Monday, January 18, 2010

Our weekend in the Keys

We had a wonderful trip to the Keys despite Lallie becoming ill and us having to leave slightly early. She was a trooper the whole weekend, had lots of fun and then Sunday, she just seemed to get worse, so we went ahead and left. However, here are pictures from some of the things we did while we were there (lots of pictures as don't forget, we have out-of-town family and friends who love to see pictures!)

This is the night before we left. Just thought it was cute seeing Grandma and Lallie working on their laptops together.

I just love Lallie's new pink and green hat with her initial and green/pink grosgrain bow on the back. She loves it too! My mom and I with our fruity drinks from the Islamorada Fish Company. We also at at the Fish House in Key Largo, the Green Turtle among various other places. Yummm!! The only thing we missed are oysters. Nothing beats the oysters in Apalachicola! (By the way, That Place on 98 in Port St. Joe, closed! :( So sad. They still have there place in town though).

I love this picture of Lallie, though she looks a little upset that I'm taking yet another picture (and she was not feeling very well) ! Isn't she cute in her little Lilly dress. Dolphin watching with Daddy at the Dolphin Research Center.

Now, onto sailing on my dad's new sailboat. It's a smaller boat with three sails, without a cabin that he had made in England. It's beautiful. I hadn't sailed since my parents had a bigger boat on Kentucky Lake when I was a kid, so this was lots of fun, and Husband's first time sailing. Please forgive my appearance, I look awful (that's Husband's sweatshirt so it was a little big)!

My dad the captain!
Here are som other pictures from the trip. Lallie loves to have her picture taken in a group of people while one person is holding the camera. It's the ONLY time she'll actually look at the camera and not sideways while saying "cheese" like in the picture with the cute blue table. We had lots of fun and can't wait to go back soon!


  1. I miss the Keys. My parents moved out of there a few years ago. Sad! My grandmother lived there for most of her adult life so I went down at least twice a year, sometimes more until the past few years. Love love love it there. Your post brings back Theater of the Sea still open?

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip! Just found your blog via Tickled Pink & Green. I will definitely follow along!