Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Snuggie Love !!!

It seems like everyone in the family received a Snuggie for Christmas. Here's my mom and I with ours.My mom-in-law, Husband's cousin Lynsey and I in our Snuggies. Lynsey received hers from the family yankee swap and she desperately wanted that zebra Snuggie (she's so cute in it too!)
I had to throw this picture into this post. My dad received a beer brewing kit for Christmas and here he is bottling the beer! It will be a few weeks before it's ready to drink, but he sure had fun making it!


  1. I made my mom take my snuggie back because I want the zebra one and she knew that and bought me the pink one anyways. I think I am a little spoiled.

  2. My girls both asked for snuggies...they are too funny!

    Great pictures of great memories!

  3. I love it!! We are a good lookin' group!

  4. We love our Snuggie too. Y'all look awesome!