Monday, September 20, 2010


Sorry I have been away for a few days!  Lallie has been ill, I've been swamped at work and things have just been downright crazy!  But things have calmed and back to normal.  Someone define "normal" for me please!  
A big thank you to Miss Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover for stepping in for me last week as well as Life of a Suburban Prep!  They are both wonderful people whom I've had the chance to connect since blogging!

Since Sweet Southern Prep let it out of the bag the other day.....yep, the big birthday is coming up, on this Friday!!  Yay!  I will be....well....I'm celebrating another one and I just have the opinion that I might as well make the best out of it and celebrate to the extreme!!

I'll tell you about what we're doing after they happen!!!  It's going to be so fun and I can hardly wait!!

Anyways, what better way to start celebrating then to announce what is on my wish list this year!  (Of course, this is dreaming very big, but you know what I mean, and I know of done several wish lists throughout the year,'s forever changing!).

First Up: Clothing and Boots

I went to a luncheon benefitting our local Children's Museum a couple weeks ago and was introduced to a clothing line, called Cabi.  It's available through consultants only, so I had never really had an up close view of the clothing.  
Cabi Facebook page
I love their clothing and fell in love with this Erte tunic top.  It's so bright and colorful, and perfect for fall South Florida weather.

 This year, I would really love some black boots.  I've always hesitated and refuse to spend a lot of money since I really won't wear them often, so I went to and found these two pairs that I like, both under $100 which is a deal for boots if you ask me.  What do you think?
Calvin Klein Mattie
Pierre Dumas Tyra - I

Lilly Pulitzer, how could I forget Lilly!  I love this dress (can you tell I'm really into these bright colors this year?  No more brown and black for me!)  I can think of a number of different ways to wear this dress.
Colby Dress

Next Up:  Totes and Organization

Land's EndI'm a dork and have to be like everyone else.  I just love this tote.  I've never purchased one for some unknown reason, but I have seen this tote in quite a bit of action.  They are well used, well loved and well made....made to last.  So, I'll take one in size large, pink please, with a pink monogram!
I love storage, I can never get enough of storage and organizing things.  I really need to organize Lallie's playroom, and while at it, organize one of the closets for my crafts, so I can be downstairs with her while I sew projects etc.  I also need some help in my own personal closet.

Maximize, Maximize, Maximize I always say!!!  How can I make that easier?

These storage boxes are from The Land of Nod.  I love how they easily stack, are lightweight for even Lallie to carry and are boxy, not rounded (I never buy rounded or v-cut boxes, especially for Christmas storage, boxes don't fit into a  "v" shape).  
But I digress.
Lastly, I like the smaller but long ones for art projects.  I haven't found anything like this except at Land of Nod.

I also like this modular drawer system from the Container Store.  Cheap enough that if something spills or it gets damaged, who cares!  But I love all the different drawer sizes, something I've been combating with my current (and antiquated) set up.

Ah, my closet!  It's a disaster.  But recently, Shopaholic in Alabama told us about the Huggable Hangers on Facebook!  You can find the Huggable Hangers at  Love, love, love these!  They aren't bulky, you can hang them on one another for maximum storage.
And, they're PINK!!!  I would LOVE my closet in all pink!

Last Up:  Sewing

Now Husband did mention that this little item could be a Christmas present, and I would love him forever if he got it for me.

WAIT - didn't I already say "forever" when I said "I do?"

Well, I will REALLY, REALLY love him.  :)

A serger machine.  This would make sewing so much easier and more professional.  Not to mention, it wouldn't take so long either!!

So, that's wish list.  So far.  I'm sure I"ll come up with some other ideas prior to Friday.  It's not too late for guaranteed Friday arrival.

Email me if you don't already have my address and need it.  I will be HAPPY to provide it to anyone that would like to send me a little something :)

Happy Monday Y'all!!



  1. Shameless I tell you! :-)I love the Calvin Klein boots. I would wear those pretty much daily! Add those to MY wish list :-)

    Rock on! GW

  2. That serger is intimidating! I have one (passed down from my mama) and it only has 5 strings! While I'm not very good at sewing, I have to say I LOVE sending fabric through there and watching the excess go to the wayside...

  3. Great list! That Lilly dress is my favorite for fall. I know you'll be sewing all sorts of adorable things with that sewing machine!

  4. I have those Calvin Klein boots and they're not too bad to wear for a little while but if you're going to do a lot of walking I don't recommend wearing them. They look really cute though!

  5. Great post! Loveeee that Lilly dress! I got the magazine in the mail with a package from there and cut out that dress just to remind myself to save! That's so great about sewing! I wish I knew how! Have a great week!

  6. A very good birthday list, indeed!

  7. Happy Birthday! Okay, so sorry for announcing it a little early. But I didn't want to forget. Haha. Love your 'wants' list! You HAVE to get the Colby. You'll love it! I tried it on at a store, and fell in love. It's on the way, and can't wait to wear it soon. Hope you get to wear it too. :)

  8. That's some birthday list! I may have to copy it and pass it along to my husband for my birthday.

    I love CAbi and have been wearing it for several years.


  9. OH my gosh! One of each please. Only I those boots probably won't look too great on my short frame! I wish though...

    The Container Store, swoon! Do y'all have one? We don't but it would be great!

    Cute tunic too and great find, thanks for sharing!

    Oh and about the game this weekend! Care to make a wager? Teehehe!

    How would you look in orange?

    And I meant to email, I ran into a random stranger at Publix and they were drooling over GG's Gator dress. I have to post pics on the blog and will very soon. She got my email and when she contacts me I'll send her your way! She was soooo excited about the team pillowcase dress! Yay for you and your creative awesome designs. In fact GG got like a million compliments on her outfit this weekend!