Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lilly, Lilly and More Lilly!

 OK....yesterday morning was INSANE, was it not?
I love Lilly.  I think it's SO fabulous that they held, basically, an on-line warehouse sale.
I love Lilly....but will never book a flight to King of Prussia, to go to a warehouse sale, so I loved everything about yesterday. Though I walked away with very little and lost a couple things, the thrill was fun.

I do think some people on facebook (okay, lots of people) were being very mean to the service department and it was uncalled for, rude and not very classy/ladylike.
Lilly did not have to do this for us, but they did because they love their customers. 
So KUDOS did a great job! my soapbox.
I managed to pick-up these adorable (and REALLY cheap) Lilly items for Lallie for this fall/winter.

I love the Jr. Atlantique polo (picked it up in Hotty Pink).  Perfect now and in fall/winter for layering.
LOVE this print in the Anchor pants.

I also picked up the Nina Tunic (also can be layered, thinking with a navy tee and cute jeans).

And, the swimwear was just too cute to pass up (and you know how much we're in the pool, so it's important to have lots of clean bathing suits!)
The Grettle in Hotty Pink Naptime (and with her recent obsession with perfect!)

I really wanted to pick up the navy brigit hoodie and zoe pants (tracksuit in grandeur), but it was sold out.  But, that's okay because Lallie already has a navy tracksuit she barely wore last year, and will still fit in this year!

I also missed out on the pink and green Evie poncho.  Again, okay because Lallie is really into the "arm goes into the hole" when putting on shirts (even halters confuse her).  So, a poncho with only a head hole, will probably really freak her out and never be worn! (I can hear the confusion in her tiny little voice now).
Okay - glad I didn't get it.

For me.....nada (go me!).  However, if I had to choose, it'd be one of these.

I adore this Mira jumpsuit, though not so sure I can pull it off.  So, I'll just dream.

Love this Cedar Knit Dress!  And I believe it was $74.00!! Can't beat that for a $210.00 dress!! 

I also love the silk Kathleen Dress  ($99 was $240.  This would be very versatile for summer or fall (I think....or is silk specific to one season, I don't know?  I forget, it's hot all the time here).


Since we're on Lilly....who's in LOVE with the fall line?  I am!  I have to say, they really did much better this year than last year.  I didn't like anything from last year (and the few things I tried on fit really weird).

Anways, here are my picks....(ehem...the whole fall line).

I WANT this Colby dress.  I LOVE this dress.  I NEED this dress.  This style fits my body type really well and I just love all the colors and versatility of this dress.
Fit it with a cardi, by itself, with or without tights, perfect length for professional work-wear (not too short).  I love all the possibilities.
Can it go on sale now?

The fleece yoga wrap.  I am always freezing.  I would wear this all the time.  It looks so comfy.
Love the ginko dress.  So cute.  Not a color I wear much, but turquoise does bring out my blue eyes ;)
The Conrad sweater.  Cute with black or white shorts, for now....and then jeans later in the year.
The Vivi top.  Again, very versatile for ever changing fall/winter weather.
Casual or professional.

For "Little Lallie in Lilly"
How adorable is this sweater?  (though I don't like the leggings at all).
We spend a lot of time outside when up north and it's not always freezing, but definately need a jacket.
At the price, you really can't beat it!
I love the quilted fleece look.  Different from typical plain fleece.
We call the quilted look.. a "barn jacket."
My child will not be wearing sandals though.  Her John Deere boots will suit just fine! :-)
The Lilah pants.  Just a little twinkle on the back pockets. 

So, did you score big yesterday?  Did you find that fantastic "Shoparoonee" (if you haven't followed for long, this is a term made up by my Mother-in-Law and I for REALLY great deals!)

What are your favorite fall picks?  I think they really missed the professional and casual looks very well.  Lots of color, but different then other seasons, and can be worn in so many different ways.  Very versatile.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!


  1. You DID do well for Lallie! Um, so I've previously stocked up on all things W, for back to school, so I got to get WAY too many goodies for myself. :)

    But seriously, now that I saw Lallie's new swim suit, I need to go shop again... :)

    I completely agree with the rude comments, so unnecessary!! Grateful one here. :)

  2. Adorbs? You are a nut! I love you :-)

    Rock on! GW

  3. You really lucked out! And I'm loving that Colby dress as well! xx

  4. Great buys for your little one! Kudos to you for restraining yourself, I don't think I could have done it! LOL

  5. Wow you scored some great deals! I'm embarrased to even blog about what all I purchased...and it was all for moi too. Oops! :-)
    Stay tuned, I have a special promotion coming with a Lilly store next week, you'll be able to get those Fall goodies at a discounted rate! I'm planning my strategy now! Love that Vivi top and the ruffled Blayney dress too! XOXO

  6. I'm with you on that Colby dress, it is a stunner!