Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wish List: Fall 2012

Yes, I know it was just my birthday, but Christmas is right around the corner!  And a girl can always hope.  :-)

I have tried to jump on the smoothie bandwagon.  They are:

(a) so good for you
(b) forces me to eat breakfast (which I despise)
(c) there are TONS of easy recipes with product I almost always already have on hand
(d) Lallie loves them.  Every time I've made one, I take it on the go and Lallie sips right along with   me (kale and all!)

Two problems with smoothies as I stand now: (a) it's messy and I despise having a bulky blender on my counter and (b) my stick blender is inefficient not to mention loud when crushing the ice.  At 6 am with a tired 5 year old?  Not cool.

Enter the Magic Bullet.  I've heard wonderful things and it's not very expensive.  Should I add this to my list?  What are your thoughts?
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Next up, See Jane Work.  My office could use an upgrade (in all pink of course) and I'll take one of each of these please!

I am a sticky note freak (these above are Kate Spade too....lovely!).  I have notes all over my computer screen and my monitor tray which I sort through weekly to file the notes in my database and throw anything no longer pertinent away.  This way they never pile up too much on me.  It's how I take messages and keep notes.  It works for me.  AND, I put sticky notes on everything!  So, for the person to which I'm putting this bug in their sure and buy me double, mmmmmK?  Good.

I would like to read J.K. Rowling's new book geared towards the adult audience.  You remember her right?  The Harry Potter author?  Of course you do!  It's not a Harry Potter book at all, the critics say, so if you're looking for young adult, stick with the witches and wizards.  I'm looking forward to picking up my copy.

This won't happen.  These gorgeous boots from Tory Burch.  The Calista.  Drool.  But at $495 and considering I'll wear them for maybe 2-3 weeks a year because my feet would completely sweat otherwise, I think I'll have to find something comparable (seriously, how the teenagers wear Uggs down here, I do not know.  My feet would stink.)  Maybe these from Target?
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That's all for now.  Should get *you know who* started on his gift ideas.  :-)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Oh those Tory boots. I am not getting new boots this year solely so that I can get those when they go on sale.

  2. alll of these things def make up a great wish list!! <3

  3. I love those Tory boots! I'm a sticky-note addict, too! They are all over my room, desk, and planner!

  4. I love my magic bullet. Use it all the time!
    xo, Emily

  5. Smoothies are the best for kids (and adults too). I make them for H all the time and he always drinks them up. I hope you get the magic bullet-it looks really cool!

    See Jane Work has the cutest office supplies. If only I had an office to supply ;)

  6. I hope you get everything on your wish list