Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday! - A Pink Photo Shoot

Welcome to another edition of Pink and Green Thursday!  Are you wearing your pink and green? 

I'm wearing pink (not green), but just for kicks, thought I'd show you my pink picture from yesterday.

Here's what I looked like walking into work.  My boss asked if I could possibly get any more
"Lilly-fied."  Of course, he didn't use that word exactly, he just said I looked very cheerful.

Today's pink and green post is going to be ALL pink!  Here's some of the pictures from our home photo shoot a few weeks ago (no I didn't wear Lilly, I know...shocking!).  We haven't seen all of the pictures yet, but so far....we're very happy! 


Have a great Thursday Y'all!


  1. love your family photo! ya'll are too cute!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Something to treasure :)

  3. Beautiful family photos! Omg I am dying over that first picture...all your Lilly is so FABULOUS!!

  4. That is a great family shot. I love you got the dog in the photo

  5. What a beautiful family. I love all the photos. The one of Lallie holding the flower is just precious. She looks like such a happy little girl.

    I love Pink and Green Thursday. So much fun!

    BTW...awesome Lilly outfit! :)

  6. Love these images! Oh, and I love the new blog header too. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, Love these pictures! What an adorable little family!