Tuesday, July 13, 2010

School & Some Things I'd Like to Try

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Everyone on Twitter is all abuzz about the start of school....already!  Yep, in just a few short weeks, it will all start over again!  So, are you thinking about Back To School wardrobe's yet? 

I mean for your pre-schooler that is!  Just wondering because the Southern Living: Preppy Style Etsy shop has these adorable back to school dresses!  Worried it might be too cold? (Which I really wouldn't worry with this heat wave)....but no worries.  You can put leggings under these, long or short tee shirts.  I do that with Lallie all the time.

Don't forget, I can custom make to fit your child in a fabric you like!

Both of these fit a size 2T as a dress or an older child as a long shirt.


Things I'd like to try

1)  Sprayology Allergease.  Ever heard of it or tried?  I've heard wonders.  I sneeze non-stop when I'm in my office which is weird.  No carpet, no animals, not dust, it's brand new!

2)  Shampowder:  The Oscar Blandi isn't doing it for me anymore, especially now that I'm a little darker.  The white powder isn't holding up.

3)  Teavana's Imperial Acai Blueberry White Tea and Peach Cran-Tango Black Tea - they just sound so relaxing, yet uplifting and I love a good fruit tea.  I've been drinking more tea in the office lately, since the British guy started working with me.

4)  LUSH Cosmetics Tea Tree Water facial toner.  My friend Ashleigh swears by this stuff.  Apparently it is just amazing!

5)  Last but not least - Thymes Facial Cleaner:  I've heard this stuff is just amazing.  Makes your face feel great without drying it out, but keeping oily spots away (and thus those pesky pimples!)

What are some things that you're really wanting to try?


  1. lov elove love me some pillowcase dresses!! My 13month old looks so precious in them...if we could only keep her from untying the ribbons!!! grr!!!

  2. I remember seeing that Sprayology stuff when I was there last. I would love to know if it works!

  3. I've never tried any of those, but would like to try a couple of them myself.
    Hey Jen, if I found some cute madras fabric, could you make on of those adorable little dresses for my Paigey? She's almost 8 years old, so that might be bigger than you would normally make. They are so cute.

  4. Awww- I love those dresses you make!

    I haven't tried the two you mention, but the Teavana teas I have gotten have all been good. I really like their Christmas blend.

  5. I love teavana. THose teas sound delightful! My papa is from England so I grew up having a daily cup of tea.

  6. I just love your blog :) I gave you an award today on mine :)

  7. Those little dresses are too cute! Love them.

  8. Ok.. so what on earth is Shampowder? I would love to try the Lush toner. Bet its great for the Florida humidity too.

  9. Oh how I'm loving those pillowcase dresses! Won't be long before GG is wearing those. They are too cute! I've emailed several times but for whatever reason I don't think they are making it to you. Let me know if you still want to do a giveaway with an item from your Etsy shop! Hope to hear from ya! Have a good one! Oh and the fabric you chose for the dress (abcs) so perfect for back to school!

  10. I love Teavana, I was just there yesterday and they had some really nice samples!

  11. Ohhhhh..... I love this post!! I just posted one on some items that I have fallen in LOVE with! They are on my new PUBLIC- yahoo blog:)

  12. I used to be a huge lush fan, but never tried that. I can't even think about back to school-ugh