Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lallie Update

I still have nothing for you, picture wise from Lallie-world but, I can at least tell you what's going on!

Lallie is growing like a little weed and she's a little sasser too, I might add.  Miss Janice will be thrilled to hear that when Little Miss Lallie is asked a yes/no question, she responds "yes" with a long drawn out middle and a very decisive "s" on the end.  Quite proper for a southern belle in the making!  Husband and I often ask her questions just so we can hear that sweet little "yes" sound.  Of course, we heard the word "no" for so long that any version of "yes" is wonderful to us!

Lallie has also become a back-seat driver in the car She tells me to "be careful" quite often (thanks for the reminder honey) and whenever we go over this bump in the road at a certain intersection, she laughs and goes "whoa, that's fast mommy!"

For some reason, she has started calling Daddy, "Momdy".  It's really funny, but Husband doesn't like it at all and won't respond to her until she says his name properly.  Last night, I was trying to get Husband's attention by calling out his name, to which Lallie repeated me and starting calling his name too.  Except it came out "Doo, Doo."  LOL!!!  This is very funny!  Husband thinks, notsomuch!

Her favorite new activity at school is the jungle gym.  She performed for me yesterday, 15 times, showing me how she can climb and jump down off of the gym.  This is a feat considering she is half the size of the typical 2.5 year old.  She's only 23 lbs and about 32" tall.  She's tiny, so that ground is FAR away. But, gotta let them go.  She just wants to be able to climb like her friends.  Uncle Chris and Grandpa Geezer would definately be proud (they both climb rocks for a thrill!)

On the downside of her getting older, she's starting to understand what it's like when our loved ones come for a visit and then have to leave.  My mom and dad left on Tuesday morning and every day this week I've picked her up from school and she's had such excitement because she gets to go home and see "Grandma and Geezer."  When I've explained that they're not at our home, but they went back to their home, big tears occur.  This happened with Granny and Grandaddy too over Christmas.  This is the sad part of living in Florida, so far from them.  But, it's a fact of life and we'll deal.

So for those family members who think Lallie doesn't remember them, you're wrong.  She loves  you and misses you lots and the grandparents are the recipient of choice whenever she plays house and calls people on the phone.  Of course, Hutch, her current boyfriend is first on the list of callers, but grandma and granny run a close 2nd!  (It's kind of scary.  When I picked up Lallie the other day, she and Hutch were awfully cozy at their own table sharing a snack.  I need to have a talk with Hutch's mother!)

Ta ta for now!


  1. How sweet! Hope you're having a great day! There's a surprise for you on my blog - check it out and then contact me! :-) XOXO

  2. That is too cute! Thank you for sharing. I am a new reader to your blog.. loving it so far :)