Friday, July 9, 2010

Five Question Friday & a Wish List

Good morning Y'all!  I don't know about you but I am so ready for the weekend.  I have just not been able to wake up all week and haven't slept well at all. 

We have two baby showers this weekend too, one about an hour north of here for a friend we've known for years.  The whole family is invited!  Yay!  The second one is for my adorable friend Loren who requested John Deere dresses from me a while back, so I made her a little JD gift package (don't worry, she doesn't read my blog!)

Aren't they cute????  Want one - visit me on Etsy!
I purchased the mini John Deere boots HERE.

This week I am participating in Five Question Friday hosted by Five Crooked Halos.  Don't you just love that name.  So right, isn't it!  "Crooked Halos"

Here are the questions this week:

1.  What is one food you could eat every day? 
Wow, this is a tough one for me because I'm a very versatile eater.  I guess I would have to say pasta.  I love pasta of any shape, sort, size, flavor with or without any type of sauce.  Love it!

2.  Are you working the career you thought you would be when you were 18? 
Ummmm, that is a BIG NO!  I never thought I would be in real estate, commercial at that matter.  When I was 18, I was in college, majoring in psychology, thinking I wanted to be a music therapist.  That quickly changed after the psycology professor kept giving us multiple choice questions and I kept failing exams.  Seriously ya'll, human nature canNOT be downsized into four multiple choice answers.  It's just not ever going to be that way.  Anyways, I then decided to become a chemistry major.  Hmmmm....calculus and I don't mix.  So, I decided to be a philosophy major (which I ended up with a minor since I didn't start until my junior year).  My major was applied music.

And now, I'm in commercial real estate asset management.
Hey - at least I learned to think!

3.  What is something you wished you had done when you were younger and didn't? 
I won't answer this question or even consider it.  Because if I changed anything about my life before, I wouldn't have the most awesome Husband, daugther, in-laws, friends, co-workers, blessings that I have today.  I chose this path for a reason and I'm very happy with this reason.
(But, if I had to answer, it would be regretting not going to Interlochen Music School in Michigan....but I wouldn't call it a regret).

4.  What color are your kitchen walls? 
I didn't paint them so I don't know the color, it's kindof a khaki/taupeish color.  Very pretty.  I like it so far.

5.  Do you remember what your first favorite song was?
No, not really.  But I do remember getting my first album, Michael Jackson's Thriller.  I also remember dancing around the bedroom with a tiny blue padlock with a pink heart on it to Madonna's Open My Heart (with your key, darling.....I'll give you love...).


My Summer Wish List

A super cute, but very expensive floppy straw hat from Neiman Marcus.  I love floppy hats, mainly because I love to hang out in the pool, my fair skin....notsomuch.

Of course, my summer wishlist wouldn't be complete without some Lilly!  I love the Bowen dress and this new one shoulder top.  I've never tried the one shoulder top, but I think I could pull this off.  Maybe?  I really, really like it!

I have no idea how I ran across this Etsy shop.  I wasn't looking for wreaths and wasn't searching for Lilly items, but I am so glad I did.  Look at this adorable wreath made from all Lilly fabrics!  I love it!  I wish for it!  You can find this adorable shop HERE.

I love navy and white.  You can spruce it up with just about anything of any color.  This Milly dress is one of my favorites this season.

Maybe I can pair it with this adorable green necklace from Kristin Pearce?  My friend over at Petunia in Paradise was wearing one of her necklaces the other day and I just love it.

Last but not least, gotta have a shoe!  I love the Tory Burch espadrille in pink and navy!  Love them.  So cute and fun for just a pair of shorts.  They are on sale now too for $58.00!  A Tory Burch shoparoonee.  I think so, yes!

Happy Friday Y'all!



  1. Love everything about this post! Love the John Deere, love the wish list, love the wreath!!! Cute cute cute!

  2. I switched majors a zillion times too and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I'm 32. Hahaha.

  3. I love the Tory's!!!I have been eying the one shouldered tops for awhile-ever since I saw someone's cruise pic wearing one. Love!

  4. I love the little booties!! xx

  5. Love the 5 questions and the wish list! I could wish for the same wreath. It's adorable!