Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Well, I know it's not Monday, but I took a day off yesterday, so you're getting the meal planning today!

Recently, I posted a blog about my dislike of cooking.  I guess it's not that I dislike cooking, because I don't, if I know what I'm doing, that is!  I just have a mental block against preparing quick, easy, healthy, yet filling meals without taking hours to cook.  Even worse, it's impossible for me to get all items done at the same time.  I love to read and collect recipes and even more, I love to eat, so what to do, what to do???

Well, I received TONS of great comments and emails from my followers about how to combat this issue.  I was pointed to a great blog called Pocket Full of Posies.  These two sisters have devised a wonderful meal planning program called "the Pocket System", which I instantly snatched up and started planning!

Since this is working out so well, I contacted Pocket Full of Posies and asked if I could do a month long blog review and they were completely up for it!  So, if you have this plan, or plan to purchase it.  Come along and cook with me!  Visit the Pocket Full of Posies blog for details as full recipes will not be posted here (as to be fair to the mom-peneur!)

Here's how this will work:

Monday - Announce cooking plan and complete shopping
Monday through Friday - cook, cook, cook
The following Monday - review the recipes including cost of ingredients, likes and dislikes and substitues we made.  Also on Monday, post the next week's planned recipes.

So, this week, I have planned:

Monday:  Mexican Taco Salad
Tuesday:  Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad
Wednesday:  Cashew Chicken
Thrusday:  Night Off (eat out or leftovers)
Friday night:  Pizza Calzone
Saturday Night:  Salmon with Cucumber Sauce

Come along and cook with me!  I'm confident I can do this, you can too!

Happy Tuesday Y'all! (I'm almost typed Monday!)



  1. They ALL sound great, I get sick of cooking!

  2. Really cute idea. Thanks for sharing. Your week sounds yummy :) PS, i posted another giveaway today. Come check it out!

  3. Clever idea!
    I have a blog that I use for my menu planning. It really helps in organization and shopping at the market.

    Love the new look!


  4. I'm in! I can't decide what recipes to buy though. Might just buy them all. I'll never have to come up with an original idea again. I don't mind cooking, I love it in fact, I just have trouble coming up with a menu. I just want someone to tell me what to cook and I'll do it.