Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ballerina Lallie & Dresses

First, I'm sorry I've been off the radar for a while...I've been posting but not reading.  I will get back to reading and commenting very soon (I hope!!!)


Lallie had her very first dance class last night.  I was a little nervous as she has been a little scared of her tap shoes and every time she looked at tights, she said "I don't want these."

Thankfully, she cooperated when getting dressed and when we arrived at the dance school and she saw all the other dancers running around, she couldn't wait to get into the room with her teacher.  She went in willingly and immediately obeyed.

(Seriously, I tell Lallie to "Sit criss cross apple toss" and she tells me no.  Teachers say this and all 5-10 students do exactly what she says.  I need some magical teacher power!).

We had to stand outside, but there was a tiny little crack in the window of the door that wasn't covered by curtains, so each of the five mommies took turns standing at the door taking pictures and videos (thus the bad quality).  But as any proud mommy, gushing with excitement, I'm posting the pictures and videos anyways! I only wish I got a picture of her face, sh was having so much fun!;-)


In other news, I have been getting emails from some of my dress customers.  Here are some ADORABLE pictures of some beautiful little girls in their dresses.

It makes me so happy to see them as I know they're enjoying these dresses on very special occasions.

These little girls (the youngest are twins) all have custom made white eyelet dresses (with lining), trimmed in satin ribbon.  This was for their grandparents surprise vow renewal ceremony on the beach.  A VERY special occasion and apparently, the little girls were the hit of the party.  Aren't they precious?

These dresses were made for sisters Ashley and Gracie for their family pictures while vacationing in Texas.  I also made a white eyelet dress, very similar to those above for their neice.
Look at this little face, I could just eat little Gracie up!!

And her big sister, Ashley with their wonderful mommy!  Ashley reminds me so much a four year old version of Lallie.  If you're not already following, check out Tracy's blog HERE!  I just know that Lallie and Ashley would be great buddies if they lived near each other, they have the exact same tastes (well...for toddlers). 

I'm working on Halloween and Football dresses as we speak.  I uploaded this one (the only non-custom dress I have right now).  Isn't it cute?  I think it is.

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Lallie is just precious with her little ballet outfit on. And that "Boo, Y'all" dress is adorable!!

  2. Okay, first of all... I have to leave this for all your readers to know that your dresses are wonderful and you are great to work with! I loved the dresses you made for Gracie and Ashley and my SIL was also very happy with her daughter's dress. (I should have sent you full resolution pictures)

    oh, and your snack bags are way cool, too!

    2nd - the Halloween dress is too cute and I may have to make another visit to your shop soon :-)

    3rd - The dance pictures and video are precious! Ashley has been taking dance since she was 2 and 1/2 and I remember that first day so well. Lallie did much better her first time. Ashley was so nervous that she just stood there and watched. She loves it now. We start back next week and we are both excited.

  3. Lallie is adorable! SO glad she enjoyed classes too. Now wait for recital and dance costumes.She will love it!

  4. Your daughter is a sweetheart- the videos reminded me of my first dance classes when I was little! I was scared of my tap shoes too. I had no idea how slippery they would be. My first 'dance' memory is of strutting into the dance room so proudly in my little shoes, and promptly falling! Sigh. I was more careful after that! Your daughter seems to have it down pat- she's more of a natural than I was! xo