Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Minute Trip to Kentucky

Husband's great uncle died this past week.  We could not make it up in time for the funeral, but we were able to fly up last minute for $60.00 each round trip and at least visit the family that were in Kentucky for the funeral.

Beware, because this is picture overload!
On the airplane at 7 am, dressed in our Lilly!

These are the hills from the airplane.  Look closely, they are there, the clouds were surrounding the hills
on the gorgeous, and cool, Friday morning.

Visiting the farm animals.
The men, having a chat at the barn.  This is Husband's dad (on the right) and uncle Wayne, on the left.
These are called barn quilts and they are all over Eastern Kentucky as part of a cultural project the
counties/state has put on to increase interest in Eastern Kentucky and it's heritage. 
This pattern is based on one of Husband's granny's quilts.
Clem the Donkey.  This is Lallie's pet (she insists on having a picture of Clem in her room). 
His name is actually Clementine, but considering he's a boy.  Well, you get the idea.
Baby cow feeding.  The highlight of Lallie's trip!!  I woke Lallie up at 3:30 am to get her into the car
for our drive to the airport.  Barely awake, she said "are we going to go feed the baby cow?"
This was a big moment for her, she loved that little baby cow.
Lallie on the farm!
The hunters arriving home from their big kill!  Husband's brother is the one in the orange.  They didn't
have a successful morning unfortunately.
Hanging out by the bonfire.  Yes, it was actually cool this weekend.  It was cool in the morning and
evenings and warm during the day.  I later had to pull  out my Poloma poncho.
Great Aunt Judy teaching Lallie how to use the dance machine.  Lallie loved dancing with her relatives.
Just a swingin'!
Playing bouncy ball with Great Aunt Patricia.
Bonfire with the siblings.
Going back to blond this week.  Tired of the brown.  But this is a good picture, I think.
You should have heard Lallie's little whimper as we walked away.  She's really starting to get emotions
about leaving family.  She did the same thing with my mom and dad when they left in June
after a long visit.
Now THIS is the way to travel through an airport (also saving Mommy's shoulders!).  I got to stop by LUSH on the way out.  Love the LUSH!!  :-)




  1. Sorry about your loss! You got some terrific pictures! I am not looking forward to the day we fly with GG. Yikes, always seems like such a hassle! Happy Monday, friend!

  2. Lallie's hair looks really cute. Very bouncy :-). I have a picture very similar to the last one from my last visit! Less than two months until the next one. Woohoo!

    Rock on! GW

  3. So sorry about your loss, but it looks like you had a good visit. Love the picture of Lallie on the swing!

  4. Hey, you were in my my state - albeit, on the other side of the state, but still in the same state! I love the barn quilts.

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband's great uncle. Great pictures though...

  6. Your daughter is just precious!

    I am so jealous to see light jackets in those pictures! I need some of that cool weather here.

  7. That farm reminds me of home. Great pics!!