Friday, January 29, 2010

This little face comes courtesey of a nasty pavement fall yesterday at school.  But, despite her little nose, she is still as sweet as can be.  This morning, in the car, I hear a little giggle from the backseat.  You know, the low lying giggle you can barely hear, chin to the chest, eyes looking up at you (like this picture)?  I asked her what she was giggling about, and she said, "heehee I have poopy gas!" She then did a raspberry with her mouth and giggled some more.  This child is just the light of my life and has certainly made my Friday morning so much more joyful! 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lallie Update

I still have nothing for you, picture wise from Lallie-world but, I can at least tell you what's going on!

Lallie is growing like a little weed and she's a little sasser too, I might add.  Miss Janice will be thrilled to hear that when Little Miss Lallie is asked a yes/no question, she responds "yes" with a long drawn out middle and a very decisive "s" on the end.  Quite proper for a southern belle in the making!  Husband and I often ask her questions just so we can hear that sweet little "yes" sound.  Of course, we heard the word "no" for so long that any version of "yes" is wonderful to us!

Lallie has also become a back-seat driver in the car She tells me to "be careful" quite often (thanks for the reminder honey) and whenever we go over this bump in the road at a certain intersection, she laughs and goes "whoa, that's fast mommy!"

For some reason, she has started calling Daddy, "Momdy".  It's really funny, but Husband doesn't like it at all and won't respond to her until she says his name properly.  Last night, I was trying to get Husband's attention by calling out his name, to which Lallie repeated me and starting calling his name too.  Except it came out "Doo, Doo."  LOL!!!  This is very funny!  Husband thinks, notsomuch!

Her favorite new activity at school is the jungle gym.  She performed for me yesterday, 15 times, showing me how she can climb and jump down off of the gym.  This is a feat considering she is half the size of the typical 2.5 year old.  She's only 23 lbs and about 32" tall.  She's tiny, so that ground is FAR away. But, gotta let them go.  She just wants to be able to climb like her friends.  Uncle Chris and Grandpa Geezer would definately be proud (they both climb rocks for a thrill!)

On the downside of her getting older, she's starting to understand what it's like when our loved ones come for a visit and then have to leave.  My mom and dad left on Tuesday morning and every day this week I've picked her up from school and she's had such excitement because she gets to go home and see "Grandma and Geezer."  When I've explained that they're not at our home, but they went back to their home, big tears occur.  This happened with Granny and Grandaddy too over Christmas.  This is the sad part of living in Florida, so far from them.  But, it's a fact of life and we'll deal.

So for those family members who think Lallie doesn't remember them, you're wrong.  She loves  you and misses you lots and the grandparents are the recipient of choice whenever she plays house and calls people on the phone.  Of course, Hutch, her current boyfriend is first on the list of callers, but grandma and granny run a close 2nd!  (It's kind of scary.  When I picked up Lallie the other day, she and Hutch were awfully cozy at their own table sharing a snack.  I need to have a talk with Hutch's mother!)

Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Siberian "Titty Tat"

Husband has promised Lallie a cat for her birthday.  This is wonderful as Lallie absolutely ADORES cats and is always pretending to be one, playing with one or chasing one.  Whenever a cat is in the vicinity, there is nothing else that can distract her.

BUT, Husband and I have huge allergies to cats, as does Lallie (we think - not 100% sure yet).  So, Husband has done a bit of research and discoverd that Siberian cats are hypo-allerginic.  While there is not hard scientific evidence of this claim, most owners with pure-bred Siberians have documented their hypo-allergenic qualities for nearly 10 years.  This is wonderful news for us.

So, our quest for a "titty tat" has begun.  I love the fact that these cats can get quite large (nearly 20 lbs.)  I want to start off with a kitten, because I want a kitten and because I think U.K., our golden retriever, will be more gentle with a kitten starting out then a full grown cat (as evidenced by visits with UK to my parents, it's genearlly a rat race through the house!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have nothing for you from the weekend :-( We were all sick in bed with a nasty bug and didn't leave the house, at all.  Well, I trudged slowly to the grocery store on Sunday as Lallie had eaten nothing but mac/cheese and crackers for two days, but other than that, basically stayed inside.

A big shout out and thanks to my wonderful Husband.  It's been a tough, tough week (Lallie was on steroids, not fun!) and Husband took care of her while I was sick in bed and cleaned the entire house for me (he usually helps me, but I was thankful I didn't have to lift a finger this time around).

Okay - moving on!  Couch to 5K.  I have decided to give this a go.  I have never been a runner, my heart has not usually allowed it do to some health issues.  But, my theory is if I can get it pumping fast and hard during Pilates class, running with a good training program shouldn't be all that different, right?  (I really hope I'm not fooling myself).  As long as I start off slow and give my body a chance to acclamate, I think I'll be okay.  The C25K program seems to be right along these lines.

Here are the steps I need to check off my list:

Step 1:  Find a jogging stroller.

Step 2: Wake up 30 minutes earlier in the day so I can come home earlier to run (I will start working on this tomorrow).

Step 3:  Start training in the evenings when I come home and before I start dinner.  (In all hopes, my plan of getting to work earlier will allow not only my running schedule - which Lallie LOVES to be outside, but assist with my healthier eating goal for my family).

I am working on Step 1 right now, looking on Craig's List etc., for a stroller that some of you suggested in my A/Q post a few days ago.

So, who would like to join me on the C25K journey?  Surely there is one, maybe two?  I think my friend Mint Juleps and Magnoilas is doing this routine too.  Anyways, I will post periodically my progress!

Book Swap Partners!

Below are your partners for the Book Swap hosted by myself and Bees and Fleur de Lis!  We only included those who followed directions and listed their email addresses or had a clear website address as to not cause any confusion. If an email doesn't work, let me know.

Please contact your partner by the end of the day tomorrow to let them know you are their partner, work out the book titles you have and are willing to give away and how many books you'd like to swap.

Don't forget to send your packages via US MEDIA MAIL.  This is important as this keeps the costs of the swap low!

Have a great time and enjoy your new books and hopefully, your new friends!

Let me know asap if you have any issues contacting your parnter!!  Have lots and lots of fun!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Day to Sign up For Book Swap!!!

Good morning!  Don't forget about the Book Swap I am hosting in conjunction with Bees and Fleur de Lis.  Sign up by midnight tonight at either one of our blogs on THIS post to be included!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Preppy Princess - Lallie's New Dinnerware

I love pretty plates.  I think when we're eating, we should enjoy what we're looking at as well.  This includes presentation.  I love my plates, the Great White from Pottery Barn that Husband got me for Christmas a few years ago (they're huge, the salad plates are our everyday dinner plates).  I know some people say that it's all going to the same place, so who cares what it looks like, but for the most part, I like something to look appetizing as well as taste appetizing.  This goes the same for Lallie's meals as well. 

Lallie has her own plastic plates, simple gerber to a McDonald's plate to a U.K. plate (go Cats!).  The gerber and MDonalds I could do without, so that leaves the UK plate.  I'm not about to give her my plates as they are SUPER heavy.  What to do, what to do?

Well, come mid-February, I will be hopping over to my favorite go-to preppy website, Preppy Princess for these fun dinner items from Lilly!  Bowls, forks, spoons, placemats and plates.  How fun are these.  These will surely make eating fun for Lallie and maybe I'll have more fun cooking her meals too!  (All pictures are courtesy of Preppy Princess' website, I hope she doesn't mind!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I Tell Myself

I have a few Bible versus that I tell myself often, a lot of you have heard them as well.  However, it's been a rough week for the SLPS household.  Between sickness (and a very fussy Lallie on steroids), work and other issues, it's been just a little stressful.  Things are getting better though.  I've read my versus, but I also have these few little sayings that I've gathered off cards, blogs, emails etc. over the years.  Here are some of my favorites for your enjoyment!  Sorry to say, I don't know who or where any of these came.  And some of them aren't just for encouragement, some of them are little reminders, I hope to pass down to Lallie in the future.

"Don't sit around waiting for somebody else to make you happy.  Happy is a do-it-yourself kind of thing."

"Be true to yourself and what you want out of life.  Broken hearts heal, but broken dreams don't."

"Make your own choices, but don't forget, you're the one who will have to live with them."

"Take chances now and then, chance is just another way to say that life is waiting to open a door for you."

"Forgive others, and when you need to, forgive yourself.  See the good all around you even if you have to squint sometimes."

"Love who you are and know that you are loved.  Always, always, you are loved."

Have a great day!! One more 'til the weekend!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You've Got Answers, I've Got Questions!

You've got answers, I've got questions. Everyone seems to be doing the Q and A however asking the blogg"er" the questions and then they answer. Well, I'm the opposite, I've got the questions and I want YOU to answer. In the meantime, if you want to ask me a question...go for it, I'll answer in future posts! I look forward to your Q and A's!!!

1) Where is a great place to buy fantastic bed sheets with high threadcount for a reasonable price?

2) What cleaner do you use on your white Corian sink to keep it nice and white? I'm struggling with this.

3) Lallie's hair is so long compared to most kids her age. We love it and will never cut it! Ever! But, I'd love some great ideas of something to put in her hair besides just ribbons and bows. Know of any great tutorials or etsy shops?

4) I really want to go back to wearing some of my closed toe heels and pumps now that my hip is feeling a little better, but I can't walk in them, my feet slide and my toes crunch. What insert do you all recommend? (like I assume Dr. Scholl's foot pads? - I don't know the name).

5) What Twitter texting app do you use for you Blackberry?

6) What pens do you use for your Mom Agenda? I don't like the ones I bought at all! Need something bright!

7) I'm going to be starting the Couch to 5K soon. First I need a jogging stroller. Any suggestions for your runners with kids?

8) In regards to running, running shoes???

9) I need a GREAT website or cookbook for easy crock-pot meals. Lallie n
eeds to eat more veggies, we need to eat healthier, but as a working mom, I just don't have time for full meals and we need to spice things up.

10) Under the eye dark spots. My mom let me try some Oil of Olay regenerative eye cream for the daytime the other day, it worked great, for the one day. But, before I go out and buy, any other possible recommendations or reviews of the Oil of Olay?

11) What is your absolute "must read" of the season? Lately, I've read, Overnight Socialite, reading The Help, American Wife, loads of others!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our weekend in the Keys

We had a wonderful trip to the Keys despite Lallie becoming ill and us having to leave slightly early. She was a trooper the whole weekend, had lots of fun and then Sunday, she just seemed to get worse, so we went ahead and left. However, here are pictures from some of the things we did while we were there (lots of pictures as don't forget, we have out-of-town family and friends who love to see pictures!)

This is the night before we left. Just thought it was cute seeing Grandma and Lallie working on their laptops together.

I just love Lallie's new pink and green hat with her initial and green/pink grosgrain bow on the back. She loves it too! My mom and I with our fruity drinks from the Islamorada Fish Company. We also at at the Fish House in Key Largo, the Green Turtle among various other places. Yummm!! The only thing we missed are oysters. Nothing beats the oysters in Apalachicola! (By the way, That Place on 98 in Port St. Joe, closed! :( So sad. They still have there place in town though).

I love this picture of Lallie, though she looks a little upset that I'm taking yet another picture (and she was not feeling very well) ! Isn't she cute in her little Lilly dress. Dolphin watching with Daddy at the Dolphin Research Center.

Now, onto sailing on my dad's new sailboat. It's a smaller boat with three sails, without a cabin that he had made in England. It's beautiful. I hadn't sailed since my parents had a bigger boat on Kentucky Lake when I was a kid, so this was lots of fun, and Husband's first time sailing. Please forgive my appearance, I look awful (that's Husband's sweatshirt so it was a little big)!

My dad the captain!
Here are som other pictures from the trip. Lallie loves to have her picture taken in a group of people while one person is holding the camera. It's the ONLY time she'll actually look at the camera and not sideways while saying "cheese" like in the picture with the cute blue table. We had lots of fun and can't wait to go back soon!


Good morning y'all! A few months ago, I hosted a book swap and it turned out to be a great success! Jo over at Bees and Fleur de Lis and I are teaming up to do another book swap.

Here's how it works. Post a comment here OR over at Bees and Fleur de Lis with your email address (please don't forget your email!)
Only post your comment on one OR the other's blog, as to not confuse us!

The closing for entry into this swap is next Sunday at midnight (January 24th). On Monday, Jo and I will compile all the names and assign partners.

You are to contact your partner, discuss which titles you have and would like to swap and then between the two of you, decide how many books to swap.

For example, Jo and I were partners last time and we swaped five books!

Now, for shipping, don't forget to ship via Media Mail. It's extremely cheap, so I think I got my five books for a total of $4.00!!

So, who's in???

Friday, January 15, 2010

Islamorada Weekend

Today, we're headed to Islamorada, Florida down in the Florida Keys for the weekend with my parents. Husband and I have lived in South Florida for almost 9 years and have yet to visit the Keys. Sad I know but hey, "when you live somewhere, you never go anywhere."(picture courtesy of

My parents brought down their new sailboat that they had custom made and shipped from England. We're hoping to get it out on the water on Saturday. If not, there's always the tarpon feeding, the dolphin petting and other fun attractions. Not to mention the relaxation and great eating (including the International Fish Company).
(picture courtesy of

I'm not 100% sure where we're staying yet. My dad made the reservations. We are super excited and look forward to a fun weekend. I'll post pics as soon as we get back!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend Update!

I just realized that I never did post about our past weekend! Sorry out-of-town family! (Notice how I'm going turquoise, after my post about the new Lilly bedding. I think I like turquoise now!)

Friday started out with a shopping trip to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall with Petunia in Paradise. We shopped for hours, lunched at California Pizza Kitchen and laughed 'til we dropped.
With Petunia's fabulous style help, I purchased a new pair of J Brand skinny jeans in a dark blue wash and a pair of black leather Tory Burch shoes with silver medallion. I also picked up some Juicy lounge pants on sale for 40% off, and in my size, shocking! I'm only showing my bottom half because I look horrible in this picture!
Saturday, we didn't do much, but later in the day, we went to visit our friends Mike and Rachel and their two kids. We had our annual Christmas exchange with them and Lallie received a new baby doll and carrying seat. She loves it and sleeps with the baby doll (in addition to bear, pillow, nana 1, nana 2, giraffe, baby 2 and star the bear). Lallie's friends loved their gifts too! Rachel served chili as it was freezing cold that night and Mike and Husband made a beer brew in the garage. It was a fun night!

I can't believe all three kids are looking at the camera, especially during hot dog and mac/cheese time! They're usually chowing down!
Best buds (excuse my picture, I was obviously uproaring about something! LOL!)

Sunday, we headed off to Church in the freezing cold! I just had to wear my new TB's so my feet completely froze off. Seriously, my toes were blue! Lallie was too cute in her Tommy Hilfiger dress and Pottery Barn sweater with pigtails. I love pigtails!!

Later that day, an old friend that had recently divorced from him wife came over for the afternoon and dinner. His ex-wife had his two girls that week, so he had a good time being with old friends. We really did a lot of catching up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lilly P. and Garnett Hill

I know, I know! I have so many other things to talk about but I couldn't resist posting about Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill teaming up to make absolutely gorgeous bedding!!

Have you seen it yet? If not, you must run over to Garnet Hill and check out these lovely pieces. I think I might switch from my staple pink/green combo and change to turquoise/pink. Seiously, have you ever seen a turquoise color more beautiful!
I am loving these green sheets! Maybe I'll be turquoise/green now. I just don't know, so many options!

I do know one thing, as soon as I can re-do the upstairs guest/Lallie bathroom, I think I'll be going with these bathroom staples. The bathroom is currently palm tree decorated, perfect for those who come visit since we're in Florida, but it's dark green, gold and brown - ick, ick, ick. So how about these!


Good morning ladies:
Chella Skin Care saw my review for the Morning Crema and liked it so much, that they are giving all my readers a 20% off discount code! Ladies, this is huge, so please do not miss out on this opportunity! This means the Morning Crema that I love, can be yours for $70.40!!
Enter "southerngirl" when you check out for your discount.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 - Face: Chella Skin Care

Over the last several months, I have been trying out several facial cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliating products. For most of these products, the jury is still out. I don't believe in posting about something that either a) isn't working for me or b) in which I have yet to see results. I don't think it's fair to my readers to try something in which I haven't used myself long enough to provide decent criticisms. So everything you see reviewed on my blog, has been used by me for several months, if not longer.

In order to provide such criticisms, I try not to change products at the same time (especially the face). After all, it's difficult to see what is working, or vice versa, if you change all at once. So, I don't change cleaner and moisturizer at the same time. Got it??? Okay, here we go!

I have ONE product I will review today.

I started using this about 10 weeks ago that I absolutely LOVE it! Yes, it is on the expensive side ($88.00) but two weeks after I started using it, I saw a difference in the lines between my brows and at the edges of my lips. They are non-existent! In addition, people actually started complimenting me on my healthy skin by saying "your skin is glowing, it just looks radiant." Some of my closer friends said "you're doing something different, your skin looks brighter, redness doesn't seem to be apparent anymore." I even had one complete stranger ask me what I use because "my skin looked so clear and healthy." Ladies, I didn't change anything in my regimen except I started using this:

Chella Morning Crema (anti-aging formula), Matte Finish Hydrator with UVB/UVA protectant of SPF 25. The first thing that sold me on it was the SPF 25. I work in a job where I am out walking around real estate sites quite often (including on roofs - the absolute WORST place for a fair skinned person). I NEED SPF desperately.

Next, came the anti-aging peptides. Since I turned 32, I've started noticing little things that I'd rather stop in their paths, immediately if not sooner! The two areas in which I was concerned, and discussed earlier....gone! Of course, if I squint or frown as I often do when I'm thinking, they appear, but they disappear upon my frown being turned upside-down. Lastly, the glow. My skin really does look and feel healthier. My skin isn't flaky, the right amount of moisture is going where needed without causing oily spots. It doesn't gunk up my pores like some moisturizers can do and my face never feels dry. Some moisturizers can absorb immediately and a few minutes later, it feels like someone has pinned your face back, causing tightness. This does not happen with Chella.

For those of you worried about the cost. I was too, at first. I have never spent more than $20.00 for a facial product before however, I am absolutely sold on this crema and am willing to set aside the budget dollars necessary per quarter, or so, to purchase it.

I now how have the Chella Enzyme Formula Exfoliating Crema Mask with Lactic Acid and Sugar Cane. They recommend use once per week and I tried it out last night for the first time. I'll tell you, I could really feel this stuff working! It tingled a little and I will warn you, it doesn't have the best smell, but if it works, hey, it's for me! I'll review after a few months of use.

(As a disclaimer: I was not paid to write these reviews.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Anne of Green Gables

I apologize for being so behind in my product review! It's been a crazy few days at work. I have lots to catch up on in blogland: snuggie pics from Christmas, days 3-5 of product review, Lallie excitement, but as I do not have my camera, I will blog about one of my all time favorite books and movies, Anne of Green Gables (click on the link to go to an unbelievable website).My mom and I watched the entire series over and over again when I was a kid / teenager. Then we watched all seven seasons of Road to Avonlea, which was about the same town with an entirely different cast of characters.

(Picture of Road to Avonlea cast)
I haven't seen the movie in years and last Christmas, Ashleigh, Lallie's Godmother, bought Lallie the book to start her classic book collection with an inscription. I read the book, went the library, got the second book and my love affair with Anne began again. This Christmas, my mom bought me the entire 4 dvd set of the movies!! I have been watching non-stop (much to my husband's dismay). The Continuing Story wasn't made until 2000, which I haven't seen but am anxious to complete it this weekend (Husband will be thrilled). There is also many other movies, I have now discovered that I am anxious to continue as well, in time.

What is it about Anne? Her unfailing ability to have a postive outlook on life? Her lack of self-control and flaring temper, getting her into all sorts of amuzing trouble? Maybe it's her love journey and her struggles between career, love and feeling she isn't worthy of love? Or maybe it's her uncanny ability to find and secure a "bosom friend" with whom her bond is so unbelievably strong (so difficult to come by these days)? I don't know, but the entire character just enthralls me. Did you know that Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author, was much like Anne herself? Ms. Montgmery had an amazing imagination, the wish to find the "kindred spirit" in everyone. I would have liked to have know her in real life.

My other favorite character, the adorable Gilbert Blythe. The love/hate relationship between Anne and Gilbert just tugs at your heartstrings, wondering if they are ever going to end up together. Reminds me so much of the timeless Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, except Gilbert is quite a bit more open with his emotions. Of course, it doesn't help that Gilbert is played by a dashingly handsome young man in the movies.

I find myself laughing, crying and quarreling throughout the entire books and movies. I love them and highly recommend. The movies are suprisingly accurate, thus the 10 hours of movie time and I know you will love the books and movies. I am looking forward to the day when Lallie and I can watch these together. Anne has a lot to teach, and we have a lot to learn.

Now, I want to buy the Avonlea series. Hmmm, it's $480 for all seven seasons. I think I'll get it a season at a time. Or maybe netflix?