Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Things I'm Trying Out


With the "mommy flab" in it's peak, it's time to break out some simple but strenuous exercises that I can do in my home, for cheap.
I bought an exercise ball at Target for $8.10.  I don't need the videos or this and that.  Just the piece of paper showing me the basics.

I've had the ball since last Friday.  Have I started yet? 
Lallie thinks the ball is hers, promptly stole it and then hid it in her closet in the playroom.


I have this book on hold for me at Barnes and Noble.  Going to pick it up today.
I would have bought on my Kindle, but I really wanted this in hard copy.
Anyone started reading it since it came out yesterday?
How is it?


Y'all know how I LOVE LUSH Cosmetics, thanks to Ashleigh who go me hooked back in May.

Here's the newest things I've tried (and I have yet to find a product I don't like!)

The Shampoo Bar - I have it in Godiva.
Not only is this thing going to last FOREVER, I can easily travel with it.
Most of all, my hair is so soft and manageable and my blond is just so bright and shiny.
It's also not greasy, so I no longer have to use a dry shampoo when recycling my hair the second day.
It smells SO good....certainly wakes me up in the morning and the smell lingers all day (even through the conditioner).
I think it'd be fun to have one of each (depending on hair type of course), so I could smell different everyday.

The Massage Bar
I love this bar.  As you know I have hip and shoulder issues, whether from sleeping wrong, walking in heels all day, or just plain shoulder problems from playing violin all those years.
Rub a little of this stuff on and instant relief!
It's great for those sore muscles after a long day in heels too.
My only complaint is the smell is VERY strong, but that's why it works, the strong smelling stuff is what makes the body feel good.
You keep this in the fridge and Whoa Baby, is this stuff cold when you put it on your face.
But wow, my face feels so soft and supple and wrinkle free when I wipe it off.  My face feels great for days, it cleans up the pores, tightens a bit.  And my face actually feels a little moisturized after, I don't really want to moisturize because it feels so good.
I also noticed that the redness in my skin evens out a bit after use.
A definite keeper in my book...and I get about 5 masks out of a pot.
(Side note - LUSH is HUGE on recycling.  Take in 5 pots, get a free mask!)

Last but not least, Volcano foot mask.
Softens, deodorizes, makes your feet feel all tingly.
Love it.

You should've seen my husband's face when I walked out wearing plastic bags over my feet with this one, with Love Lettuce on my face.  He was like "yes....this is exactly what I envisioned you would look like after 8 years of marriage!"  Haha....I can see that I looked pretty darn scary.
BUT - he does see the difference, he said my feet look pretty a couple weeks ago and he did say he saw a difference with the mask.

So, that's that.  A few new things I'm trying.

Anything new you're trying out lately?  Is it fabulous?

Do share!!!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. My nephews make a bee line to my core exercise ball everytime they come over. They are 5,4 and 20 months. They think it is a giant ball for them to play with.

  2. I will have a try a few of those products - including the massage bar and Love Lettuce. Bought True Prep the other day - so far, so good. Although, I feel that Birnbach is trying to appease everyone with her definition of preppy this time around, so not quite the originial. This reminds me that I need to snag the excercise ball back from my kids!

  3. Too funny ~ It does look like a fun toy :)

    I have got to try these products. We have a shop not too far from our home. I've passed it many times but just haven't had the time to pop in.


  4. I tried the shampoo bar once and didn't like it. I will have to try it again. Amanda and Sean love them too. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a shot. Hmmm.....

  5. I have not tried anything at Lush yet. I may have to put that on my treat list for later.
    I picked up True Prep on Tuesday. So far I like it. I did a cursory thumb through and will read it more closely as I get a chance to. I actually like that she expanded on preppy to be more inclusive and take into account the changes of the last thirty years. I found it refreshing.

  6. Love everything from Lush! Especially their hand creams! Hope you like True Prep! I'm dying to read it!

  7. i really want to try the shampoo bar!

  8. my 20 month old nephew loves my exercise ball too.
    check out the magazine sites for other exercises to use the ball for too.

  9. Let me know how the exercise ball workout goes. I have always wanted to try. I used to use one with my trainer and it was great but I am afraid to give it a go by myself without someone standing there and telling me how to do it properly.