

What are your favorite fall picks?  I think they really missed the professional and casual looks very well.  Lots of color, but different then other seasons, and can be worn in so many different ways.  Very versatile.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!