Friday, July 16, 2010

Makeup & Lallie's Invisible Friend

Happy Friday Y'all!

Today, I was sitting in the bathroom putting on my makeup and thinking, this would make a good blog post.  Or so I decide.

I don't wear a lot of makeup.  Never have.  Especially when we moved to Florida where makeup literally melts off your face 6 months out of the year.  It's not pleasant.

I also don't wear expensive makeup....there I admitted it.  I've tried it and I just don't see the difference (note, I am talking makup, not skincare).

Here's what I use:
Foundation - Clinique SPF 25 City Block
Powder - Cover Girl Oil Control
Blush - Cover Girl (one of those 3-n-1 pallets in pink for summer - corals in fall)
Mascara - I go back and forth on this like most women, in pursuit of the perfect mascara, but I always go back to Maybelliene's Great Lash (which they just came out with a BIG version).

That's it!  Now for special occasions and pictures, I'll break out my Estee Lauder shadows and eye liners, but that is rare.  I just like the more natural look.

Now....there ARE a few things I CANNOT live without with regards to makeup.

1.  Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray - you can find it HEREI have been using this for a few months now but didn't really notice much of and effect until this summer (and you know how I dislike to post about products I haven't used for some time).  This stuff ROCKS!  My makeup stays in place all day long, whether I sweat, touch my face, whatever.  A must have for any makeup drawer!


2.  Avon's Reversalist Illuminating Eye Care System.  - Get it HERE.  Okay, I'll admit I love this stuff!  It is the best eyecream.  But this is not about skincare.  What I like is the top little tap opens up to reveal Sheer Veil.  This is a brightening agent to go underneath your eyes.  It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Removes the blue, removes the tired and draws people into your eyes....honestly, I feel like I look like I'm "hopped up on something."  Your eyes just look so alive!

3)  Lastly - Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Wipes.  Get them at any CVS (a little plug because y'all know how much I love my CVS!  I'm there at least 3x's a week!)
These are a must for your purse.  In conjunction with the Makeup Finishing Spray, I look oil-free with makeup placed all day long.


Lallie has been talking about a tiger that is in her bathtub, bed, playroom, whereever for a while now.  She was scared of the tiger at first and would all the sudden "see" it and then immediately want out of the tub with big tears. 

Over time, we've been talking about tiger being a good tiger with fuzzy kitty cat hair that loves to be petted and loves Lallie.  Just to keep her calm about tiger.

Well, it's confirmed.  Tiger is now an imaginary friend. 

Tiger goes with Lallie wherever she goes.  Tiger is at school, Tiger is in the tub, Tiger is in her room sleeping with her.

This morning, Lallie woke and said that we can't take the crib out of her room (she's in big girl bed now), because Tiger sleeps in the crib.  When he gets scared, he jumps into Lallie's bed and she hugs him and pets him and when he feels better, he gets back into his crib.

Tiger went to school with us this morning.  I had yogurt and cheerios for her breakfast, but only brought one spoon, which wasn't acceptable, because Tiger had to have a spoon too.  He had to have a chair as well.

Hmmm....I wonder how many accomadations we're going to have to start making for Tiger.  I'm thinking the crib is coming out of her room, like tomorrow, before Tiger gets too used to it and we have a crib in her room until she's ten years old!

Have a great weekend Y'all!

P.S. - I might have a giveaway later today....I've reached 300 followers, which means one of you might get a little something special.  Gee, I wonder what it will be?  Hmmmm.....


  1. Ha! I had an imaginary friend as a kid, but when I was around 6 or 7 we went to Washington, D.C. to visit my aunt and uncle and I decided that my friend was going to stay with them!

  2. My co-worker went through a similar situation with her daughter except instead of a tiger, it was Spider Steve. If you'd like me to ask her how they finally rid themselves of "spider steve", just let me know.

  3. I just found your blog from Follow Friday and absolutely love it! I cannot wait to try the makeup finishing spray, the Virginia humidity melts my makeup right off. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved hearing all about your makeup choices! This cosmetics addict could write a book....and you're so right, expensive doesn't necessarily make it better. :-)
    Your DD is just too cute. XOXO

  5. I have never found a mascara that I like better than Maybelline either. I have tried expensive ones, and other drug store brands and I always come back to Maybelline. But why haven't you told me about this finishing spray sooner? Hello?

  6. Maybe tiger can be your giveaway.
    Has Lallie ever read or seen Calvin and Hobbs? It might be concerning as a parent, but I think it's kind of cute. At least now she has a constant friend. This is a good thing, she'll be able to tackle anything with a tiger behind her.
    I rarely wear make up at all. I think most people would look at me odd if I showed up wearing it. I only wear it during the winter to add a little color to my cheeks. I can't wear eye make up of anykind (allergies).
    Most of the time I'm on the tennis court or at the barn riding and I don't think the horses would care either way if I was wearing mascara and eye liner.