Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have nothing for you from the weekend :-( We were all sick in bed with a nasty bug and didn't leave the house, at all.  Well, I trudged slowly to the grocery store on Sunday as Lallie had eaten nothing but mac/cheese and crackers for two days, but other than that, basically stayed inside.

A big shout out and thanks to my wonderful Husband.  It's been a tough, tough week (Lallie was on steroids, not fun!) and Husband took care of her while I was sick in bed and cleaned the entire house for me (he usually helps me, but I was thankful I didn't have to lift a finger this time around).

Okay - moving on!  Couch to 5K.  I have decided to give this a go.  I have never been a runner, my heart has not usually allowed it do to some health issues.  But, my theory is if I can get it pumping fast and hard during Pilates class, running with a good training program shouldn't be all that different, right?  (I really hope I'm not fooling myself).  As long as I start off slow and give my body a chance to acclamate, I think I'll be okay.  The C25K program seems to be right along these lines.

Here are the steps I need to check off my list:

Step 1:  Find a jogging stroller.

Step 2: Wake up 30 minutes earlier in the day so I can come home earlier to run (I will start working on this tomorrow).

Step 3:  Start training in the evenings when I come home and before I start dinner.  (In all hopes, my plan of getting to work earlier will allow not only my running schedule - which Lallie LOVES to be outside, but assist with my healthier eating goal for my family).

I am working on Step 1 right now, looking on Craig's List etc., for a stroller that some of you suggested in my A/Q post a few days ago.

So, who would like to join me on the C25K journey?  Surely there is one, maybe two?  I think my friend Mint Juleps and Magnoilas is doing this routine too.  Anyways, I will post periodically my progress!


  1. So fun. Love the swap! Mailed my books to the Navy prep. xoxo

  2. ohmylord, good luck!! i will be cheering for you :)

  3. good luck!! i will be cheering you on from out here :) i definitely think you can do it and you'll learn to love running - it seems like once people start, they don't stop!

  4. I am planning on doing couch to 5k I just need to see if I can get school to cooperate enough for me to find time weekly to do it!

  5. Excellent goal to set for yourself! Way to go!

  6. Hope you're feeling much better now! :-)
    Feeling your pain re: running, I've been walking/running 4 miles for a few months now. Running has always been hard for me, I start feeling like I can't breathe. I find that "sprinting" helps me. Walk a mile, then run for as long as you can. Walk some more, sprint again. Helps get the heart rate up there and increases the intensity of your workout, without making you feel guilty that you didn't run the entire workout.
    Good luck, I can't wait to hear all about it! :-) XOXO

  7. I was NEVER a runner. I decided to try C25K and it totally worked! At first I could barely run around the block-by the end I was running 3-4 miles in 30 mins. Good luck!