Friday, October 26, 2012

Pet Peeves and a Little Humor

I'm at home today with Lallie as Hurricane Sandy whizzes by South Florida.  We're only under a Tropical Storm warning right now (and take note that I'm writing this as of Thursday afternoon so things could have changed).  Anyways, I'm not at work...that's the point I'm going for here.  I'll get back to my Work OOTD's soon!  I have just felt a-slob these past couple of days.

Anyways, maybe I'm having a bad week, I'm not sure, but here are my pet peeves for the week (and yes I've experienced all of these this week).  
There's a funny at the end so read all the way through.  :-)

1.  Standing DIRECTLY in front of the elevator waiting to get on while other people are trying to get

2.  Grocery store checkout attendants throwing my apples and veggies down the metal table to the bagger only to get home with bruised produce (this wasn't a problem when our organic market was's now closed.  :(

3.  Chewing with your mouth open or mouth noises in general.  I really don't have a problem with this unless I'm sitting right next to you (Husband likes to torment me with mouth noises in general).  I think this comes from my dad who started on me at a young age to chew with my mouth closed.  Lallie is almost there at a young age due to my obsession.

4.  Leaving socks on the floor in front of the laundry basket.  Case in point below.  What?  I'm not pointing any fingers.  Really, I'm not!  

5.   Uneducated voters.  Read the amendments and understand them before voting.  Formulate your own opinion.  That it all.

6.  They're, their and there all have different meanings and should be used as such.  So THERE!   (My grandmother was an English teacher and used to have me complete lessons over the somewhere.  If I ever used these words out of line, I was in trouble! I miss my grandma).  :-)

7.  Stopping at a 4-way stop and no one knowing who should go first.  Let's go back to driver's school, shall we?  The first person to arrive goes first and then the next person to the right and so on counter-clockwise.  And no I'm not waving at you because I know you, I'm telling you to go!  PS- use your turn signal.

9.  Speaking of driving.....every mall in the United States have entries that do not have stop signs.  In fact, they have signs that say "Do NOT Stop" and they're not even red.  Trust me, I frequent a lot of malls.  I can just hear all my blogger friends yelling from their cars, "DO NOT STOP!  AHHHHH!!!!

*Oops, did I just admit that I went to the mall this week.... sorry Husband (that's his biggest pet peeve!)*

9.  Late people.  I don't mind if you're going to be late, I really don't mind at all.  But if our meeting is at 9 am and it takes you an hour to get to the meeting, don't call me at 9:00 and say, I'm running an hour late!  I'm pretty sure you knew you were going to be an hour hour ago.  *That's why I went to the mall.*

10.  Calling me "Sweetheart" or "hon" in a professional setting.  I am not your sweetheart or hon, I am a business professional and I don't know you well enough (ever) to call me a pet name.  It's unprofessional and demeaning.  Pet names for me have been reserved by my Husband, daughter and parents. 

Speaking of the office, I love my British leasing agent.  We've worked together for years and he's an absolute riot when talking about family or work things.  Well, he is British, so he says things a little different than  we Americans.  He is always telling me what annoys him such as how people say "butter."  He says "there are two Ts in's but-ter."  The funniest thing he says is "Jennifer, what are your movements like today?"  Of course, he means my schedule (yes, my schedule).  After working with him for a while, I finally responded that I really didn't wish to discuss my movements with him but I'd be happy to discuss my schedule.  He got beat red (poor guy) and hasn't discussed movements since.

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. I totally agree with all of those, hon. I also can't stand the misuse of your and you're. If you say "your welcome" you are implying that is MY welcome, not that I am welcome. Grammar 101 people! I'd also like to add that I think is so rude when you are going through a door behind someone and they don't hold it open so it doesn't smash in your face. A little courtesy please!

  2. HAHAHAHA I AM WITH YA!! How about when you spend a fortune on organic produce and they stick your FABRIC SOFTENER SHEETS IN THE SAME BAG!!! grrrrrrrrrr

    Have a blessed weekend & stay safe,

  3. I am with you on the elevator thing. Drives me crazy I have moments when I want to pull people back.