Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, first let me say that the contest was SO fun!!!

My phone was dinging OFF the hook as the emails rang in and I was frantically responding.  Plus, several of you later commented with changes and your email addresses.

You were tweeting about the craziness too!  I can just see macksydsmom and Sweet Southern Prep telling their kiddos to "leave them along, I'm busy" as they frantically search for answers on the four pages up on their computer.

I can just see sweet Makeup By Tricia throwing a fit as she answered all the questions and then as she went to push comment, her computer freaked and lost everything!  

I also got tons of comments how much fun this was compared to the typical, follow, tweet, facebook, comment, favorite etc., etc. which gets monotonous!

As a side note, several of you commented with your emails separately for privacy reasons.  I have not published those comments.  I can understand that as you all had personal emails.

Anyways, onto the big winner.

Drum roll please.....

Check the comments...she won fair and square!

Julie, I will send you an email with the details shortly!

The answers:

1)  Any style other than Emma or Palm Beach and the colors.  Loved looking at your answers.

2)  Spring Sale - 5 day sale in the spring, dates announced
Bonannos or Barefoot sale for 2 weeks in September

3)  Frog

4)  Jamie - Strawberry Blonde Shoes

5) Miss Rippy and Sugar (NO y'all - Domenick is Vivian's Husband...not the dog!  LOL!)

6)  Clematis Street or just Clematis

7)  Lilly Pulitzer and her family and the scandal was that they were wearing SBS but the magazine said they were Jack Rogers!  Scandalous!!

8)  SBSandals_PR

9)  Melissa C. Morris

10) Navajo

I love how detailed some of you got in your answers!  This was SO much fun, and I hope you enjoyed whether you won or not!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Yay! Congrats to Julie! This was a fun giveaway!

  2. Congrats to Julie! What a great giveaway!!


  3. PS, I turned one of my answers completely around when I copied it. I would have kicked myself if I was first and lost to my mistake,lol!!!!!

  4. Yippee for Julie! Great giveaway!

  5. That's hilarious about Domenick, hahahahaha!!

  6. I loved reading your posts about Stephen Bonannos even though I didn't enter the contest!

  7. Congrats to Julie, and kudos to you for such a great contest!

    Sending you a smile Miss Preppy Style,

  8. Congrats to Julie!! She deserves it!!

  9. Congrats to Julie - well played my friend. It was a lot of fun to attempt to find the answers. I knew my chances were slim, but I didn't care.

  10. Jennifer, you out did yourself ... what a fun contest! I was getting so excited just reading the questions.

    Congratulations to Julie ... good job girlfriend.

    When you're ready, hook the two of us up so SBS can get Julie's order into production.

    It was such a pleasure meeting you and showing you around the factory. Swing by anytime and don't forget to bring in your repair.
    Stephen Bonanno Sandals