Friday, January 28, 2011

Beach House, Etc., CordoBags and Unframed Studios

Recently, I've come across some absolutely gorgeous, and unique handbags, beach bags, clutches...from some wonderful women that fit right into the SLPS preppy, pink and green, Lilly-wearing motif!  I mean, to.die.for!

First up is Beach House Etc.
Suzanne has the most adorable beach bags I've ever seen!  They are unique and fun, adorned with raffia and starfish, and yesterday, I got to meet Suzanne and see her bags in person!  I can't wait to see the rest of her bags (I'm spying that pink and white polka dot one....hands off y'all!)  :-)
Are these not the most darling bags?  If you think so, you can visit Beach House Etc. and you can follow Suzanne's blog HERE
Be sure to keep up with Suzanne as right now her site is only selling bags, but she also sells accessories and clothing as well....she's the next hot thing in South Florida for sure!


Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Susan or Liz yesterday, but I can't WAIT to see what they bring to the women's exposition. 

They are unique and bright and handcrafted right here in South Florida!  I've seen some of these bags in person and they are quite unique.

I am loving the Tribal Winter 2011 designs.

I love this Wedding Silver Anniversary set....and check it out...pictured with my favorite sandal....the Stephen Bonanno Sandal!

I love the colors and beadwork in these two clutches, even though orange is not normally in my color palette, this one is just gorgeous!  I'm partial to the pink one though (I wonder why?)


Last up for today is CordoBags.  Have you ever heard of CordoBags?  I hadn't until last year when I attended a fundraiser where they were an exhibitor.  The bags are very unique and quite reasonably priced.

Of course, knowing me, I tend to stick to the brighter colors (again...I wonder why?).  Aren't they just darling?

Be sure to visit CordoBags to look at all the wonderful hand-crafted bags they have for purchase!
Happy Friday Y'all! 


  1. I adore everything in this post! Those beach bags are so cute and the animal print wallets are perfection! Have a fabulous weekend :) xoxo

  2. those clutches are fantastic! Thanks for the post! I visit West Palm Beach often, and would love to be found toting one of those around!

  3. These are all fabulous ~ I'll take one of each please. What fun finds. Thanks for sharing.


  4. You are such a troublemaker Miss SLSPS! All three vendors are new to us, we are particularly taken with the Cordo Bags. If I go nuts shopping, I am telling the Consort it is all your fault. (Heh,heh,heh.)

    Hope you have a fab Friday and even better weekend!

  5. These all are so pretty but I think my favorite is the first picture of the beach bags. Love them. I really like your blog!

  6. Thanks for sharing, or maybe I shouldn't thank you since I will be coveting one of those beach bags from now until Summer, hehe!

  7. Loved this post! Thanks for introducing me to some new fun designers!

  8. Hello all,

    Really, you have created a nice site. Those bags are looking unique and funny. This wedding silver anniversary set is so attractive. Good choice. Thanks a lot......

  9. Thank you!!
    We love your blog.
    We just posted it on our Facebook page.
    Paola. Sandra & Alexandra
    THe CordoBags team