Thursday, August 5, 2010

If It Doesn't Say "Stephen", It Isn't Bonanno (and Contest Rules)

As most y’all know, Stephen Bonanno Sandals is in Stuart, Florida, right in my South Floridian backyard!  So, when us “Palm Beach locals” heard of the latest knock-offs (the “Bonanno Sandals” brand – note the lack of the “Stephen” part), needless to say, we rushed to the aid of the original sandal creator to help set the record straight. I have personally been in contact with Vivian and they are so grateful that so many have come out to express their heartfelt support of the true Palm Beacher, including us bloggers who can help spread the word across the country.

Yes, you heard me correctly. There is another brand out there called Bonanno Sandals. These are NOT the REAL Stephen Bonanno Sandals. So, if you think you are buying SBS …. take a peek at the insole.

(1) Check to make sure you are at an official retailer of SB Sandals. Look for store locations on their official website

(2)  If you are a visitor or local looking for the Stephen Bonanno Sandals Store, they are NOT in the Stuart or Vero Beach, Florida stores.  They do not sell the SBS brand.

(2) Check the stamp on the insole of the shoe. Make sure it says “Stephen Bonanno Palm Beach” and not “Bonanno Sandals.” The real ones have the FULL STEPHEN BONANNO PALM BEACH name.

(3) The authentic and original SBS will have a “made in Stuart, USA” seal stamped on the sole. BUT, this is a new development within the past year, so do not worry if your sandal does not have this stamped on the bottom. As long as #2 above is covered, you’re good.

So, when seeking out the original Stephen Bonanno Sandal, do your research. And, if you have any doubts whatsoever, call Vivian! She is a delightful person with a heart of gold and she just wants her father and family’s customers to be 100% satisfied. You cannot match the customer service of the SBS brand and I guarantee you will be satisfied. And if you feel that you bought Bonanno Sandal when you intended to purchase Stephen Bonanno Sandals, she’ll guide you in the proper procedure in obtaining your money back!
You can reach Vivian at or via phone at 772-219-7629.


Tomorrow, Stephen Bonanno Sandals is going to give one of my lucky readers a FREE PAIR OF EMMA MONOGRAM SANDALS – in your choice of colors and monogram!!! Folks, this is a $159.00 pair of sandals and ones that you will have FOR A LIFETIME.

How do you win? Well, it’s going to be difficult, so listen up!

• At 9 am on the dot, I am going to post an internet scavenger hunt.

• It will NOT be multiple choice, which means you MUST provide your answers in writing, which means you really won’t be able to guess.

• The first person who posts AS A COMMENT all questions CORRECTLY with CORRECT SPELLINGS will win. YOU MUST POST YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT (no exceptions! Too many people have no-reply emails when posting comments.)

• My comments are moderated; I will receive emails stating I received your entry. I will respond back with an email stating I got your comment (to keep it fair). That way no one can say….I posted a comment and didn’t get entered. Remember, comments are posted in order they are received by blogger! Again, you MUST provide your email address.

• Upon the first person winning, all comments will be posted to the blog and the winner will be announced.

So… on the lookout. It’s going to be a tough quiz but I guarantee you it will be fun and one lucky girl will be sitting pretty with her very own pair of Stephen Bonanno Sandals!!!!

(Any factual information found herein has been validated and approved by Stephen Bonanno Sandals. However, any opinions are solely mine and NOT the opinion of SBS).

Happy Thursday y’all!


  1. I am so glad that you've provided so much info about these sandals. Who knew sandals could be so interesting? I am going to be ready tomorrow for this little scavenger hunt!!


  2. I have a pair that just say Bonanno. I got them at a Lilly store recently:(

    I love the contest!!!

  3. Wow-you have to be kidding! Someone can actually STEAL YOUR NAME and make fakes? What's wrong with this picture?

    I am so impressed with all you have done for this brand. Hand crafters deserve recognition. :)

  4. On your mark, get set, go!
    I hope I win, but I have a pair of "REAL" Stephen Bonanno's picked out and I'm buying them regardless.
    I'm shocked at the ammount of hype and plagiarism that is going on behind this sandal.
    I'll tell you what.

  5. This sounds fun!! Looking forward to it :)

  6. What fun!

    How very nice that the Bonanno family is treating one of their loyal "wearers" with a fabulous pair of monogrammed Emmas.


  7. Sounds like a fun giveaway- wish I wasn't going to be in class starting at 9!

  8. I am guessing we are talking Eastern Standard Time? West Coaster here willing to get up for a chance at these beauties! I too thank you for your detailed information about these sandals.

  9. So awesome! I'll be prepped and ready at 9am!!! :)

  10. I had heard this recently so sad. What a fun idea for a giveaway!!

  11. What a fun giveaway! I hope I will be around for it!!

    Love your blog!!

    Happy Friday. :o)