Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday - My Trip to C. Orrico

 So, I've lived in the Palm Beach area for 9 years and I have YET to visit the original C. Orrico shop in Palm Beach.  Now, I have been to their location that is open seasonally closer north to wear I live but have never made the trek to downtown Palm Beach.

I take that back, I've been there (to Palm Beach)....I've just never been to C. Orrico down there.

Well, today is MY lucky day!  I have to be in Palm Beach for meetings today and luckily, I will be TWO blocks from my FAVORITE store, that I've NEVER been to!  I get to visit these lovely ladies (picture courtesey of their website), well I met Kathie this past November when they opened their seasonal shop - simply delightful!  Hmmmm.... I wonder if Lilly herself will stop by while I'm there - I can only hope! appropriate that on Pink & Green Thursday, I get to surround myself with such pink & green goodness that it's almost overwhelming!

Unfortunately, and it's a BIG unfortunate, I will not be wearing my Lilly today :(  Because of the type of meetings I have to attend, I must be on the more conservative color side.  I actually did consider taking a separate dress to wear to the store!  Ha!

I am super excited to browse their selection of Lilly, Tibi, Milly, Gretchen Scott, Nanette Lepore, Vineyard Vines and more!  They have everything the preppy girl could possibly want!

I can't wait to come home adorning my very own pink and white C. Orrico bag with emerald grosgrain handles!

So, C. Orrico - Kathie, Casey and Colleen, I will be there this afternoon as a North of Palm Beacher (I can't say I'm a REAL Palm Beacher, I'd have to be Donald Trump), nevertheless I am Coming to Play!!  Yay!!

You can visit C. Orrico at, don't forget to visit their Sale Shack and you can visit their blog at

Become a facebook fan as for every new 50 followers, they will pick a random follwer for a free gift certificate!  How could beat that! 


  1. Ooh la la you lucky girl! Have fun!!! What dress did you bring to change into?

  2. Lucky you! Someday I hope to get to C. Orrico. In the meantime, I'll have to become a fan and maybe have a chance at winning their giveaway!

  3. That sounds like a fabulous day! I am thinking I need a jolt of pink and green goodness today too.

  4. you're so cute! i can just see you with your extra dress to change into before going to the store! love it! xoxo

  5. Wow, sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see what you get! I just made some great Lilly purchases today. :)

  6. Can't wait to hear about it! You'll have a blast at C Orrico!!!

  7. Fun! I can't say I've been there in person yet, but I have ordered from them over the phone and it was a wonderful experience! They are so very sweet and helpful!