Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 - Body Product Review

Well ladies, Day 2 of my product review has arrived, well review of the products I love. Let me know what you love too as I'm sure to add it to my list of "need to try(s)!"
Let's start in the shower. I have tried every body wash imaginable including, yes, Bath & Body Works (who hasn't?). I have two favorites. Philosophy and Dove. Both are inexpensive. Philosphy is great in their less dramatic flavors (I get overwhelmed by smells easily and get headaches). It's soft and fresh and wakes me up.

For a softer, gentler, moisturizing body wash, and my daily go-to, I use Dove Deep Moisture body wash. I love this stuff. It's natural without any added flavors and really does moisturize. So far, it's the best I've found (but I welcome opinions.)

I've posted about shaving before. Until a few months ago, I've been cheap. Yes, I'll admit it, I bought the $8.99 for 30 disposable razors at Sam's *hanging my head in shame*. Not any more, I have found the Venus Spa Breeze 2 in 1 and love it. No more knicks, no more cuts, no shaving cream and beautifully shaved legs, that last a long time! Perfect for 11 month a year short/skirt/capri weather. I must say, my armpits are in great shape too.

Clarins Toning Body Polisher is the BEST.STUFF.EVER!! For example, I just got back from a long winter trek north. The fact that it is 30 degress in Florida is another story, but I digress. My elbows from dry weather, scratchy sweaters and blazing heated homes are severaly cracked. Or should I say "were!" I just rubbed some Clarins on my elbows, feet, knees anywhere necessary and wha-la, instant moisture with a little buffing as well. Plus it smells SO good!
I will get to the face part of my reviews later this week. BUT, I did get the Clarisonic for Christmas, in pink, of course! I.love.it.dearly and already see results. I WILL be purchasing the body brush to see how it works on my body skin.

Thyme for a little moisture (ha, love the play on words do you?) Thymes lotion is unbelievably smooth, not greasy and smells so good. I personally love Kimono Rose. Morning, noon or night, it's beautiful smelling, relaxing and peaceful. Love this stuff. That's all for body products, at least from me. What do you recommend?

(Again, disclaimer - no one paid me or asked me to do these reviews. I just felt like telling my friends about them!)


  1. The coconut frosting is one of my favorites! I have a bottle in my shower now :)

  2. Ohh I need to try coconut frosting! I live 1.5 hours from the nearest Sephora but I will check it out the next time I am there!

    I love Dove products too!

  3. I love my philosophy products! I buy the 32 ounce size bottles from QVC. My shower is stocked with Amazing Grace & Pure Grace. I also keep my big sized Purity & Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash (or whatever it's called) in the shower, too. I use the exfoliating face wash (by philosphy) with my Clarisonic.

    I did get some new smellies for Christmas from my SIL...some natural things from Crabtree & Evelyn. The scrub is a cardamom scent with something else & the body wash is pineapple & something else. Ha ha ha...can you tell I'm too damn lazy to get up and walk to my bathroom??

    I love the Dove body wash, too. Very moisturizing, indeed!

  4. Oh I am just loving these posts! I may have to copy you and do some of the same!!

    I am a philosophy addict! I have Coconut Frosting, Pink Layered Cake and Pumpkin Spiced Muffin in my shower right now! I also love the razor-no gel needed combo - but I use the Intuition - I'll have to try these Venus ones out asap.

    And thanks for posting about the Clarins stuff - I'm going to look into getting some, it sounds like heaven!

    Great posts!! I can't wait to

  5. oh man, I have been hearing so many good things about the clarisonic, I have been debating getting one. Let us know how you like the body brush once you get it!

  6. everyone RAVES about the clarisonic brush- I must get on the bandwagon and buy one. I need to find out what I've been missing. and Dove is my favorite!