Tuesday, July 23, 2013

St. Augustine Trip

St. Augustine is about a three or four hour drive north of where we live, so we got up early Saturday morning and drove up to start our weekend.  First thing we did upon our arrival was hop the trolley to ride around the city while learning some history (this preggers was NOT walking around the town, she was taking the sit down route!)

Lallie LOVED the trolley and its very bumpy ride.  The trolleys don't have shocks so I actually googled if that much bouncing and shaking was bad for BG (which it was perfectly fine.  No worse than jogging.....though I can't for the life of me figure out who would want to go jogging at 6 months pregnant!)

Next we visited Castillo de San Marco fort.  Let's just say it was very hot and Lallie absolutely insisted on visiting every single nook and cranny of the fort.  This included the pitch black, damp and creepy crawl space / gun powder room which Husband had to enter, practically on his hands and knees, to remove her.

Walking around that fort made us very sleepy!  Lallie's little one hour snooze on the bumpy trolley made for one very happy (and jarred) mommy who desperately needed a rest!  
Except for the fact she was sleeping on me and therefore, couldn't remove myself from the trolley to visit the chocolate factory, this was perfectly fine with me.  :-)

Why did I need the rest?
Case in point.  24 weeks pregnant!  :-)

Sunday we visited the Lightner Museum.  For the most part, Lallie was a good little museum goer, but the third floor turned into a never ending song of "this is boring mom! When can we leave mom?."

Really, she did very well considering the museum was pretty much all antiques.  She was engaged and asking questions, we just think she got bored looking at all the glass and crystal vases upstairs.

So, as an activity while Daddy looked at stamps and mommy rested, I told her to count how many drops there were on the very large chandelier.  There were 123.
That made for a nice 15 minute rest.  :-)
Smart mommy.

More on our vacation tomorrow!  

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. I have always wanted to go there! Might need to take our camper!

  2. Lallie is looking so grown up in these photos (well minus the sleeping one-still looks to little there :)

  3. St. Augustine is on my bucket list. And you are looking great.