Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend Update!

I just realized that I never did post about our past weekend! Sorry out-of-town family! (Notice how I'm going turquoise, after my post about the new Lilly bedding. I think I like turquoise now!)

Friday started out with a shopping trip to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall with Petunia in Paradise. We shopped for hours, lunched at California Pizza Kitchen and laughed 'til we dropped.
With Petunia's fabulous style help, I purchased a new pair of J Brand skinny jeans in a dark blue wash and a pair of black leather Tory Burch shoes with silver medallion. I also picked up some Juicy lounge pants on sale for 40% off, and in my size, shocking! I'm only showing my bottom half because I look horrible in this picture!
Saturday, we didn't do much, but later in the day, we went to visit our friends Mike and Rachel and their two kids. We had our annual Christmas exchange with them and Lallie received a new baby doll and carrying seat. She loves it and sleeps with the baby doll (in addition to bear, pillow, nana 1, nana 2, giraffe, baby 2 and star the bear). Lallie's friends loved their gifts too! Rachel served chili as it was freezing cold that night and Mike and Husband made a beer brew in the garage. It was a fun night!

I can't believe all three kids are looking at the camera, especially during hot dog and mac/cheese time! They're usually chowing down!
Best buds (excuse my picture, I was obviously uproaring about something! LOL!)

Sunday, we headed off to Church in the freezing cold! I just had to wear my new TB's so my feet completely froze off. Seriously, my toes were blue! Lallie was too cute in her Tommy Hilfiger dress and Pottery Barn sweater with pigtails. I love pigtails!!

Later that day, an old friend that had recently divorced from him wife came over for the afternoon and dinner. His ex-wife had his two girls that week, so he had a good time being with old friends. We really did a lot of catching up.


  1. Love your new TB's and that's such a cute photo of you and Lallie (with the pigtails)!

  2. oh, how I love and miss the Gardens Mall. Great finds. Have I mentioned how darn cute that Lallie is?

  3. I love those shoes and jeans, too cute!

  4. I love love the skinny jeans and cute flats!

  5. I love the jeans! Don't you adore your revas?! I am looking to purchase a new pair soon!

  6. Love it! Still crying over some Revas I let get away earlier this week! :-) XOXO