Monday, October 22, 2012

"There's gold in that there poop"

You heard that right.  It's a direct quote from Husband as he discussed the black cow soil we used to plant our garden this weekend.  We finally got around to planting our winter crop of tomatoes and herbs and can already smell and taste the wonderful veggies!  We planted four different varieties of tomatoes (Better Boy, Celebrity, German Queen and Cherokee purple), some of which will be planted in earth boxes rather than in the above-ground gardens, as well as some herbs (cilantro, oregano and basil).  Once Husband prepares the earth boxes, I'll write up a blog post on those.  I still have no clue what the earth boxes actually are or how they work.  All I know is I have a bunch of large and cut up tupperware bins in my living room.
Lallie and I also had a Mommy-Daughter date on Sunday.  We went to Target and the grocery store and ate out at her favorite restaurant, Steak N Shake.  Of course, no weekend is complete without Lallie's version!
The adorable little long sleeve navy and white stripe dress Lallie has on is on sale at Old Navy for just under $4.00 each!  They had several different colors.
 Lallie also taught me how to play Hop Scotch.  She did take some pretty good pictures of me playing hopscotch that I almost shared.  But there was only one picture of my hopping forward (with an overwhelmed expression) and the rest were of my backside from not particularly flattering angles!  Hop Scotch is not easy when you're 5 1/2 feet tall!  The bending over on one foot makes for some clumsy balancing!

We also played dress up.  Lots of dress up, one outfit being a bride.  
Yes, Daddy cried a little (maybe more than a little). 
 Last but not least, here's what I'm wearing today!  It's a dress from Kohl's that I bought for $30 (it was 70% off!)  I rarely shop there but was out picking up some clothes for Lallie and saw this dress in Kentucky blue as well.  It fit so well, I purchased both colors.  Paired with a necklace I picked up on the clearance rack at Target for $7.99, I think it went together pretty well.  I have a black cardi with me as it gets chilly in my office.

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Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Love that dress! Lallie looks cute in her dress up clothes.

    1. Thanks! Dress up is a regular thing in our just wait Dee! That little girl of yours will have necklaces, rings, clip ons, shoes, hair bows, tiaras and dresses strung all over your house! It's great!! :-)

  2. I love Lallie's dress--too cute! And I'm loving your dress, too! I can't believe it was only $30!! The pink looks great on you!