Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As most of y'all know, I am a little bit obsessive over Lallie's hair.

To cut, or not to cut?  That is the question.

Why do I obsess?

I guess when you have a teensy tiny 3 year old that has the hair of a goddess (okay....I'm exhagerrating, but would you be bias towards your own child?...I think....YES!)....

but I digress...

When you have a three year old with the hair of a goddess (tee hee hee :-), you tend to obsess over it a little bit.

Some children her age are still struggling to even fit a bow in their hair because it's so short.

doubt our second child (should that be in the cards), will ever have hair like Lallie's (sadly).

Of course, with such long hair an with a three year old that requires you to run through the room behind the child while (a) holding onto the ponytail you just formed (b) wrapping the pony tail and (c) tying a bow in the hair.....all in running motion through the kitchen and playroom.

Well, you catch my drift.  Long hair can definately be a trying issue.

Yet, I have not cut the locks.

And I still listen to her cries of pain every morning as I brush out her fine, golden hair.


I have found the most amazing stuff....E.V.E.R!

Not trying to be a commercial here, but this stuff really works (and I've tried a few things and suggestions from my twitter friends).  You can use this on wet OR dry hair (which is a big plus for us), right out of the pool, bath and bed.  Plus is smells good, so Lallie thinks she is getting sprayed with lots of perfume.  She thinks the little girl on the front is Dora.

Anyways, here it is.  I bought it at ULTA (but you can get on Amazon for much cheaper as I later found out!)  It's called Circle of Friends Detangler and they have it in many different flavors.
So, happy day!!! Lallie is keeping her hair (less a little trim...that's for sure.  Have to raise her right with regularly scheduled haircuts!)

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!


  1. Yahoo! I say amen to that. Glad you found something that will get the tangles out.

  2. W is 2, and I'm still not going to cut hers! I love her little tendrils, and cannot cut it yet. Maybe one day...but NOT in the near future. Lallie does have amazing hair. That's good to know that W isn't the only one that hates having her hair messed with. She screams when I put it in a pony tail or pig tails, but it's just so cute! The crazier thing is that she loves when her hair is pulled up, but hates the process. Hopefully one day she'll get over it...and let me braid it one of these days...like Lallie's. Oh, and those pink shoes that they both have, yeah, they're from A Children's Place, not Gymboree. Guess I didn't look close enough the other day. :)

  3. Her hair is beautiful. It is very hard to find a good detangler, this product sounds great for both adults and children. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think me and SLPS's husband share one mind :-)

  5. I would have to keep those gorgeous locks too! They are just too pretty! I think I wanna try that detangler in my hair!