Monday, August 2, 2010

I LOVE Stephen Bonanno....the sandal that is!

This week, I am going to be telling you all about Stephen Bonanno Sandals and at the end of the week, stay tuned as there will be a very fun contest!! So pay attention!

Most of y’all are aware that I LOVE my sandals. I love my McKims, I love my Tory Burch but I LOVE my STEPHEN BONANNO SANDALS! I have a couple pairs, my pink and green Palm Beach sandals (which I wore to Lallie’s pink and green birthday bash) and my Emma monogram in sable with arbutus whipstitch.

 They are my absolute favorite and go to for SO many reasons:

• They are so comfy for every day wear! The leather is so soft and supple; they just melt to your feet for a comfortable, non-blister forming fit! They’re like cashmere for your feet.

• I can get them in any color combination imaginable and I even have a pair with my monogram! For example – y’all know my love of the Kentucky Wildcats…if I want a pair in royal blue and white, by golly, I can get it!

• They are just fun, authentic sandals that you can spot from a million miles away (I love the “where in the world are your SBS on the website.”)

• They are made right here in my own backyard of South Florida – in the grand ole US of A. That’s right…..100% American made!

• The people at SB are the nicest folks you’ll encounter. True customer service with a general care about their product and those that buy their sandals.

So, what is the story behind Stephen Bonanno Sandals?

Benny Bonanno, a cobbler, created the original sandal back in the 1960’s with Luigi Pucillo, his business partner and designer. Benny made the soles and Luigi made the tops and when Luigi unfortunately passed on, Benny carried on the sandal making tradition.

Eva, Benny’s wife, was the color expert and could often be seen sitting at her kitchen table, cutting long strips of leather for the “Navajo” and punching holes for the whipstitch, all by hand. In the 1980’s, their son, Stephen Bonanno, took over the business and started stamping the unmistakable logo into the 100% leather insole and renamed the “Navajo” the “Palm Beach.”

Now, the SBS brand has expanded to include so many new styles including:
                                                                      The "Murray"

The "Lisagh"

The "Wyndi"
I also love the "Flower" as you can purchase additional leather flowers and mix and match! Perfect for vacations as you pack one pair of shoes with several flowers for multiple designs!

Of course, there is my own little wish list of Stephen Bonanno Sandals that I would LOVE to have…
I would LOVE some gold metallic Palm Beach sandals. Perfect for just about anything summer and Lilly (did you think I’d get through a post without mentioning my favorite clothing designer WHO by the way… is a devoted Stephen Bonanno Sandals customer?)

I’m all about wedges as of late and I just think SB’s combined with the wedge is perfect for my closet! (Didn’t I just tweet last week that I’m looking for a pair of silver wedges?)

I love the JAMIE. Very similar to my monogram Emmas but instead of the monogram is a cute leather bow. Very preppy indeed!

And of course, for sweet little Lallie, the Palm Beach Bailey! How cute are these, teensy tiny little Stephen Bonanno’s! I just love them. I’m dying for a pair for Lallie, since now that she is a size 7….she can finally wear as SBS suggests wee ones go up a size! Yay!!!!

So, there you have it! The story and styles behind my favorite sandals!

Stay tuned, as tomorrow, I will take you on a tour of the SBS Factory and introduce you to Stephen Bonanno himself! What a treat!

(Any factual information found herein has been validated and approved by Stephen Bonanno Sandals. However, any opinions are solely mine and NOT the opinion of SBS).

Happy Monday y’all!


  1. I love them, too!!!

  2. I love them too, they are so Jackie O!

  3. Adorable! But please please please dont let her wear them all the time - flipflop type shoes are so incredibly bad for the feet :O( Little ones need all the support they can get so they dont have foot problems later.

  4. I have three pairs of Bonannos in the Palm Beach Classic style. LOVE 'em! They are so comfortable. I love that the first pair was designed for Jackie Kennedy, too. So cool!

    I have been eyeing the same wedge for the past couple of months. I just might have to take the plunge. They are so unbelievably adorable! That "Murry" pair is pretty cute also. *sigh* Love the fringe!

  5. Love them ~ have a new pair on their way and should arrive any day now. Lucky you that you can wear them year round :)


  6. Great post Jenn, I love Bonannos also. My favorites are my metalic lime green and my baby blue and white. Now....I didn't know you could get them in specific colors, etc... I might just need something in a little ol' Texas A&M color combo.
    Baby way! I didn't know they came in little feet sizes, awesome.

  7. Oh, these are so cute! I've been eying them anyway, and the thought of being able to get UVA colors is very tempting.

  8. They are great looking sandals, and have long been on my wish list. One of these days I will have a pair or two.

  9. I love Bonanno's too!!! I want a pair of the Emma monogrammed ones next!!

  10. I know, I just got my 16th pair last week! Although mine are a mix of Jack Rogers and Stephen Bonanno sandals. Can't live w/out my Bonannos! Vivian is the best! Can't wait to see the photos from your tour of the factory!

  11. What a fun history! And what a beautiful sandal!!