Thursday, July 29, 2010

Next Week!

Where have I been?

(1) Cleaning from Lallie's birthday party

(2) Enjoying my Mother In Law's visit to Florida

(3) Preparing for a trip to Tampa starting tomorrow with Petunia and Paradise to meet some very special blogger / twitter girlfriends.

(4) AND.....preparing for a VERY special five-day series of posts for next week!!!  Trust me, you are not going to want to miss any of these as all posts will be about one key and special brand in the preppy world and will end in a very special contest on Friday.  It's going to be a difficult task, this contest, so you're going to want to pay attention!!! 

Are you curious???

Trust me, you are going to LOVE IT!!!

Happy Weekend Y'all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lallie's Birthday Party - Take 2

For those of you who asked, HERE is a tutorial on pom-pom making! 

 Now, for the rest of the party!  (Again, picture overload!)

At any given moment, there were probably 15 people/kids in the pool having a blast!  That's how we managed to have a party and keep everyone cool without being cooped up indoors!

Our neighbors came, Granny was able to fly down, Lallie's "stand-in grandparents" as we call them came over, Lallie's Godparents and kids were there, several of Lallie's school friends (who also happen to be Junior League mommies) were there.  We had 20 adults and 10 kids!  Wowser!

It was fun though.  We haven't had a gathering our our house since we moved here in July 2009, so it was high time for a bash at the SLPS household!

We had a slip-n-slide and bounce house in the yard.

Merritt, the youngest of the group, was just having the time of his life with all the older kids.  He was fascinated by the slip-n-slide.

Chow time.  Hot dogs for everyone!  Man, those kiddos were hungry!
For the adults, we served burgers and BBQ chicken, or plain depending on how the guests like it.  We also had Asian slaw, a salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and taco dip for an appetizer.  I completely forgot about watermelon!  Though I dislike it much, I do think it's a summer BBQ staple!  I also forgot the mac-n-cheese for the kids.  So here, you see them eating shredded cheese to disguise the baked beans.
Not sure if it worked.

Cupcake time!!!!  (I made the mistake of yelling this to all the kids.  No...don't do this, you will have lots of little fingers in the cupcake icing.  It was so cute though).

Ahhh present time.  All the kids joinedin to help Lallie open her presents.  She received TONS of Barbie stuff, a fun Barbie tent, clothes, PJ's and bathing suits!  And of course, from mommy, she received lots of LUSH bubble bath and bath bombs (which she has been told she has to share with mommy!)
Unfortunately, Grandma and Geezer couldn't make it down but they were here a few weeks ago.  So here's Grandma teaching Lallie how to paint (my mom is a very talented water color artist).  Geezer and Grandma got her a remote control car.  She was scared of it at first but now she zips it all over the house chasing and tormenting the dog.

And, last but not least, here she is enjoying her newest movie, The Princess and the Frog from her new Princess Tent House.  What a way to close out the birthday celebration.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lallie's Birthday Bash!

I was going to save this for Pink and Green Thursday, but I knew y'all just couldn't wait.  

Okay, I couldn't wait!

Beware, this will be picture overload!

First the decorations!  I made all the pom easy!  Someone tried to sell me five for $20 on Etsy.  No thanks!

The kiddo guest gifts were green tin buckets from Target in the dollar section filled with pink and green vanilla suckers made by yours truly, LUSH bath bombs (blue robots for boys, pink flower balls for girls), cars for the boys and lip gloss and pink jewelry for the girls!

Beautiful flowers Husband bought me for doing such a good job with the party and food planning.  Put them at the front door with Lallie's one year old and two year old pictures!

Fresh squeezed lemonde made by Husband, ice water and a wrapping paper covered box of wine (don't laugh, we love the box wine.....hee hee, just kidding!)  It's wrapped because beautiful lemonade, waterford crystal water pitcher....then box of wine.
So we wrapped it!
The lemonade canister was on sale for $1.00 at Wal-Mart!  Shoparoonee!!

Cupcakes made by my friend, Niki!  Super, super yum.  Pineapple and coconut cream cheese (mouth watering!)  Pink icing for the ones for the kids (plain vanilla).

Niki hand made cupcake holders and then pinned little mermaid and lilly paper buttons to them.

Ah, the birthday girl herself in a pink and green outfit my mom bought her.

Yay!!!  The friends have arrived!!!

Lallie in her Lilly!

Turner, Merritt and Lallie all in Lilly!  Are they not the cutest????  :-)

More to come tomorrow!!
Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Mix - Up Featuring CANDY!!!

But before I get to the good stuff, y'all know I have to put in a plug about the newest dresses at my Etsy shop.

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I now have FOOTBALL GAME DAY DRESSES!  That's right, Florida State University and University of Florida fans, come get your dresses.

Maybe you're a Kentucky fan like me, or LSU or Auburn....whatever you like, I can make, in any size!  Even pro-football dresses!


Also, don't forget to enter my "you know what" for CURRENT followers! 

It ends today!


Husband has been ravaging the candy bowl at his office lately and brining Lallie home these yummy goodies.

Do you remember Bottle Caps.  Yummy!  Here's some other "old" candy that I remember.  Really, candy cigarettes?  I would DIE is my daughter came home with these - are they outlawed yet???

What candy do you remember from your era?

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday - My Trip to C. Orrico

 So, I've lived in the Palm Beach area for 9 years and I have YET to visit the original C. Orrico shop in Palm Beach.  Now, I have been to their location that is open seasonally closer north to wear I live but have never made the trek to downtown Palm Beach.

I take that back, I've been there (to Palm Beach)....I've just never been to C. Orrico down there.

Well, today is MY lucky day!  I have to be in Palm Beach for meetings today and luckily, I will be TWO blocks from my FAVORITE store, that I've NEVER been to!  I get to visit these lovely ladies (picture courtesey of their website), well I met Kathie this past November when they opened their seasonal shop - simply delightful!  Hmmmm.... I wonder if Lilly herself will stop by while I'm there - I can only hope! appropriate that on Pink & Green Thursday, I get to surround myself with such pink & green goodness that it's almost overwhelming!

Unfortunately, and it's a BIG unfortunate, I will not be wearing my Lilly today :(  Because of the type of meetings I have to attend, I must be on the more conservative color side.  I actually did consider taking a separate dress to wear to the store!  Ha!

I am super excited to browse their selection of Lilly, Tibi, Milly, Gretchen Scott, Nanette Lepore, Vineyard Vines and more!  They have everything the preppy girl could possibly want!

I can't wait to come home adorning my very own pink and white C. Orrico bag with emerald grosgrain handles!

So, C. Orrico - Kathie, Casey and Colleen, I will be there this afternoon as a North of Palm Beacher (I can't say I'm a REAL Palm Beacher, I'd have to be Donald Trump), nevertheless I am Coming to Play!!  Yay!!

You can visit C. Orrico at, don't forget to visit their Sale Shack and you can visit their blog at

Become a facebook fan as for every new 50 followers, they will pick a random follwer for a free gift certificate!  How could beat that! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day of Mis-Match

This was my inspiration for today's blog.

Today is Mis-match day at school.  The kids are to show up all mixed up in their clothing choices.  I was able to get a little creative with Lallie's hair without a fuss, but for the shoes.....forget it, they HAD to be matching colors.  I have the same shoe in multiple colors, but she just wasn't having it.
So today is just going to be a hodge podge of things to discuss!

A friend and I are hosting a baby shower on Friday.  We are in full on planning and decorating mode.  I have been making these guest take-home gifts and they are super easy, as gifts or for your own use!

Just mix all these ingredients together:

2 cups Epsom Salt
1/2 cup Sea Salt
1 cup baby oil (unscented - they have it at Target)
4-6 drops of scented oil (I used honey, but you can use peppermint, lavendar)
2-3 drops of food coloring (which I didn't use, because I like natural)

And there you have it!  Easy!

I just bought these little plastic food jars in the dollar section at Target (six for a dollar).  Filled them, wrapped them with a ribbon to stay tight.  Added in a little instruction saying as to what it's for, placed in plastic wrap and tied it with ribbon and added a little saying that said "thanks for coming to Hilary's baby shower."  
Great for around the house for drop by visitors as well.


Next up on Mis-Match Day is my quest for pink jelly beans.

I have a vision of my Waterford Crystal pitcher filled with pink jelly beans with the neck wrapped in a green ribbon with pink and green dyed daises as a centerpiece for the food table at Lallie's third birthday party.

And you know how it is: when you have a vision, you have a vision and you don't want to sway from it.
No, I don't want marbles. 
No, I don't want pink and green Starburst candies.
No, I don't want to stuff pink fabric down in the picture.
I want Jelly Beans gosh darnit.
But, it's not going to work out.

I don't have the time, money or patience to fish hundreds of pink jelly beans out of bags of multi-colored ones to make this work.  No, I don't have a Super Target, Whole Foods or Fresh Market within a reasonable distance. 
Her party is still going to be great though!


I love stationary, note cards, note pads, sticky notes, non-sticky notes etc., etc., etc.
But what I love even more is what to use when writing on such stationary and note cards with fine point permanent markers.

In my quest for perfect and pretty markers, I found these:

Bic Mark-It Fine Point Permanent Ink Markers.
I love them and everyone that gets a package from me will have their name written brightly across the top with the return address in a totally different, but bright color.  The card inside will be written with one of these pens and to top it off, the package is usually wrapped in some sort of pink or green tape (this week - it's green dots!).  I love to imagine someone's eyes when they open their door or mailbox and see a beautiful pink and green package waiting for them.  It's just fun!

That's all I have for today! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good morning Y'all.

We had a great weekend at the SLPS household.

We cleaned out the garage, with the help of little Lallie!

We went shopping!  (My Lallie is a future Lilly shopper!)

We went to Toys R Us to pick up some presents for Lallie's party next weekend!  We ran into the Barbie section that has Barbie from years past.  I had this Rock Star Barbie (though they extra outfit is a new accessory, I don't remember the thigh high boots, do you?)

Also, bought Lallie a new lunchbag for school.  She loves it, I wonder why?  ;)

Of course, we spent some time in the pool.  I had my toenails painted shimmery dark green.  I liked it alot until I put on my Lilly for church.  Yeah....doesn't look so good.  Promptly going to get a new color.

We also had our good friends, Mike and Rachel over for a grill out on Saturday.  These kiddos are getting so big!!  I remember holding little Lauren and Aidan on their birthdays!  So big!

And, what's a weekend without a little crafting?
I made this courtesy of Fly Through Our Window.  I love it because I made it to specifically match our kitchen!  And it works great!

Stay tuned for Menu Planning Monday and don't forget to look at my "you know what!"  It ends on Friday!

Happy Monday Y'all!