Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Mix - Up Featuring CANDY!!!

But before I get to the good stuff, y'all know I have to put in a plug about the newest dresses at my Etsy shop.

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I now have FOOTBALL GAME DAY DRESSES!  That's right, Florida State University and University of Florida fans, come get your dresses.

Maybe you're a Kentucky fan like me, or LSU or Auburn....whatever you like, I can make, in any size!  Even pro-football dresses!


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Husband has been ravaging the candy bowl at his office lately and brining Lallie home these yummy goodies.

Do you remember Bottle Caps.  Yummy!  Here's some other "old" candy that I remember.  Really, candy cigarettes?  I would DIE is my daughter came home with these - are they outlawed yet???

What candy do you remember from your era?

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Gator dress is adorable!!!
    I used to love bottle caps. I haven't had a fun dip in forever.
    Fun post!

  2. Pop Rock came out when I was in 4th grade. They were all the rage! Love them still. Oh, Bottle Caps. YUM!

    I remember the big, long "Bubbs Daddy" - rope like looking gum! Sugar Babies, Charleston Chew, and Bubble Yum.

    Of course the cigarettes, too. Yes, they still exist. My son came home with some last summer. He and his friends bought some at the local candy store in our downtown. Nice.

    Fun post! :)

  3. OMG I am in love with the FSU dress!!!! So adorable!

  4. I love those little dresses!! I wish I had a little girl (or boy -- haha) to put them on!

  5. Love those dresses! Wish I had a little girl!

    There's a store near my old office that sells all those old candies! It's amazing!

  6. Those dresses are TOO cute. I wish there was a little girl in my life I could get a UCF one for!

  7. Such cute dresses! I would want a UNC Tarheel one if I had a little girl :)

  8. Pixie Stix... pure sugar in a straw. Nothing was better as a child than those.

  9. I loved Pop Rocks. Still do!! If I see them at the gas station, I still buy them. And I think your dresses are adorable! What a cute idea for little girls.