Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today is all about football.  I LOVE football.  I mean, really really really love football.
I could watch college football all day long every day.  It's so exciting.  I used to attend Kentucky games during college and let's just say that I tended to get a little bit rowdy.  (Okay, who's kidding, I still do....even in our own home).  It's not my fault that those nasty Gamecocks fans changed the words to My Ole Kentucky Home and it wasn't very nice.  Someone had to yell at them!


So...the first announcement of the day:  We are going to our first Kentucky game in 10 years!!!  I am SO excited.  We are heading to the swamp for the Florida/Kentucky game and I couldn't be more excited.
Plus - it's my birthday weekend, so Husband and I are leaving Lallie behind with her stand-in grandparents (an older couple from church that we've known since we've moved here) and we are heading up for a fun filled football weekend.

Now...I need to pick out a gameday outfit!

Does anybody have any royal blue Tory Burch Afrikan Revas they want to let me borrow?  :-)
Size 7.5 please.
(Hey, doesn't hurt to ask)!



Pro Football, notsomuch.  Husband and I have never been able to get into pro-football though we've tried.  But this year, I am playing Fantasy Football with Ashleigh (you know, the "Rock On, GW" girl that's always posting on my blog?  She has been playing for a couple years now and I'm playing in her league.)
My team name:

So, last night was the draft.  I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing.  Who are these people?  I just picked my team based on Yahoo's Top 20 picks, picked my defensive team (Minnesota) which actually made a few people I take it this was a good choice.  All in all, I got 5 players I really wanted, less my QB (quarterback for you non-football people).

It was stressful!  You have to think about BYEs (weeks in which your players aren't playing), you have to think about points.  You only have 1:30 minutes to choose your player.  ACK!!!  AND, I was pick #9 (out of ten) and pick #2 in alternate rounds, so my picks were always back, double ACK!

Here's my team (for those of you who care about pro-football):

QB - Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)
WR - Steve Smith (Carolina)
WR - Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants)
WR - Johnny Knox (Chicago)
RB - Steven Jackson (St. Louis)
RB - Jamaal Charles (Kansas City)
TE - Jermichael Finley (Grean Bay)
K - Rob Bironas (Tennessee)

RB - Jonathan Stewart - Carolina
QB - Matthew Stafford - Detroit
RB - Ricky Williams - Miami
WR - Jacoby Jones - Houston
WR - Julian Edelman - New England
RB - Jerome Harrison - Clevland

Defensive Team:  Minnesota

It was fun though and I look forward to watching some football and kicking some butt!


  1. I love football too!! I mean really love it! Although, we're opposites. I could watch the NFL all day long (and we do on Sundays), and I watch LSU, but I sort of have the Saturday games on in the background for the most part.

    I have played FF for the last four years, and let me tell you that is one heckuva roster you put together. What program are yall using to manage your league??

  2. I think I have a convert! You'll be addicted by week one! And PS, the Gamecocks are nasty for MANY reasons. Go Tigers!

    Rock on! GW

  3. I don't watch college football. It's just not that big where I live. But, I like your defensive team choice for Fantasy! Nice pick.

  4. Yet another thing we have in common. I'm a huge football fan, actually all around huge sports fan. I like college and pro sports. And being from the north I'm a Penn State fan! Too bad we don't play Kentucky.

    We usually try to pick a new state each year to go see a college football game. Last year it was Florida and the Gators at the swamp. This year we were thinking maybe Alabama or Nebraska.

    I'm excited for you, the swamp is a great place to take in a game. Have fun!

    And hope your fantasy team kicks some butt this season!

  5. Out of respect for y'all I will vote for KY to win, but when and if they ever play A&M, it's on girl. Go Aggies!

  6. You took my Viking defense! It's ok, I don't watch the NFL, so I really had no idea about who to pick either. So for being the newbs in our league I'm hoping we win!

  7. Haha! I love football too. It gets very rowdy around these parts during football season. Sorry about the mean Gamecock fans. They were probably highly intoxicated. And good luck with fantasy football. You have a good mix of players. You may want to look into CJ Spiller. :) I am just a huge Bills fan....

  8. If anyone gets CJ Spiller it's ME! I am the CLEMSON MANIAC!!!!!

    Rock on! GW

  9. lollll i watched my boyfriend do his fantasy football picks... i didnt realize it was so complicated!!!

  10. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! I have never tried fantasy football. One year maybe I will get brave enough to try. And they are great pics.

    HOTTY TODDY! Go Rebels!!!

  11. I love football also. College FB is my first love but I will watch a few pro teams sometimes. I just don't follow it the same as college.

    You have two former Longhorns on your team. Jamaal Charles and Ricky Williams. We called Charles - Fumbleroosky. I think he improved that problem since going pro...I hope so for you. (I actually think my husband has him on his FF Team as well).