Thursday, October 4, 2012

Smokin' Hot!

I've taken pictures with Instagram before but have never really played with the picture enhancements.  So the other day, I got bored and decided to have some fun with Instagram and take pictures of my fun shoes and fun new nail polish :-)

(What?  I was in my satellite office, all by my lonesome, waiting for a client with a slowly booting up computer and no music)....This girl knows how to make use of her time!  ;-)
These are super fun shoes that I've had forever.  Cute little Mary Jane style heels in black and white polka dot satin (who doesn't love polka dots?).  I don't wear them often (because they hurt....ouch blisters!) but I certainly get compliments when I do!  They were a Target find from before Lallie was even born! 
The fingers are my newest Essie color, Smokin' Hot.  I LOVE this color.  I never thought I'd be one for a dark polish, but this one suits my fancy just fine.  It's a dark gray, Smokin' is the perfect name (hot, hot, HOT!).  I won't venture to blues, greens and purples though.  Just not going there.

Speaking of nail polish.  What is your favorite clear topcoat?  I'm in serious need of help here.  I've tried dozens (okay, like 6) but all of them dry at a snail's speed and then they get dull after they dry, not shiny at all.  It takes away from the shiny nail color.  So I don't use it.  But then I end up chipping my nails after 2 hours.  Help!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I love that nail color! I almost never use a topcoat, because I've had the same problem, and for some reason, I feel like my nails chip faster when I have a topcoat!

    1. Maybe I should just not even try top coat! That's what I'll do!

  2. Love the color! Follow me on instagram!!

  3. Replies
    1. I spy Catherine wearing Smokin' Hot next time I see her... :-)

  4. I have the same color on my nails right now too, I love it!

  5. I haven't seen that color before and I love it! Going to hunt it down!

  6. I am in the midst of doing a nail polish swap, and my partner told me that she is sending me Out the Door top coat. She says "it dries almost INSTANTLY and it is SO shiny." I am excited to try it out when it finally arrives, but if its anything like she says then it sounds like exactly what you are looking for!

  7. Love that color and what cute shoes! xo