Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer for Sale!

One of my good friends recently opened a shop that specializes in very high end vintage clothing which includes quite a few gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer finds.  It's called of House of Phoenix and I encourage all you Lilly lovers, especially my collector friends, to go check out her site. 

Of course, being the Lilly lover I am, I'll concentrate on those.  :-)  

You might remember these dresses she brought to a Lilly themed party I had last year.  Aren't they fabulous!  
Loren, the owner of House of Phoenix is in the pink dress.

Here are just a few of the many, many items she has on sale in her shop and on-line.

You can find a couple dozen vintage Lilly pieces from the 1960's through the 1990's including pants, dresses and pantsuits at House of Phoenix.  Here are a few of her selections.
1970's Size 2 scalloped sundress Gorgeous!
1970's Prairie Dress Size 2
1970's Size 4 blue floral dress with lace on the front bodice (LOVE this dress!)
1970's Size 2 Floral jumper
1980's Shirt Dress Size 4
1960's Size 10 shirt dress (green and yellow floral)
1960's Size 12 Maxi Dress
1960's Size 2 High Wasted ankle length pants
RARE shorts jumper Size 4
1990's Size 4 v-neck dress
1960's Pink Lilly Size 4

Hope on over to House of Phoenix.

Happy shopping y'all!  


  1. I love love love the dress in the very first photo. LOve!


  2. Those are great vintage Lilly dresses! How do I get in touch with House of Phoenix?